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canvas shellography congress reception

Yes! I’m over the Moon Shell that Sealife By Congress (now located inside Congress Jewelers) is showcasing my artwork in signed canvas sizes 12×12 and 20x20 with a “Gallery Opening” March 16 from 11am to 3pm. Yall have inspired me to share the journey of my shelling adventures through my camera lens so we can learn more about our found beach treasures and enjoy the love of shelling together. Because of that journey, I have focused on capturing the essence of the bliss we feel through our beach combing experiences and have found another passion – photography. So… Shellography Photography was born! I hope some of my canvases will remind you of some of your favorite shelling days too.

To help shellebrate this shellmentous occasion, we are doing an art version of Shell ‘N Tell through the gallery reception on March 16 at Congress Jewelers… And just in case you can’t be on Sanibel Island during the event, I am doing…

 A GiveAway!

junonia canvas shellography by pam rambo

Enter a chance to WIN this signed Junonia In The Surf 12 x 12 canvas “Shellograph”. Check out the details-

  • Properly fill out entry form here on my blog at the link below through Sunday March 15, 2015
  • Properly fill out entry form in person at Congress Jewelers -2075 Periwinkle Way Sanibel, FL at Periwinkle Place Shops
    through March 16, 2015 until 3pm.
  • One entry per person
  • Value is $60 plus shipping for United States and Canada
  • Winner drawing at Congress Jewelers at the end of the event March 16!at 3pm. I’ll announce the winner here on my blog March 17, 2015

Enter Now by CLICKING HERE or click on this link to sign up for the very first iLoveShelling Monthly Newsletter and your chance to win this 12 x 12 Canvas Junonia Shellograph by Pam.

Thank you Congress Jewelers and Sealife By Congress for all of your support to the shelling community, iLoveShelling and now my Shellography Photography. I’m grateful, Melissa Congress!

Melissa Congress Pam Rambo Shellography Photography gallery


Hope to see you March 16!

Shellograph : (SHEL-luh-graf) noun – An artistic photograph on stretched canvas by Pam Rambo taken while capturing Mother Nature’s beautiful shelling moments on the beach collecting shells and treasured gifts from the sea.

Shellography : (shel-LOG-ruh-fee) noun – The process or art of producing coastal images of shells and beach bling on canvas surfaces by the action of shellavision or other forms of Pam Rambo energy.

UPDATE: I’m now 9 jumps over the MOON SHELL because of your wonderful responses! I can’t thank you you enough for asking how you can actually buy my Shellographs. The 12×12 canvases are $60 and the 20×20 canvases are $125 – plus shipping on either. I just talked to Melissa Congress and she said she would love to take orders and inquiries through 239-472-4177 or emails at Again, thank you for all of your support y’all!!!


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Shellectric Seashells

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seashells found on Captiva Island Florida

It doesn’t get any better than seeing a huge pile of shells wash up on the beach within one day. I was shellucky enough to see it happen at Blind Pass Captiva and to get the video of it I showed you on my last post. It was Shellectric!

shells pile up southwest florida

Talk about “shellucky” – local sheller Susan from Pine Island found a CABRITS MUREX!

Susan from Pine Island FL shells Captiva


Captiva Cabrits Murex

These are just a few other fab shells she found as well…

Shells found on Captiva Island in February

Lolly was there with her homemade shell belt collecting all sorts of goodies.

Lolly with shells and shelling belt

She found all sorts of shells like HORSE CONCHS, WHELKS, MUREXES and FLAT ZIG ZAGS and GIANT BITTERSWEETS…

flat zig zag scallop found on Captiva

Large giant bittersweet shell

After seeing my “CANDY” (my little HORSIES in the first photo) and Lolly’s as well, an orange HORSE CONCH is all Patti from MN was wishing to find. Moments later… voila! Patti whooped it up when she found her own sweet “CANDY”. Yay!

Patti from MN visits Captiva shells

Babs from St Augustine was there to see all the shellnanagans and to find her own treasures.

Babs St Augustine visits Captiva shells

Its always fun to see what makes different people happy when they find something unusual. I was thrilled when Babs showed me this awesome ROUGH SCALLOP that had obviously been damaged in its lifetime but survived the predatory incident (IMHO- I’m thinking that’s prob what happened).

freak rough scallop shell repaired from damage

See? At one time, this mollusk knew it had more life to live and repaired its damage to see more days. I love those type shells! This even looks like it tried to manage the shape of a heart.

freak predatory attack mollusk survival

This shell pile event doesn’t happen every day so when I’m there to witness it, I try to breathe it all in and enjoy every single moment.

orange rough scallop shell on the beach

I didn’t make it back yesterday so I have no idea if it’s all still there. Let me know if you found any treasures at Blind Pass over the weekend.

beautiful seashells on shells

Join me on a Shelling Adventure! CLICK HERE for more info.

pam rambo shelling trips

PS- I was at Gulfside City Park Beach over the weekend and its still loaded with shells and bling too. :)

Oh and I hope to see y’all at the 2015 78th Annual Sanibel Shell Festival at the Sanibel Community House this weekend March 5,6, and 7!2015 78th Sanibel Shell Festival

UPDATE 3-3-15: I stopped by Blind Pass Captiva …. the shell pile is completely picked over and filled with sand. Amazing. The top picture had new shells in this post washing in and the lower picture was 3 days later.  The power of Mother Nature…

Blind Pass beach difference in 3 days



Juvie Junonia Sweet Success

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Junonia with clam shells on Sanibel

Finding a JUNONIA is always a sweet success but finding a teenie tiny juvie JUNONIA is (in my humble opinion) the best ever! My heart is so happy for shelling sistah “Diane From Tucson” because she is just about the sweetest thing put on this planet. Shellzam!

Diane from Tucson with junonia

She found this special JUNONIA on the Sanibel side of Blind Pass down near that wood jetty that gets uncovered every once in a while. Congratshellations, Diane. Here she is looking for another one- heehee.

pink sheller in shell pile

After hanging out with her for a while, I got the itch to see what was happening on the Captiva side of Blind Pass. Holy Cowrie! A huge shell pile was forming right before my eyes…

Shells build up at Blind Pass Captiva at jetty


I’ve got so many photos but the best way to describe it is to show you in a video. Now, hang on… put your sea legs on and get your seasick patch secured because of course I was excited, overwhelmed and trying to shell while shooting this footage so I did the best I could to carry you along. You will see lots of things I missed so you might catch yourself yelling at me to pick them up… it’s ok. I understand and you can yell at me all you want because I did the same thing when I watched for the first time. There is another great WORMIE I missed. Ack! Anyway, Enjoy your time on the shell pile and I’ll show you more photos later. YouTube Preview Image

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