How quickly the beach changes with each wave.

shells with blanket of sea foam

Right before my eyes, a WHELK appears…

seashell on shell beach

I was very lucky this week to have a TRUE TULIP wash up on one of my beach walks last week at Gulfside City Park beach as well.

true tulip

And an ANGEL WING… always magical.Magical

angel wing in the sand

A colorful FLAME BOX CRAB shell…

flame box crab shell

This little cutie too… a CALICO CRAB shell.

calico box crab

Over the weekend as I walked across from Sanibel to Captiva on the Blind Pass bridge, I saw Mike (VA) walking with a huge shell in his hand… A huge empty HORSE CONCH! He found it on the new sand bar in the pass on the Captiva side (you can see a little of it in the photo to the right). So awesome.

find a big shell

Yep, the sand has been gathering here for about a month to make the sand bar again. It catches some really good stuff whenever it appears.

mike murphy with big horse conch

When I got to the other side of those jetty rocks, there’s still a huge shell pile. It’s been coming and going here for about a month too. The shells get washed into a big pile then taken back out… then washed in again.

shells stacked on captiva island florida

If you just dig through, it seems there’s always something to uncover…

shell pile with junonia

I found a nice JUNONIA but it had already been cracked open and had made a nice meal for some BOX CRAB… but I think it’s a fun piece anyway.

captiva shells feb 2016

My fave find though was this sweet little perfect ZIG ZAG FLAT SCALLOP- such a beautiful color.

orange zig zag flat scallop

Although I love my little FLAT, I am so happy for Jeanne who found this absolutely drop dead gorgeous teeny tiny little LIONS PAW. It’s so dang cute I can’t stand it!

lions paw jeanne

I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting as much these days – where does the time go? As soon as I get home from the beach, there’s never enough time any more to get my photos arranged. But rest assured, I still have so many stories to tell you as well as I will soon be showing you some fun exhibits from the 79th Annual Sanibel Shell Festival coming up this Thursday through Saturday March 3, 4 and 5, 2016. I hope to see you there!

79 annual Sanibel Shell Fair Festival 2016

Join me on one of our next iLoveShelling Adventures…