lions paws

Blind Pass is loooaaaded with shells! And yes, those are 2 LION’S PAWS that were found this morning by Peg and Janet on the pass side of the jetty rocks as the tide was going out.

blind pass turner beach seashells

I woke up this morning to 47 degree weather (which is normally good shelling weather)… I was torn! Do I run down to Blind Pass to see if there are any shells that washed in since I haven’t been to the beach since I got back from our vacation to Turks & Caicos? Or do I finish my post about the details of our trip to answer all the comments on my last few post? Ack! Sorry! I couldn’t help myself! I had to do it. I had to go shelling.

But I promise I’ll answer your questions about accommodations and the rest of our trip… hopefully this afternoon.

sanibel seashells fig flat worm

Oh and FYI I am judging the Sarasota Shell Show this weekend so if you are anywhere in that area, please come by and see me. I’d love to meet you! Click on the next image to get the details…

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