Not only do I love shelling to find seashells, I love encountering wild SEA LIFE and the different types of sea grasses, collectables and oddities I call BEACH BLING that wash up on the shore of Sanibel, Captiva and the Gulf coast.

These are my discoveries while walking on the beach looking for treasures. Enjoy the stories that explain where each of these amazing gifts of Mother Nature were found by clicking on each picture. I will try to continually add to this list so we can learn together.


Sand Dollar Beach Treasure ID Purple Sea Urchin ID  Sea Urchin Long Spined Debris ID West Indian Sea Egg Potato Heart Urchin Royal Beaded Sea Star Brittle Serpent Star Sea I.D. Brown Spiny Starfish Lined Sea Star Starfish ID Nine Armed Millipede Starfish ID Orange Ridged Sea Star ID Sea Cucumber Beach Debris ID


 Apple Murex Egg Case ID Fighting Conch Egg String Horse Conch Egg Case ID Kings Crown Egg case Pygmy Octopus Egg Sac Sharks Eye Moon Shell Egg CollarSkate Egg Case ID Tulip Shell Egg Case Whelk Egg Chain Mauve-Mouth Drill Egg case


Flame Box Crab Fiddler Crab id Ghost Crab Beach ID Hermit Crab in Seashell Horseshoe Crab ID Leopard Crab Shell ID Purse Crab Identification


Mollusk Operculum Shiva Shell Turban Operculum


 Shark's Teeth Agatized Coral Geode PufferFish Mouthplate fossil Stingray Mouth Plate ID


American Alligator Sanibel ID Bobcat ID Cownose Ray ID Dolphin ID Manatee ID Puffer Fish ID Smalltooth Sawfish Florida   Seahorse ID Loggerhead Sea Turtle Gopher Tortoise ID


Barnacle ID Bristle Worm Sea Life ID Bryozoa Beach Debris Coin Vine Seed Identification Coral Beach Flotsam Crucifix Shell Dead Man's Fingers Hydroid Identification Moon Jellyfish ID Manatee Grass Beach ID Mangrove Seed Pods ID White Mangrove Seed Identify Nickerbean seed pod ID Pygmy Octopus ID Parchment Worm Peanut Worm ID Pigs Foot on Beach Portuguese Man O War Sea Anemone Beach ID Ragged Sea Hare Identify Sea Hare Identification Sea Pearl Bean Sea Pork Beach Treasures Sea Whip beach ID Worm Rock ID


 Bald Eagle ID Black Crowned Night Heron ID Blue Heron ID Common Tern ID Great White Heron ID Ibis ID Laughing Gull ID Ring-Billed Gull ID American Oystercatcher Florida Roseate Spoonbill Bird ID Royal Tern ID Ruddy Turnstone ID Sanderling ID Snow Egret ID Snowy Plover ID White Pelican ID Sandwich Tern Identify Willet Bird ID