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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

2010 Top 10 i Love Shelling Posts

Happy New Year!

2010 has been an amazing year to experience such beauty of our beaches and seashells on these tropical islands of Sanibel, Captiva and our gulf coast. While thinking of the fun adventures we’ve had this year, I started looking back at this years posts and found myself smiling at so many fond memories. I tried to choose just a few of my favorites but I couldn’t make my list any smaller than 10 posts. Starting at #10 and working my way to my #1 fave post…. so here ya go…..Click on each picture  or title to see the post to understand why I chose it.

#10 Sunrise Shelling On Sanibel

Sunrise shelling on Sanibel

Sunrise shelling on Sanibel

#9 Angels On The Gulf Coast

False angel wings sea shells drb

Angel Wings on the Gulf Coast

#8 On Top Of Shell Mountain

On Top of the Shell Mountain

On Top of the Shell Mountain

#7 Coquina Cover Up

Coquina red

Coquina Red

#6 Seashells Under The Rainbow

Seashell Cherub

Seashells Under The Rainbow

#5 I Found A Big One

12 inch whelk shell

I Found A Big One

#4 Auger Art

Auger blue

Auger Art

#3 The Cockle Hop

Cockle shell

Cockle Hop Video

#2 Cownose Ray Video

manta ray youtube pic

Cownose Ray Video

And Now for the #1 iLoveShelling post of 2010…… Drumroll Please! …..

#1 Wentletrap Trapping Video

Wentletrap shelling

Wentletrap Trapping Video


  1. Pam, I thank you so much for your I Love Shelling website! As 2010 comes to an end, having found you and being able to see all of the wonders and adventures on the West Coast, confirms that living in Florida is “Paradise”! You make each day a “seashell adventure” to all of us faithful “Shellers” just by posting your videos and pictures when we are not able to get out to the beach everyday…..looking forward to a quick trip over to Sanibel very soon in the New Year!

    Happy 2011 to Everyone!!

  2. Thank you Pam for getting me interested in such an amazing hobby. I look forward to your blogs and get disappointed when you skip a day. I will let you know when my canvas with the photo comes back. I an very excited about it. Keep up with your blogs as so many people enjoy them. Happy New Year to you.

  3. My favorite is #6 because I was there to see that rainbow in person! Cockle Hop is a close second! Happy New Year Pam!

  4. I love them ALL!!! Thank you for bringing me joy with your photos and knowledge with your blog and here’s hoping to a fabulous 2011.

  5. My favorite is “Seashells Under The Rainbow”. That would look beautiful in a child’s room.

  6. WOW…how does one choose? I am most drawn to the Angel Wings on the Gulf Coast! When and where did this happen? They are amazing. And I see whole shells with both halves! I’ll be dreaming about that one for my next trip here. I have to say one of the highlights of 2010 has been finding your blog and then to actually meet you in person, Pam! You are an amazing woman, you glow with such light and joy. You share so readily with us “shelling sistahs” and have educated a great many people. I met a woman from California at Blind Pass this morning who also follows your blog! You touch many many people! Looking forward to seeing what you post in the New Year! Have a great one! Love ya!

  7. Pam, these are all great and thank you for doing this. Your photography is fabulous. My most favorite picture on your blog is the two little girls holding the shells. I don’t know if someone took it or you did it but the littlest girl had such a cute smile. Thanks for helping me understand shelling on Sannibel and Captiva. If you are coming to Honeymoon Island I will show you where to shell!

  8. Aloha Pam: Your amazing videos, pictures and blog make my day! I’ve just started viewing your website last month when I booked my first (I’ll bet of many to come…) trips to Sanibel. Thank you so much for the top ten! Can’t wait to be there in April. I’ll bring a few of my Hawaiian favorites. Shells are so different in various parts of the world!

  9. Pam’s Top 10……gotta love it.

  10. Happy and Healthy 2011 to you and Clark. Keep those pics coming. I really enjoy and look forward to your great blogs and “shelling” right along with you. Hope luck is with you and your quest for the Junonia this year.

  11. All are great posts. Love them all. Thank you for bringing such happiness into my life – I love reading your blog…and seeing all the beautiful shells. Happy New Year to you and Clark!!! xoxo

  12. My favorites are the Angel Wings and Wentletraps. All the photos are beautiful, thank you Pam. I can’t wait to see what 2011 brings.
    One of the best things about shelling is how it brings people together :)

  13. All lovely posts. Happy new year. Only 2 more weeks to go to Sanible.

  14. Happy ‘Shelling’ New Year!

    I love the wentletrap video which has become my guilty pleasure. Thank you for all the cybershelling you’ve been sharing it’s the next best thing to being on Sanibel or Captiva. I love your website.

  15. I love them all, but I especially like the videos. I love the videos when you are shelling because it makes me feel like I am right there. Keep them coming! Thanks and Happy New Year!

  16. Happy New Year! I love ALL of your posts and videos! Your top ten were fabulous. Thank you so much for becoming my favorite stop online. Can’t wait to see Sanibel and Captiva! It would be neat to meet you while we are there. Next week at this time, we will be saying, “Tomorrow we leave for Sanibel!” I’ll keep my eye out for a lady and her husband taking pictures and video of shells and the beach and hope it’s you! :)

  17. A blessed new year to you too! :) I think my favorite thing about the holidays on the islands was all the cute and festive artwork I saw on the beach. The ones you found are great!

  18. What wonderful shells! I find a fair amount of angel wings in Galveston and a wentletrap once in awhile, but an entire handful of them is something else! I love your photos and will be following your shelling adventures. It’s nice to meet you and Happy New Year! Beth

  19. Thanks for adding this to the Linkup, Pam!! Great post…., and I still can’t believe that you found that big one!!!!! Happy New Years!!!!!!

  20. Wow! I’m thrilled to be featured in #8 On Top of Shell Mountain. Woo-hoo! That was some mountain of shells, and I’m so glad to have been there to experience it. Happy New Year! ~ Maria

  21. Hey!! I am trying my best to find some whelk egg cases– with eggs!! Teeny whelks– im asilversmith– want to find to use in jewelry–
    Can you help???

    Love your site–betsy

  22. Please add me to your blog list. I’m a sheller on Marco Island. Thanks, Bettye

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