wrack line of shells sanibel

Just a little update…. we are having a bbblaaaast at Shellabaloo 4! We have a wonderful wrack line of shells right at our doorstep at Island Inn Resort where we found LIGHTNING WHELKS like Kris from Michigan found….

kris whelk shellabaloo 4

Sarah from Kentucky found another nice size Lightning Whelk…

sarah whelk shellabaloo 4

And… we’ve been finding all sorts of fabshellous shells! Bette from North Carolina filled up her miniature shell jar and now can add other great shells including part of a JUNONIA to the mix…

mini shells junonia fossil

Just like the rest of the country, yes, it’s even been cold in Sanibel. But we will take morning high 40s- low 50s rather than the below zero temps that some of our Shellabalooers just came from. Cold weather brings in the shells… so we are very happy! As you can see we are all bundled up like Ron and Cheryl from Maryland…

Cheryl Ron cold shelling sanibel shellabaloo 4

We are gathering in the evenings to learn about each other and to share our shelling stories together. Here is Kris, Nancy (Boston), Angela (our first return Shellabalooer! She was from our Shellabaloo 3 in August!) and Conne (Wintergarden, Florida).  This is a wonderful group!

kris nancy angela cone shellabaloo 4 island inn sanibel

It’s so cool to have another mother and daughter shellers! Here is Cheryl and Kristin from St Louis

cheryl kristin shellabaloo 4 island inn

Here is a selfie with Bette and Rick to wish y’all  well and wish you were here and we can’t wait to show you all of the shells we are finding. As Kris from Michigan has put it… this should be named ShellaBootCamp since we are shelling all day long even in the cold. But as each of us here have agreed, we wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ll introduce to you all of the other shellers on my next post. Oh and…. Shellers rock!!!!

bette rick shellabaloo 4 sanibel