Whelkome To Paradise

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Whelkome lightning whelk

Life on a tropical island is magical. Our skies change from blue to pink to orange to grey any given moment bringing rain showers to cool off from the heat of the day which produce rainbows and picturesque reflections.

Reflecting on the power of the dollar-  a sand dollar
On my beach walk at low tide just before yet another stunning sunset, I found a few treasures on the gulf side near Sanibel’s Lighthouse Beach.

Beachcomber small shells and sand dollars

Milt and Jenna from New York found about the same sweet little minis I found walking toward the lighthouse.

Shellers Milt Jenna from New York visit Sanibel Floridav
After making a turn around the tip of the island heading towards the fishing pier, we saw lots and lots of people.

Sanibel Lighthouse beach with shellers

If you were lucky like Bryce from Kansas, you could find TULIPS and WHELKS half buried around those old concrete slabs. (For the history of those slabs CLICK HERE)

Collecting shells around rocks

Hmmm…. I don’t think Bryce was the only lucky one. I’m sure everybody who sees beauty like this feels very lucky.

Sanibel catamaran at sunset with a shell

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Summer Sunsets and Shells

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Hand of Colorful Sanibel sea shells

An hour before sunset is my favorite time to shell on Sanibel in the summer time.

An Apple Murex a day keeps the doctor away

The temperature is cooler and the skies change by the second so it makes for a beautiful backdrop to the already colorful shells. Sanibel beach comber shells

I went to Blind Pass Sanibel to find just a scattering of shells right at the water’s edge but not too many in the tidal lines on the beach. 
Sanibel Seashells at the water edge

Brian, Mathew and Kory from Indiana plopped right down in the water and found shells just by digging around. They were having a blast!

finding shells in Sanibel water

I also went to Gulfside City Park this week and found this SHARK EYE along with thousands of live baby SAND DOLLARS  just like a found earlier this month in my post Sand Dimes By The Dozen

Sanibel Shark eye seashell

It’s always so much fun to see what the tide washes in.

shells in sea foam waves

You just never know what you’re gonna find.

Sanibel beach comber shells


Since most of you know that I’ve been blogging for almost 6 years now, its time to update my blog. Technology is moving at the speed of lightning (not LIGHTNING WHELKS- they are kinda slow- heehee) so I am spending most of my time with my nose stuck in my computer figuring it all out instead of being on the beach every day. I know, cue the violins- haha. I just wish I could give you more info about the beaches and more videos but when this is all updated, I will get back to my regular schedule of sharing our world of shelling with more posts, cybershelling and fun videos.

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Sanibel sunset through sea oats

Sunset palm trees on captiva


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Week Of Shell Wonder

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2 Sanibel Horse Conchs Foley

Could you imagine finding these 2 huge empty HORSE CONCHS wading through the Sanibel gulf waters? Well Diane Foley and her sister-in-law not only found 2 off Middle Gulf Drive... they found 5 of these gorgeous treasured shells. Shellzam! Then used my cleaning tips to get those first 2 to look amazing.

5 Sanibel horse conchs Foley

Remember Abigail from our iLoveShelling Adventure with Sight Sea-R Cruises this week? After our cruise, her dad Ken posted this photo on my Facebook page. Abigail found a big beautiful empty HORSE CONCH on Sanibel too. Yahoo!

Abigail found Sanibel horse conch

Lainey found an awesome empty LIGHTNING WHELK at Blind Pass Sanibel. The big shells might not be rolling up on the beach but they are sure in the water. Way to go!

Lainey found lightning whelk blind pass sanibel

I was so honored to meet the Santiago family from Georgia this week staying at the Island Inn Beachfront Resort. They were the big winners of our iLoveShelling 5 Year Shellaversary GiveAway for 5 nights stay at Island Inn. It was so much fun hanging out with Sierra, Pete, Keaton, Cynthia, Claire and MaKalie who were enjoying every second of their stay in their beautiful room with a view of this awesome beach.

Winners of iLoveShelling and Island Inn giveaway

They showed me a few of their favorite finds including TRUE TULIPS, LETTERED OLIVES, FIGHTING CONCHS, SUNRAY VENUS, LIGHTNING WHELKS, all sorts and colors of SCALLOPS and an array of minis.

Shells found on Sanibel Island

Claire couldn’t keep her eye of the cutie KITTENS PAWS. I love them too, Claire!

Claire with kittens paws

Big or small, strolling the beach in sunshine along aqua water is a dream come true. Live it, Love it.

Shell Cup of Kittens paws

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