olive i love shelling sanibel beach

LETTERED OLIVES were fascinating to watch on the beach this weekend as they etched letters in the sand for me to decipher their code. I unscrambled the letters and pieced them together (I’m crazy about those games!). Can you believe they said “i Love Shelling”? LOL All of these lines in the sand in the next photo are live OLIVES.

sand bar sanibel olives

This is the close up of one of the OLIVES trying to communicate with me. (heehee)

live olive in track

The tide was so low this weekend (-0.6) from the full moon that seashells, BEACH BLING, and the sea life were exposed for all to see.

conch shell full moon

The live SAND DOLLARS were everywhere…

live sand dollars sanibel

 Just to make sure everybody remembers this, I’m quoting again from my April 7 postSince there are so many live shells on the beaches right now, I just want to make sure you know that you can’t take any live shells, SAND DOLLARS, STARFISH and such. You should gently put it back where you found it or in deeper waters. Lots of people don’t know how to tell if a sand dollar is alive or not. Here’s the deal… if a SAND DOLLAR is brown and looks a little “furry”, that means it is happy and healthy so we need to let it live a long time …..so it can breed! This is what live SAND DOLLARS look like. See that “fur”? Those are his feet AND how he breathes. Cool, huh?”

live sand dollar full moon

 This was my best find from the weekend. A big honkin perfect ALPHABET CONE! (notice I still have on my “spiritual line“)

alphabet cone sanibel shell

My friends Dick and Mary found this huge HORSE CONCH! It’s laying on a  men’s size flip flop to show how big it is…A whopper!

horse conch

But the winners for the weekend are Daron and Susan who just moved to Sanibel! Now this is a house warming gift! A JUNONIA! Congratulations!!!

Daron susan junonia

 We also met some gals getting together in Sanibel for their college reunion and  to find a place to refresh their passions and find the meaning of life. This is Linda, Bev, Carla, Evanne, Dana and Peg…

sanibel college reunion

“Eat Pray Love” comes to Sanibel! LOL Right after I talked to these gals, this boy raced back and forth on the sand bar furthest from the shore like he was running on top of the water. Exhilarated. Free. Alone. Stopping every once in a while to examine a shell or some sort of SEA LIFE … then under the full moon, he started his race again.

boy running full moon sanibel