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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

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She Saw Seashells at Sunset Down By the Sanibel Lighthouse

Posted by on Apr 29, 2017 in Sea Life | 15 comments

Evening walks on the beach by the Sanibel Lighthouse have been so lovely this week…. or should I say “shellovely” since beachcombing has been so much fun finding a few shells here and there too. ;)

Carlos and Stephanie actually found more than just a few… Wow! It really didn’t look like there were that many big shells on the beach but they have exceptional sheller’s eyes. They both said they had a blast working at getting that keen shelling focus in tune.

Marjorie found two pretty spectacsheller double SPINY JEWELBOXES completely empty with gorgeous colorful insides. Look at those amazing spines.

I was shelling too (of course…. duh. heehee) but mostly I was taking in some much needed beach therapy. I haven’t been able to take advantage of my long beach combing walks much this winter because of one reason or another. Real life happens even in paradise but to be able to see this makes me able to breathe again. I hope you can see those cute little tiny BUBBLE shells and a sweet little WHELK in this next photo set off with colorful puffy clouds and it makes you breathe a bit easier too. They are truly miracle workers.

Sheeesh and then the sun setting over the Sanibel pier…. be still my heart.

Ahhhhh and the perfect ending to a beautiful evening….

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Boating to a Seashell Sandbar

Posted by on Apr 17, 2017 in Big Hickory Island, Day Trips From Sanibel Island Florida & More, Sight Sea-R Cruises Shelling Boat | 11 comments

Most of the out islands in Southwest Florida are really just big sandbars… big ole sandbars with seashells.

Lots of these big ole sandbars like Big Hickory island are only accessible by boat … so that’s why we took Sight-Sea-R Cruises last week for our iLoveShelling adventure.

We had so many very cool shellers on board!

My favorite families…

Oh so sweet and adorbs! 😍

We had artists gathering for shell projects- good luck with your WORMIE frame!


Gathering for shell decorations for their upcoming wedding- congrats and best wishes y’all!

It was just so dang fun!

Everybody was finding these completely dried itty bitty teenie weenie little SAND DOLLARS way away from any damp sand up on the high wrack line.They must have gotten washed up weeks ago with the high winds then stranded in the hot sun. As we know, Mother Nature has her reasons.

It was like an EASTER egg SAND DIME ;) hunt.

The water was so calm and clear, it was perfect for finding FIGHTING CONCHS, OLIVES, TULIPS and WHELKS.

Shell Shell Horray!

We also got to check out the OSPREY nest with a baby.

Not only do we all get together for these events to be on the warm beach collecting gifts from the sea and witnessing amazing wildlife… we get to learn from each other. It’s such a pleasure to meet smart, interesting, lovely folks who want to share their knowledge as well. Thank you!

There’s always something to learn from the sea.

identify seashell shell

identify beach bling






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Easter Boating with Super Sheller Clark

Posted by on Apr 16, 2017 in Sea Life | 11 comments

Happy Easter every bunny! 

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