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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

On the Beach With Shell Eggs And Ham, Pam-I-Am

Posted by on Feb 16, 2014 in Banded Tulip Egg Case, Disk Dosinia, Egg Casing, Elegant Dosinia, Lightning Whelk Egg Chain, Long-Spined Urchin, Millipede Starfish, Paper Fig Egg Case, Pear Whelk Egg Case, Pig's Foot, Sea Pork, True Tulip Egg Case, Tulip Egg Case, whelk egg casing | 29 comments

crab trap and buoy on sanibel beach

After strong west winds last week, surely we would get some interesting shells and Beach Bling washing up on our shores of Sanibel and Captiva. Yep, lots of Beach Bling lined the beach at Gulfside City Park.

sanibel beach after storm winds

The winds were so strong, the strength of the waves pushed oodles of crab traps with buoys onto the beach. When traps get tossed around by the power of the water, their doors get jostled then spill out the bait for the crabs.

crab traps wash up n sanibel beach

So of course, the bait gets washed up on the beach too. Pigs Feet! Yes, they use PIGS FEET to attract STONE CRABS and BLUE CRABS so that’s why you may have seen odd bones washed up on the beach- most of the time its from crab traps. I actually think this one may be a HOGS FOOT. Its weird and humongo! On the beach, I do not like pigs feet or ham, Pam I am.

pig hog foot on sanibel beach

But don’t let this PIGS FOOT be confused with this SEA PORK. More ham, Pam I am?

pen shell and yellow sea pork

I also found lots of different MOLLUSK EGG CASINGS too like this LIGHTNING WHELK EGG CHAIN…

lightning whelk egg chain gscp sanibel

I saw there were little baby shells in their fluid still sealed in each of the disks so I put it back in the water. I’m sure they washed back up on the beach since the water was still pretty rough but … who knows. Maybe they got stuck on something out there in the water and were able to hatch. Dunno, but why not try?

baby lightning whelks in egg chain

This one is an EGG CASE to a PAPER FIG…

paper fig egg case on pen shell


banded tulip egg case on penn shell

This beauty is a TRUE TULIP EGG CASE…

true tulip egg case sanibel florida

When Clark and I looked a little closer, we saw there were several other EGG CASES that were laid on some of the TRUE TULIP EGG CAPSULES.

true tulip egg case with other mollusk eggs

There were lots of MILLIPEDE STARFISH (and PEN SHELLS)…

millipede starfish and pen shell

This was a very cool LONG SPINED SEA URCHIN…

long spined sea urchin sanibel florida

There were hundreds of DOSINIAS that were washed up on the beach as well. I was really thrilled to find both types of our local DOSINIAS scattered along the wrack lines. The top one is the very common DISK DOSINIA and the bottom one is the ELEGANT DOSINIA. I haven’t had time to photograph them but I hope to show the detail much better on my next post.

disk dosing top elegant dosing bottom

We searched Blind Pass (both sides) and Lighthouse but didn’t find huge piles of shells this weekend after the high winds but loved finding all of this cool bling at Gulfside City Park. I’m still hoping the shell piles will come rolling in soon but the birds are happy as clams with so much gourmet food at their beaks.

The birds do like stone crab and clams.

gull eating crab

They like them here and there. They like them everywhere.

bird eating stone crab sanibel

They do so like stone crabs and clams. Go Birds. Go Birds. Pam-I-am.

bird on beach with crab

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Beached Seashells, Starfish and Crabs

Posted by on Dec 16, 2010 in Millipede Starfish, Pen Shell, Pig's Foot, Purple Sea Urchin, Starfish, True tulip, Tulip, Urchin | 32 comments

Tulip, starfish, whelk

Sanibel Shell wrack

It was a little overwhelming to see so many shells, STARFISH, HORSESHOE CRABS, SEA URCHINS, PEN SHELLS, CRABS and so much more sea “stuff” littering the beach around Gulf Side City Park (Algier’s) yesterday afternoon. In the picture above, I tried to show you… a) how many great shells were there right together… b) how close to shore those crab trap bouys are… c) just how many other things were washed up together.

Beach litter

Very large wrack line

Look at how many PEN SHELLS and COCKLES!

Hundreds of Sea Urchins

Hundreds of Sea Urchins

It was unbelievable how many PURPLE SEA URCHINS there were. The same cold front and west winds that blew that JUNONIA into Anthony’s hand, blew all of these URCHINS, other sea life and even the crab traps to shore.

Sanibel Beach Red True Tulip

Big Red True Tulip

That was a perfect TRUE TULIP hiding in with other shells.  I got so excited that I found a good shell but then saw he was still alive…. then in a split second was so happy again that he was still alive. I put him back in the water to hopefully live to breed to make more beauties. This sport of shelling is an emotional roller coaster, huh? LOL

Pig's foot on beach

Pig's foot on beach

Did you ask what a pig’s foot was doing on the beach? I did too the first time I saw one. Pig’s feet are used as bait to put in crab traps to attract STONE CRABS so if the traps get damaged or open up because of rough seas, the pig’s feet wash up on shore eventually.

Angel Wing on Pen Shells

Angel Wing on Pen Shells

Every time I find an ANGEL WING, I think of the poem Thoughts From A Shell Collector.

Shelling family on Sanibel

Tzofia, Shelley, Leora, Shira and Jeff (St Louis)

Speaking of angels, look how cute these little girls are.

Millipede starfish

Dawn from Chicago

Dawn is showing a perfect nine arm MILLIPEDE STARFISH. She was putting as many live critters back in the water as she was putting in her shell bag.

Sunset on shell wrack

Sunset on shell wrack

After the sun set, the tide was coming back in to take lots of these shells and sea life in this wrack back to the sea.

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