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This morning the shells showed up under the bridge on the Sanibel side of Blind Pass again like last week. But this time, a LION’S PAW showed up!!

eileen lions paw

My friend Eileen was the lucky one to find this sweet specimen. Wahhhooo!! I am thrilled for her. This was on her shell list this year so now… “Find a Lion’s Paw” CHECK! We always seem to give each other luck. She and Rob were with me when I found my QUEENS HELMET in November so now she found her gorgeous LIONS PAW.

eileen with lions paw

Rob (who found a LIONS PAW last year with Clark and me) was working the shell backhoe in the water to help fill up their shell bag…

rob blind pass bridge

Wanna peak inside that ziplock bag? They found lots of WHELKS, TULIPS, MUREXES, SCALLOPS and really nice pink double ALTERNATE TELLIN…

sea shells inside bag

He also found this really cool FROND OYSTER…

frond oyster rob

It looks exactly like a palm frond.

frond oyster sanibel rob

I couldnt help but show off some of their gorgeous SCALLOPS they were finding. I will NEVER get tired of looking at the amazing colors of SCALLOPS and I love when I see other people get excited when they find them too.

eileen scallops

Okay, but I have to show you what Olivia found. I introduced you to Olivia on my last post about the Lighthouse Beach and I found out today that she found a JUNONIA last night on the same beach! Wooot! Wooot! Congratshellations to you Olivia and to you Eileen!

olivia junonia

I thought we’d have to wait until the cold front tonight before we saw great finds like JUNONIAS and LIONS PAWS but it looks like the shells are already here! Can’t wait to see what more will be in store for us in the next few days at Blind Pass and the Sanibel Lighthouse Beach
PS- It’s Tuesday morning now and the beach is wiped clean. It’s too rough waves for the shells to stay on the shore. Maybe Wednesday … If the surf calms.

shells surf sand bp