Thankful For Shelling Friends

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seashell collection on shelling trip

We are so thankful we had an amazing shelling cruise today! The assortment of shells found on our iLoveShelling cruise to Big Hickory wit Sight Sea-R Cruises this morning was mind blowing. These are just a few of the different gems found by Linda,  Eliana Nik. Happy!

linda eliana nik on shelling trip

We had a downpour of rain all last night in Sw Florida with strong, cold winds blowing from the north but by the time we boarded our boat, the weather was safe and calm. Perfect for us when we reached the island to find the storm had blown all kinds of shells and beach bling on to the beach.

collecting shells

Paula from California didn’t mind the air was a bit chilly…

paula CA with seashells

… Since she scored with shells like this!

shells found on shelling trip sw florida

Maribeth, Tristan and Lynne drove down from Orlando to enjoy the thrill of boating to this secluded island to fill their shell buckets.

Maribeth Tristan Lynne on shelling trip

I peeked inside Maribeth’s bucket to see 2 ALPHABET CONES, GAUDY NATICA, KINGS CROWN, SUNRAY VENUS, TULIPS,  MUREXES and so many more cool shells. Love it!

beautiful shells in a sand bucket

Phil and Carol (WI) were thankful for those winds too…

Carol Phil WI collect seashells on shelling trip

Three ALPHABET CONES, WORMIES, SHARKS EYES, NUTMEGS and ANGEL WINGS. If you look closely at the ANGEL WING on the bottom, you’ll see that Carol wanted to save this one especially since it has a perfect “heart”in it.


cones angel wing shells on shelling trip

Margie has got an eye for ALPHIES too.

margie found 7 alphabet cones i Love shelling cruise

Look at her harvest!

finding cones tulip nutmeg shells

Sisters Janet and Carolyn (MA) with niece Lauren and her dad Cory (MD) found some amazing shells too.

Janet Carolyn MA Lauren Cory MD shelling trip

Lauren found this spectacsheller TRUE TULIP.

true tulip sw florida

They all found SAND DOLLARS but these were Janet and Carolyn’s best finds.

shells found November 2014 with i Love Shelling

Shelly was happiest with her mini shells finds…

Shelly with shells on a shelling cruise

Sweet arrangement along with two COFFEE MELAMPUS shells.

hand full of seashells from shelling trip

Locals Donna and Mary (AKA Shelly and MeShell) found some treasures…

donna mary on shelling cruise

I was thrilled to see that Donna showed me an immature NICKERBEAN SEA POD with a green SEA PEARL inside. It’s so beautiful!

green sea pearl bean

Chris, Heather (OH), Steve, Terry and Judy (TX) said they had a good time too.


Chris heather OH steve terry judy TX shelling

Heather found this huge SHARKS EYE, CONES, fab juvie LACE MUREX and we all looked at the OYSTER SHELLS a little differently after someone said they collected “dinosaur feet” for their son. Cute!

cones sharks eye murex oyster

Emily, Zach and Airon found even more ALPHABET CONES and goodies while on the cruise.

emily zach iron found alphabet cones on shelling cruise

It was so nice to meet lots of shelling families…

irene dave sam timothy on the beach

They even ended up shelling together. Good for you Sam and Timothy!

timothy shelling

I’m so thankful I got to meet so many fun shellers that don’t mind a little cool weather in Florida. They know cold weather brings the shells!

Finding shells from Fort Myers Florida

Join me on another iLoveShelling Adventure with Sight Sea-R Cruises or go on one of their cruises every Wednesday- CLICK HERE for more info.

i Love Shelling Sight Sea-R Cruise November 2014

Or Shelling Trips with me…

shelling adventures trips by pam

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

shell turkey beach art

(Shell Turkey photo by Heather Clute- Thanks Heather!)

Using seashells for gift tags

With Thanksgiving and the holidays upon us, I’m getting excited about get-togethers with friends and family to celebrate the season of giving. But since I’m not a good cook, this means I also start to panic thinking about “what to bring” as a hostess gift – especially on Thanksgiving weekend. Hmmmm…. Bingo! What better “thought” from the Rambos (or any other beach comber) would be to give a gift of shells as a thank you? Doesn’t everybody love shells? My fave part of the whole gift is the packaging so I’ll show you how I easily I made a beautiful coastal package without drilling any holes in any of the shells. I’m tickled with my fall-ish colors I used to wrap up this small package tying seashells as a gift tag and adding beach bling to add that flavor of a coastal feel.

How to use seashells for gift tags

I got this idea from Alyson E. on iLoveShelling Facebook page last year after she saw my post about hundreds of DOSINIAS at Lighthouse beach. She showed a picture of the gift tags, earnings and ornaments she and her daughter make out of them- brilliant. I’ve been collecting them ever since for shell necklaces and gift tags of my own but if you’ve been on the Sanibel beaches in the last month, you’ve seen lots of DOSINIAS again.

Dosinia shells on a Sanibel beach

Yes, they are just white CLAM shells but I can’t help but pick them up…. just in time for the holidays.

bag of Sanibel shells with dosinias

I choose the shells that have the pre-drilled holes in them to bring home. (You don’t know why the holes are in these shells? Check out my post What Makes The Different Holes In Seashells - its fascinating!)

using natural drilled shells for gift tags

After the shells have been rinsed and dried, write your note with a magic marker inside the shell.

writing on seashells

You can use twine, raffia or any other thin string to thread through the hole in the tip of the shell.

threading a seashell for gift tags

I added a beautiful yellow “harvest” SEA WHIP to brown craft paper to start the fall color theme but couldn’t help myself… I had to add something aqua. I just had to so I added aqua raffia as a base to hold everything together then twisted a WORMIE in through the knot of the DOSINIA shell. For this package, I found a similar size DOSINIA to put a cover on the gift tag. I don’t know, I just thought it looked so cute- like a little secret you have to peek inside to see what’s there.

tie sea whips and seashells to gift packaging

To finish the look, I added an OLIVE shell with the tip missing like I use in making the OLIVE string bracelets and then tied on a SAND DOLLAR- easy peazy since there are lots of holes to choose from- heehee.  Lastly I added a wider ribbon to hide all the knots in the raffia. It’s done! I didn’t have to cook a darn thing and my friend will have something to keep after the holiday is over.

Using seashells for gift tags

Wondering what my “thought” is inside the beautiful package? My friend loves pink so I put one of my photographs with pink hues on an easel along with more beach bling. I think it will make a pretty little vignette somewhere in her house or office. I hope she likes it!

sea urchin vignette

I’m very thankful I can share this love of shelling with you and I also hope this will give you an idea or two of how you can use some of those shells you’ve collected over the years.

Or… if you want more ideas of how to find different shells, join me on one of my iLoveShelling Shelling Adventures! We are completely SOLD OUT for our next cruise with Sight Sea-R Cruises on Wednesday but we have more dates scheduled for future events or you can hop on one of their regularly scheduled cruises. Either way, CLICK HERE for more info.

pam rambo shelling trips

shells by Sanibel lighthouse

I’ve been so amazed with Gulfside City Park beach in the last months, I’ve shunned my long time fave beach… Sanibel Lighthouse. Please forgive me, Lighthouse Beach? I think she knew it wasn’t an intentional cold shoulder so she forgave me by scattering a few WENTLETRAPS along a BUBBLE SHELL filled shoreline.

wentletrap with bubble shells

She really made me put my nose to the grind-sand but knew I wouldn’t give up quickly. Aha… another one.

wentletrap among shells


After satisfying my shellove of the hunt, I put a few treasures in my pocket…

Sanibel small shells

I walked on the Sanibel pier so I could breathe in more of the view of my old dear friend. Peace.

view from Sanibel pier

My company felt the same.

birds on Sanibel Pier

Cue the soft sweet music….. then…. the record scratch…. rrrrriiiiip! Yes, the beach walk this morning was very quiet and calm but last night was another story. Cue the dance music!

It was a parrrtaaay. Y’all know my husband Clark is a do-gooder, right? He’s always doing good deeds for his Rotary Club events but this is another group he’s involved in… Sunshine Kids. Last night we went to a fundraising party for this awesome organization raising money to help children with cancer so I donated a few of my fine art photographs on canvases to help raise a few bucks. At the end of the night, Clark saw actor Tony Denison from TNT’s  hit show “Major Crimes” carrying my art. Wow! He out-bidded everybody else on my piece and is taking it home to L.A. with him. We love Major Crimes show so it was fun to meet him in person to see how generous and passionate he is about helping Sunshine Kids.  Thanks Tony, we are thrilled!

pam rambo art with tony denison

If you are in SW Florida this week, join me Wednesday November 26, 2014 on our next iLoveShelling Shelling Adventure… a cruise at low tide to shell the secluded island of Big Hickory. CLICK HERE for more info.


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