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Magical Moments On the Beach

How quickly the beach changes with each wave. Right before my eyes, a WHELK appears… I was very lucky this week to have a TRUE TULIP wash up on one of my beach walks last week at Gulfside City Park beach as well. And an...

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i Love Learning About Pen Shell Pearls

While talking to Gary on our iLoveShelling shelling cruise last week, he told me about four huge HORSE CONCHS and other great shells he and his family Cameron, Mary and Lauren found on Sanibel during their visit from Nashville....

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Home Sweet Blind Pass Home

Blind Pass is loooaaaded with shells! And yes, those are 2 LION’S PAWS that were found this morning by Peg and Janet on the pass side of the jetty rocks as the tide was going out. I woke up this morning to 47 degree...

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Abshellutely Pam

Pam’s Shellanguage Book

Octopus and Her Babies

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