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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

Beach Bling By The Bazillions

Posted by on Mar 14, 2013 in Egg Casing, Millipede Starfish, Purse Crab | 19 comments


whelk egg sacks sanibel gscp

Wow!  There are bazillions of PEN SHELLS and EGG CASES on the beach  at GULFSIDE CITY PARK

sanibel mollusk egg cases gulfside


pen shells whelk egg chain

There was lots of other types of BLING on the beach as well. It was a crazy site! Here is a MILLIPEDE STARFISH…

millipede starfish sanibel gscp

I met a group of 6 gals on a Girls Getaway Trip that were fascinated by all of the BEACH BLING that had washed up. Some of them had never been shelling on Sanibel before so I told them that this is not an every day site to see so many PEN SHELLS and EGG CASES.  From left to right, meet Laurel, Lea, Carol, Jenifer, Lori and Suzanne… all from Philadelphia…

sanibel girls getaway
sanibel girls getaway

And yes, they were finding shells! Along with lots of other shells, Lea found a BANDED TULIP, a TRUE TULIP and the shell from a PURSE CRAB.

When we see this many PEN SHELLS washed up on the beach, that usually means there will be good shelling in days to come as well. Yeah!

That should mean some good shelling on Saturday for all of us on the iLoveShelling trip to Cayo Costa on Captiva Cruises. Yippee! And guess what, we now have some more dates for the summer. CLICK HERE for 2013 schedule with the new dates …

June 19 afternoon
July 17 afternoon
August 15 afternoon
September 12 afternoon
October 8 morning
BOOK it Danno!
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Boxes and Boxes of Sanibel Seashells

Posted by on Feb 2, 2012 in Bones, Purse Crab, Seashell geode, Seashells | 52 comments

Leroy categorize seashells

Shells, shells and more shells. Leroy can’t get enough seashells!

tubs of seashells sanibel

He loves to walk the beaches of Sanibel to collect any type of shell he can find to bring home then clean, oil, categorize and box them all up in his garage. I see Leroy on the beaches quite a bit so he invited me over to see his collection.

organized Sanibel  seashells

He categorizes them at home AND he’s a volunteer at the Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum to organize shell collections that are donated to the museum. See? He can’t get enough of shells. I got tickled at this next box since those gorgeous CONES were  mixed together with all of the other “UNIVALVES”. He said “I have a method to my madness… I just don’t have enough of those categories to have their own box yet since we just moved here 2 years ago”. Yep, that would take a lot of CONES to make enough for their own box… for sure!

univalve box

 He also likes to collect BEACH BLING! You know I love me some BEACH BLING too. This was my favorite in his collection… a PURSE CRAB that still had all of it’s legs attached.

sanibel florida purse crab

This is kinda wild- ALLIGATOR GAR  jaw bones…

alligator gar jaw bone

Before he moved here, he used to collect GEODES from New Mexico…

geode from new mexico

He gave me a GEODE that was formed inside a fossil shell and a few yard shells. This is the first time I’ve seen a SEASHELL GEODE. Thank you so much for the tour, Leroy, and for my new “sheode”! (FYI-“sheode” is not a scientific name, I made that up- heehee)

geode in a shell

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