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As beach combers, we all have different reasons why we like to walk the beach in search of shells, flotsam, jetsam and other beach bling. That’s why we all enjoy different things on the beach to collect as souvenirs or to capture in our minds to remember in our hearts.

lightning whelks

Hanging out for 4 days with the lovely, caring and oh-so interesting folks at Shellabaloo was a wonderful experience for all of us to learn our commonalities and also to learn from each other through our differences. I started our journey tying made OLIVE shell bracelets to tie Sharing and comparing shell collections at the end of the day has been a tradition for over 100 years at Island Inn on Sanibel so of course we carried on that tradition at Shellabaloo. We had so much fun on our last night for Shell ‘N Tell as we shared some of our found treasures as each person displayed their faves.

Shell N Tell Sanibel

It was so much fun to see Kristen’s “K” shells,  Elaine’s gorgeous mosaic mini shell art and quilter Cathy’s patchwork shell design.

Shell n Tell at Shellabaloo

Kristen's shell display

Seashell and paper mosaic display

patchwork shells

Christy made a shell tree scene (with an awesome WORMIE as the trunk)

Shellabaloo Christy with her shell display

Sanibel shells by Christy

As you can see, everybody found something different that made them happy- Katherine showed us her absolute favorites, Janet made a cute JINGLE SEA HORSE and Travis loved lots of the bling.

shellers with their display

seashell seahorse display


I loved looking at Robin, Bobbie, Karen and Katy shells as they showed us their favorites of each species they found…

Shellabaloo shellers and shell displayI was so touched to see that one of Bonnie’s special finds was the perfect DOSINIA shell with a natural hole so she could use it as a necklace along with her sterling silver pendant she received from SeaLife By Congress. Bonnie exchanged the certificate for this cutie PELICAN charm!

silver pelican necklace charm

Sealife By Congress was so generous to give everybody at Shellabaloo a $25 gift certificate for their store on Sanibel as well as all of the other shellers on our Sight Sight-R cruise.


I had one more surprise gift on our last night together. Clark and I chose one Shell ‘N Tell display that “spoke to us” about the shells and about our time during Shellabaloo. The prize was my new Whelk Of Wonder canvas gallery wrap.   It’s one of my favorite photos Ive taken over the years while combing the beaches of Sanibel so I decided to finally do something with it. We gave it to Elaine- Congratshellations! Your mosaic shell display was abshellutely amazing.

pam rambo canvas gallery wrap prize


I loved every minute with these fabshellous folks of Shellabaloo 6.

Sunset on Shell trip with Pam Rambo iLoveShelling

Thank you so much Island Inn for hosting such a spectacsheller shellathon.

island inn sponsor logo

And thank you for letting me share this awesome journey with you.

sunset at sanibel

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