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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

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Speaking Shellanguage for Scotch Bonnet, Junonia and Rock Snails

Posted by on Jun 12, 2017 in Guide to Speaking Shellanguage, National Seashell Day, Pam Rambo, Rock snail egg case, Rocksnail, Sanibel, Seashells, Shell Book | 9 comments

Boom Shellalaka! Shelby found a SCOTCH BONNET on Sanibel’s Lighthouse Beach.

It’s abshellutely gorgeous. (Her name should be spelled Shellby! heehee)

After 5 days of a non-stop rain storm, there were lots of shells rolling in with every tide in this little stretch of the beach. (You can see the Sanibel causeway in the background)

Debi (she’s now a volunteer Shell Museum shell ambassador :) ) along with her friends Eden, Wendy and Ansley found an   unbelievable, very rare piece of beach bling.


They said they found something they couldn’t identify then showed me this spectacsheller beach find. I took one look then my jaw dropped … Holy Cowrie! It was the most brilliantly colored MOLLUSK EGG CASE cluster I’ve ever seen. It’s the first time I had seen this particular egg so it puzzled me but I kept thinking it’s got to be in the MUREX family. Maybe a CABRITS MUREX? It was no longer viable being washed up on the beach so I encouraged them to take it to the Shell Museum for Dr Leal to identify. They did!

This is a colony of ROCK SNAIL (Stramonita floridana) EGG CASES attached to a PEN SHELL.  Dr Leal has never seen such a large group of these eggs before so he was thrilled to have it in the museum collection. This photo is not filtered or touched up or any coloring added to it…. it was truly soooo amazingly colorful. Look at those purples…

Can you see the turquoise color in the egg cases in this one? It looks like paint brush bristles dipped in my favorite paint colors! Its a shelleidoscope of colors!

On Big Hickory beach, Diane found a JUNONIA! Congrats Diane…. Shellzam!

Okay yall, if you missed it…. I have exciting news. I’ve published a book! It’s hot of the press and Ive just gotten it into some of the local stores retailing for $12.99 at  Congress Jewelers, Suncatcher’s DreamMacIntosh Books, Captiva Cruises, Pelican’s Roost, our Sanibel CVS and in the Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum.

More fabshellous news… I’m doing a book signing on National Seashell Day at the Shell Museum on June 21 from 12:30 to 1:30.

Come hang out with us!

pam rambo author shellanguage book


Wanna see a preview? Or buy a copy online? CLICK HERE

Pam Rambo's Guide to Speaking Shellanguage
Pam Rambo’…
The official guide …
By Pam Rambo
Photo book
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Guide To Speaking Shellanguage by Pam Rambo

Posted by on Jun 9, 2017 in Guide to Speaking Shellanguage | 25 comments

Pam Rambo's Guide to Speaking Shellanguage


I published a book!!! Shellzam! heehee

It’s shellariously silly and I’ve had a ball making it but couldnt wait another second to tell yall! It’s fresh off the press and already in a few Sanibel and Captiva retail stores including Congress Jewelers, Suncatcher’s Dream, MacIntosh Books, Captiva Cruises, Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum store, Pelican’s Roostand even our Sanibel CVS.  I will do a whole post about it soon but I coudn’t wait to tell you any more! Can you believe it? I’m so thrilled to be able to share this with you and the book is dedicated to all of you shellers I’ve had so much fun being silly about shells.

It’s the perfect gift for anybody who loves shells and loves to laugh.

 You can preview of the book HERE…AND you can buy it online!

Pam Rambo's Guide to Speaking Shellanguage
Pam Rambo’…
The official guide …
By Pam Rambo
Photo book
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We sure Shelling Cruised Through May

Posted by on Jun 2, 2017 in Big Hickory Island, Birds, Black Skimmers, Day Trips From Sanibel Island Florida & More, Florida Wildlife, Sight Sea-R Cruises Shelling Boat | 7 comments

The month of May could be my favorite time of the year on Sanibel. The weather is warm and sunny but with a few sweet tropical showers to water the plants and make the wildlife happy. We also get a little relief from the traffic so it makes life extra special to visit with friends, go shopping and explore the islands without worrying about parking. But this also means that I don’t open my computer as much so please forgive me for not posting sooner about our shellovely iLoveShelling Adventure day on Big Hickory Island with Sight Sea-R Cruises.

It was pretty spectacsheller!

The month of May brings out the nicest of shellers…

Jennifer found an alphabet cone and some other nice treasures and later that day she found a JUNONIA at the Lighthouse. Shellzam! Maybe it was your lucky shell from the shellucky bucket that helped? heehee ;) Congrats.


Terrie found a JUNONIA on her birthday a few days earlier and brought it with her to show us all on the boat. Boom Shellalaka! So much fun to see such joy.

We were able to spot 3 dolphins near the beach…

And a MANATEE mother and her calf popped their noses up to say “Hi” to us as well.

We also saw a flock of BLACK SKIMMERS nesting on the beach. They were safely behind the ropes of a protected area to keep their nests away from any disturbances or foot traffic. They are such beautiful birds with their unusual orange bill that is longer on the bottom than on the top which makes it easier to skim the water to catch fish. Cool!

Of course I always give away plenty of gifts on every iLoveShelling cruise!

Everyone is always espeshelly thrilled with this one…

Sealife By Congress Jewelers

PS- Soooo…. I’ve been working on another little project lately. That means I’ve got a surprise coming very soon that involves another GiveAway! It’s shelltastic -I cant wait! Wooohoooo


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