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my scotch bonnet captiva

I found a sweet small SCOTCH BONNET yesterday morning at Blind Pass! After I let out a little shellebratory squeal, Michael and Kurry (NJ) came over to see what caused all my fuss.

michael kurry new jersey find scotch bonnet captiva

Kurry showed me she found a SCOTCH BONNET too!

tulip gaudy natica moon scotch bonnet flat

After I we talked and compared SCOTCH BONNETS, I took a photo of the newly formed beach on the pass side of the jetty rocks of Blind Pass Captiva to show where I found my shell. It doesn’t look like too much there, right? I found it high on the beach in a very thin tide line. You can see the small shell lines on the beach I combed through…but notice Kurry shelling in the surf line on the left.

shelling captiva new beach

She reached in the water right there and pulled out another SCOTCH BONNET! She came running back to show me… Shellzam! Two of them!

two scotch bonnets found on captiva

This is not exactly how I found my SCOTCH BONNET because I snatched it up so quickly, I didn’t have time to take a photo. But… this is the area that I found it in and I almost missed it. It may look obvious now, but if I was walking fast, I think I would have missed it. Wanna do some CYBERSHELLING? Click on this next photo to enlarge it…

find a scotch bonnet sea shell cybershelling

Oh but wait… There’s so much more being found! Since the beach renourishment last month on Sanibel and Captiva, I’ve never seen so many JUNONIAS being found in one week at Blind Pass. My friend Dave found a JUNONIA on the Sanibel side!

dave with junonia

Mary from New York found a JUNONIA too in the same area…

mary buffalo new york junonia

Carolyn (Manatoba) found a JUNONIA at Blind Pass too! Wow! Congrats to y’all!

carolyn manatoba junonia

I have even more exciting news for all of you!

We now have dates for our next Shelling Adventure …  Shellabaloo!

Join us for

Shellabaloo 5 at Island Inn Resort

April 24 – 27th, 2014


 CLICK HERE for detailed information for the event

or call Island Inn to reserve your space now at 800-851-5088. Space is Limited!

As Sarah (The ShellAnimal) said about Shellabaloo 4 ” “I have to say this was one of the best times of my life! William surprised me with it for my birthday, and it was epic! These memories and friends I made will last forever!!”

shellabaloo 5 april 2014

To see all of the fun we’ve had on other Shellabaloo events.. CLICK HERE

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Sanibel Shell ‘N Tell Rocks!

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sanibel seashells hand photo

My favorite part of meeting other shellers is to see what makes them happiest. Interestingly enough, I heard almost everybody from Shellabaloo 4 say it was finally so nice to meet other people that feel the same way about beach combing as they do. There are other folks out there that don’t think we are crazy for wanting to shell all day!

kris sea shell display shellabaloo 4

On our final night, Kris made a beautiful display for our Shell ‘N Tell and pizza party in the newly remodeled Florida Room in Kimball Lodge at Island Inn- it’s perfect for parties and games. And I love games! So we played a game throughout our shelling adventure. I made up a scavenger “Shellinger Hunt” game that gave points for different shells and beach bling finds to display for our party night. So much fun!  You can see Kris showed some of her answers as…  3 sets of THE SANIBEL SIX, a FOSSIL, 10 JINGLES in any BIVALVE and 2 pieces of BEACH BLING. Hmmmmm. she found some interesting BEACH BLING, huh? A pipe? LOL

(Oh, and her hand in the first photo has a “wedding shell cone”- I don’t think thats a FLORIDA CONE)

Kris scavenger hunt seashells shellabaloo 4

This is another beautiful shell display by Nancy for our Shell ‘N Tell night….

nancy shellabaloo 4 seashells

Some folks may have been disappointed to come to Southwest Florida to wear coats and long pants earlier this week… but not shellers! Shellers know that, almost always, cold north winds bring in lots of sea shells. So when a group of shellers like the wonderful folks at  Shellabaloo get together… cold weather gets us excited!

shellabaloo 4 captiva cruise

We get excited because we find shells like OLIVES, SHARKS EYES, GAUDY NATICAS, WHELKS, TULIPS, MUREXES, BUTTERCUPS and so many other shells…

shells of sanibel shellabaloo 4 suzanne

A little cold weather in Florida would never have made Bette and Rick disappointed when you can stand a beach filled with shells.

bette rick sheling island inn beach

There were so many miniature shells to be found too…

miniature shells suzanne shellabaloo 4

Suzanne found all of these mini shells by sifting through the shell piles right in front of Island Inn.

suzanne bill shells shellabaloo 4

Conne was so excited to find a SAND DOLLAR since I think that was on her bucket list… I mean shell bucket list. heehee

conne sand dollar shellabaloo 4

I think everybody found a SAND DOLLAR or two. These were some of Ricks finds…

rick shells shellabaloo 4

Angela (who I’m now calling “Anshella”)  was thrilled to show us her favorite finds for our Shell ‘N Tell and pizza party…

angela seashells shellabaloo 4

Between “Good Will Shelling” (Will) and his wife Sarah The ShellAnimal, they found such interesting shells and bling. He found MERMAID PURSES (SKATE EGG CASES),  a huuuge old FOSSIL shell (bottom right), and a “wedding shell” Ive never seen before. I told him that shell (top left between the SUNRAY VENUS) was a foreign shell that was probably bought for decoration for a wedding or party on the beach. I told him to take to to the Shell Museum to ask what it was and Dr Jose Leal verified that is was a TORPEDO shell probably from Indopacific area. They were still excited to find it!

will shells shellabaloo 4

Super Sheller Clark couldnt be with us each day for shelling (that “work” thing gets in the way)but he still wanted to participated in the Shell ‘N Tell so he brought some of our favorite finds over the last couple of years…

clark shell n tell shellabaloo 4

Clark helped me add up the points for each of the shells entered in the game so we could give the winner of the Shellinger Hunt this gorgeous STARFISH REEF necklace donated from Sealife by Congress. Thank you Sealife By Congress for supporting our Shellabaloo!

sea life by congress starfish necklace

Drum roll Please! ……. The winner of the Shellinger Hunt was…. Sarah The ShellAnimal!!!! LOL She found 2 big WHELKS, a CARRIER SHELL, CONES, PAPER FIGS, 4 BABYS EARS, WENTLETRAPS and more. Congratshellations Sarah!

sarah shellanimal pam shellabaloo 3

She had so many shells spread out, I didn’t even get a decent photo of them. But… I did get a photo of her prize shell. Her ROCK SHELL. We just don’t find these every day so I asked her to show Jose Leal at the Shell Museum too. Dr Leal verified that this shell is more rare (on Sanibel -where she found it) than the JUNONIA. Shellzam Sarah!

rock shell shellabaloo 4

We had such a fabshellous time getting to know each other while shelling the beaches, sharing meals, exchanging stories and laughing with joy. I can’t put it any better than what Sarah said…. “I have to say this was one of the best times of my life! William surprised me with it for my birthday, and it was epic! These memories and friends I made will last forever!!”

shell n tell shellabaloo 4

When we have dates for Shellabaloo 5, you will be the first to know!

shelling adventures trips by pam

photo art gallery pam rambo i love shelling

bette shellabaloo 4 seashells sanibel

Our shelling adventure this week was absolutely SHELLTABULOUS! It may have been unseasonably chilly but we found lots of shells, shells, shells conveniently right in front of our hotel Island Inn Resort our exshellent hosts for Shellabaloo 4.

seashells strewn on sanibel beach shellabaloo 4

We had great times getting to know each other during our yummy meals together by taking turns telling our other Shellabalooers about ourselves, our shelling stories and what shells are on our bucket list. Shellers are such interesting people!! We had an Olympic athlete, a winery owner, a nurse, an engineer and a bakery owner just to name a few of these amazing folks.

shellabaloo 4 dinner january shell trip

Then we shelled, shelled, shelled together while this cold weather brought piles of shells to the shore for us.

shelling sanibel shell pile in january

We had the pleasure of getting a behind the scenes tour of the Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum by none other than the museum’s curator Dr. Jose Leal.

dr jose leal bailey matthews shell museum

Not one person in our group wanted to miss this event. His talk was so impressive!

shell museum shellabaloo 4

Then we shelled, shelled, shelled again. Nancy found a nice shell pile to finally do that awesome sit ‘n sift.

shell lounging sanibel seashells nancy shellabaloo

Here is Nancy (on the right) with our beautiful hostess who organized this wonderful event at the Island Inn… Blanaid. Thank you so much, Shelling Sistah!

blanaid nancy shellabaloo 4

Thank you so much, Shelling Sistah Blanaid for putting together delicious overstuffed sandwiches, fruit, chips, salad and desert for our lunches. We worked up such an appetite each morning finding shells! Here are Rick, Bette, Angela and Conne enjoying good food and good company…

rick bette angela cone shellabaloo 4

Then we hit the beach again for more shelling, shelling, shelling…

seashells on the beach sw florida

This had to be the biggest 5 minutes of the whole week for Sarah The Shellanimal. Yes, this chick is an animal at shelling! She has such a keen eye for shells, she found all 3 of these shells within 5 minutes at Blind Pass Sanibel. She knew immediately that the shell on the left was unusual. Yes it is! That’s a beautifully perfect Rock Shell! We’ve only found a few over the years so I would call that a rare find. Congratshellations, Sarah The Shellanimal! LOL

rock snail florida cone lace murex sanibel

This is Sarah and her husband Will (Kentucky) all cleaned up for dinner one night. Such fun peeps.

sarah shell animal will kentucky shellabaloo 4

Will found a little honey hole with MUREXES, WHELKS and even a CARRIER SHELL at Lighthouse Beach digging around those concrete blocks.

will shelling in rocks at lighthouse beach shellabaloo

He made all of our other shellers VERY happy since he isn’t much of a collector in the miniature shells “department” so he scooped up buckets of shells over and over to let everybody sift through to find WENTLETRAPS, BUTTONS, DRILLS and so many other little cuties. How about this… his new nick name is Good Will Shelling.  :)

shelling for miniatures at lighthouse beach shellabaloo

The shelling, shelling, shelling continued for Linda (Land O Lakes, Florida) on top of shell mountain. A fresh new pile!

linda shell pile blind pass sanibel shellabaloo

This is Linda with her sweetie Jerry… who by the way has a very keen shelling eye too. (I’ve got his shell photos coming soon!)

linda jerry shellabaloo 4

There were quite a few STARFISH like the MILLEPEDE SEA STAR that washed up on the beach with the shells. Ron found this one and realized it was still alive so he gently returned it to the Gulf Of Mexico. Cool!

millepede starfish ron shellabaloo

Here is Ron and his lovely bride Cheryl who traveled from Maryland to be with us on the shelling hunt.

cheryl ron shellabaloo 4

Sweet Suzanne loooooves the mini shells so she was happy to find several nice “mini” shell lines on our trip to Cayo Costa (more pics soon from our Captiva Cruise boat trip!)

suzanne shelling cayo costa with moon shells

This is Suzanne and her husband Bill who traveled from Iowa to shell with us…

suzanne bill shellabaloo 4

I introduced Kris, Kristin and Cheryl in my last post but you will see more photos of our cruise to Cayo Costa and of course …. our Shell ‘n Tell!

seashells piled high sanibel

But… before then, I’d like for you to join us just for a few minutes. I took a short video of those shells washing up on the beach while we were sifting. Enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image

shelling adventures trips by pam

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Gone Shellin’ With Shellabaloo 4!

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wrack line of shells sanibel

Just a little update…. we are having a bbblaaaast at Shellabaloo 4! We have a wonderful wrack line of shells right at our doorstep at Island Inn Resort where we found LIGHTNING WHELKS like Kris from Michigan found….

kris whelk shellabaloo 4

Sarah from Kentucky found another nice size Lightning Whelk…

sarah whelk shellabaloo 4

And… we’ve been finding all sorts of fabshellous shells! Bette from North Carolina filled up her miniature shell jar and now can add other great shells including part of a JUNONIA to the mix…

mini shells junonia fossil

Just like the rest of the country, yes, it’s even been cold in Sanibel. But we will take morning high 40s- low 50s rather than the below zero temps that some of our Shellabalooers just came from. Cold weather brings in the shells… so we are very happy! As you can see we are all bundled up like Ron and Cheryl from Maryland…

Cheryl Ron cold shelling sanibel shellabaloo 4

We are gathering in the evenings to learn about each other and to share our shelling stories together. Here is Kris, Nancy (Boston), Angela (our first return Shellabalooer! She was from our Shellabaloo 3 in August!) and Conne (Wintergarden, Florida).  This is a wonderful group!

kris nancy angela cone shellabaloo 4 island inn sanibel

It’s so cool to have another mother and daughter shellers! Here is Cheryl and Kristin from St Louis

cheryl kristin shellabaloo 4 island inn

Here is a selfie with Bette and Rick to wish y’all  well and wish you were here and we can’t wait to show you all of the shells we are finding. As Kris from Michigan has put it… this should be named ShellaBootCamp since we are shelling all day long even in the cold. But as each of us here have agreed, we wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ll introduce to you all of the other shellers on my next post. Oh and…. Shellers rock!!!!

bette rick shellabaloo 4 sanibel

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Shellabaloo Shelling Adventure Date!

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Shellabaloo 4 – January 6-9, 2014


Shellabaloo 2 seashell pile captiva

If you are a sheller, you’ve probably heard how much fun we have on our Shellabaloo shelling adventures hosted at Island Inn Sanibel. I will be with you on the best shelling beaches in the area to show you how to find the awesome seashells Sanibel is famous for. So don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of one of these spectasheller events to find shells like this…

shellabaloo shells and tell        shellabaloo 2 seashells and beach bling

And bond with other crazy shellers like this…

Pam Rambo with Shellabaloo 3 girls

Once again, the fabulous beachfront Island Inn Sanibel has put together a shelling vacation package of a lifetime so we can shell together and get to know each other in real live person. It will be soooo exciting to meet y’all!

Island Inn Sanibel Office

Island Inn has been the perfect setting for us since it has kept the unique feel of “old Florida charm” with a rich history of seashells. This was where the Sanibel Shell Fair and Show was first started. So this all starts at our home base at Island Inn with awesome accommodations right on their private beach.

Old style Sanibel Island Inn

This time we’ll kick off this adventure with a Shellabaloo Shelloha Beach Party!

shellabaloo 3 shellers on beach sanibel island inn

From there we will enjoy dinners…

sanibel shellabaloo dinner

Island hopping by boat…

captiva cruise cayo costa shelling shellabaloo

We’ll learn a little something together at the Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum…

iLoveShelling group Shell MuseumiLoveShelling group Shell Museum

Enjoy lunch (while we talk about our shell finds from the morning!)…

shellabaloo 1 lunch

And of course… shell!

sanibel stoop shellabaloo 3


cathy shellabaloo 3 water shell scoop


shelling sanibel shellabaloo

But the most important thing is… I do hope that we get to shell together to make our shelling connections even stronger. So Join us! Here are some details that Island Inn has graciously put together for us…

shellabaloo island inn

Call 800-851-5088 today and reserve your spot for this awesome exshellaganza by booking a room for 2 or 3…

island inn sanibel room pic

… or a cottage that sleeps 6 to 8!

island inn sanibel cottage hotel room

For more detailed information and itinerary CLICK HERE.

sanibel shellers row

Thank you Island Inn for organizing these events. This is going to be a shell of a good time for all of us! So join in on the fun January 6 – 9, 2014  by calling Island Inn for accommodations pricing and any details and they can answer any of your questions at 800-851-5088. Don’t miss out on the shelladventure of a lifetime!

sunset at Island Inn Sanibel

 FYI- Remember, This sold out in 36 hours for the January event last year event so don’t wait since there are only 25 spots available. Hope to see you soon!

pam rambo iLoveShelling


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Shell N Tell Shellabaloo 3

On your marks… Get set! It’s time for Shell ‘N Tell!  Our last night together at Island Inn Sanibel for Shellabaloo 3 was one of my favorite evenings because I got to see everybody’s exshellent shells they collected throughout the week and to see how well they did for their Shellinger Hunt. On the first night, I gave each sheller a scroll with a list of shells and Beach Bling to find throughout the week to display their fave finds and listed items on the last night for Shell ‘N Tell. The day before the festivities began, my kitty Dustie helped me prepare their scrolls…

shellinger hunt dustie

I was so amazed and tickled at all of the cool shells in awesome displays for our mini shell show! Here is Lou (FL) with her trays with SHARKS TEETH FOSSILS, the SANIBEL SIX, BEACH BLING and a MACULATED BABY’S EAR (you can see it better in the first photo).

lou shell n tell shellabaloo 3 sanibel bling

seashells beach bling iLoveShelling

Can’t you just see the fun Donny (Port St. John, FL) was having by that smile? Ha! That’s true beach treasure!

donny shell n tell shellabaloo 3 sanibel

donny shellinger hunt

Love, love, love how everybody showed their different display styles and different shells and bling like Marie (Kansas).

marie shellabaloo 3 shell n tell sanibel

See? Look how sweet that SAND DOLLAR is encircled with OLIVES, CONCHS, AUGERS,WHELKS, SLIPPERS and white clam shells. I love the red vegetation too!

seashells beach bling marie iLoveShelling shellabaloo 3


Martha (AR) made a simply elegant display!

martha shell n tell sanibel shellabaloo 3

She added some beautiful greenery to her shells and cool Beach Bling items of a TARPON SCALE, piece of CORAL and a metal stake. LOL I just loooove the humor of shellers!

martha shellinger hunt sanibel

Cathy (St Augustine, FL) had some awesome finds!

cathy shell n tell shellabloo 3 sanibel beach bling

See that big green thing in the middle top? That is part of a PANCAKE SAND DOLLAR she found at Cayo Costa. Such cool stuff! And dont miss the beautiful color of the LIGHTNING WHELK bottom left…

Cathy seashells beach bling shellabaloo 3 sanibel

Oh Angela (Windermere, FL), you are so cute! It’s amazing to see how many different varieties of shells you found…

angela shell n tell shellabaloo 3 sanibel seashells

angela seashells beach bling shellabaloo 3

OMG Jennifer (Ottawa, Canada)! You found so many big beautiful shells!

jennifer shell n tell sanibel shellabaloo 3

jennifer shell n tell sanibel shellinger hunt

Marisa (Ottawa, Canada) wasn’t sure if she was going to love shelling or not when her mom Jennifer asked her to come with her to Shellabaloo at the Island Inn. By the end of our shelling week, she looked like she was just as “into” finding shells and beach treasures as every body else. And look at the great ones she found!

marisa shell n tell shellabaloo 3

Annette and Jim (IL) were so much fun to hang around with for the week. And they had some great luck finding some awesome shells too…

annette jim shellabaloo 3 shell n tell

As you’ve probably noticed, some the Shellinger Hunt items listed were… “Find 10 KITTENS PAWS then display them in a COCKLE SHELL.” and “Find a dozen JINGLES and display them in any large BIVALVE shell.” Since I loves me some Beach Bling, They had them find 2 pieces of Beach Bling as well. Annette found 2 OPERCULUMS!

annette shell n tell shellabaloo 3 seashells

Jim found an OPERCULAUM as well and did a nice job of  … “Find 5 DOUBLE COQUINAS with different colors”.

jim shell n tell sanibel seashells beach bling

Nancy (San Diego, CA) had a gorgeous display with her very cool ARROWHEAD SAND DOLLAR she found while snorkeling at Cayo Costa.

nancy shell and tell sanibel shellabloo 3

She found 2 gorgeous LACE MUREXES and SHARKS EYES as well.

shell n tell shellabaloo 3 sanibel nancy

Trish (CO) added some doilies to spruce up her already beautiful display…

trish shell n tell sanibel shellabaloo 3

Her husband Gregg had some oh so fab shells too!

gregg shell n tell sanibel shellabaloo 3

Here are Gregg and Trish’s shells combined to make a gorgeous display with flower petals added for color. Fabulous!

shellabaloo 2 seashells and beach bling

After being overwhelmed at seeing everybody’s shells all at one time, I tried to take my time and look back through some of the shells again. I got back to Gregg and Trish’s display and looked again at the WHELKS. OH MY GOODNESS! “EVERYBODY COME HERE!” I shouted.   Look what Gregg found!

gregg right hand whelk


*UPDATE: Oops! After lots of research and talks with Dr. Leal, we’ve come to the conclusion that this is a KNOBBED WHELK…. not a right-handed lightning whelk.

He had no idea it was special and just put it in his favorites pile along with all the other WHELKS and CONCHS. Yes! It should be in your favorites pile! We went to the Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum at the beginning of our shelling tour where Dr. Jose Leal had mentioned to us that the LIGHTNING WHELK was the only left handed gastropod in our area. It is extremely rare to find a RIGHT HANDED LIGHTNING WHELK.

right handed whelk shellabaloo 3

But back to the Shellinger Hunt results! The winner was based on points scored from each of my questions and treasure hunt finds listed on the hunt rules. Thank goodness Super Sheller Clark was there to help with the judging because it was very close. Drum Roll Please…..

Congratshellations! The highest score is Lou!


winner shell n tell lou sea life by congress junonia necklace

 Thank you Sealife By Congress for generously donating an amazing prize of a stunning silver JUNONIA pendant on a silver chain!

junonia necklace sealife by congress iLoveShelling

On the first night, I had announced the winner’s prize of the necklace and let everybody get a glimpse of what the Shellinger Hunt winner would receive. Do I look excited or what? hahaha It’s from my favorite jewelry store. Thanks Jessica (from Hillgate Communications) for the photo!

junonia necklace sea life by congress

Lou was a happy, happy gal to wear her new fab  JUNONIA necklace.

lou junonia necklace sea life by congress

Our 5 day shelling adventure brought a group of kindred spirits together for a shelling trip of a lifetime. We started as shellers and bonded as friends.

shellabaloo 3 shellers on beach sanibel island inn

Clark and I thank Island Inn Sanibel for organizing this unforgettably shellacious event and hope to be announcing dates for the next Shellabaloo very soon -you will be the first to know. We’re already looking forward to Shellabaloo 4!

pam clark rambo sanibel beach