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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

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I Sea Stars, Weeds, Urchins and Shells

Posted by on Feb 19, 2017 in Beach Bling Sea Debris | 15 comments

A little northwest wind blew in a few more seashell goodies this week at Blind Pass… including a few of of my faves like a oh so sweet BITTERSWEET, CARRIER SHELLS, bright sunshine orange CHESTNUT TURBAN, baby TRUE TULIP, LACE MUREX, RIBBED CANTHARUS, colorful CALICO SCALLOPS and  a teeny tiny cutie shellootie ROUGH SCALLOP.

I met Cindy the Shellinator a few weeks ago sitting on top of a big pile of shells while finding all sorts of great treasures then I saw her again this weekend sittin ‘n siftin in about the same place. Both times she found a CABRITS MUREX. Shellzam! Just last week the tide took all of the shells back out to sea and left us just with lots of sand. Cindy was there to catch the new shells getting washed back in so she got the pick of the shellitter. Shellack Lady!

Earlier in the week I combed Gulfside City Park a few times to see a fresh new wrack lines wash in with SEA WEEDS, SEA STARS, SEA URCHINS, lots of PEN SHELLS.

I also found all sorts of beach bling like SEA WHIPS, MOLLUSK EGG CASINGS, CRUCIFIX SHELLS, SPONGES and oodles of PAPER FIGS….. and a perfectly huge ANGEL WING (“angle” wing – wink wink). This particular egg casing in the next photo is a PAPER FIG- cool, huh?

Oh! Out of all the SEA WHIPS I saw this past week, I only found one with a purple ONE-TOOTH SIMNIA attached. It’s the little shiny chameleonic shell in the middle of this next photo. They are so easy to overlook but it sure is fun when ya spot them- it’s ike a secret treasure.


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Shelling Where The Wind Blows

Posted by on Feb 13, 2017 in Captiva, Captiva Cruises | 5 comments

Shells. Shells. And more shells!

We had quite an iLoveShelling adventure on our Captiva Cruises shelling trip to Cayo Costa because the strong winds made the low tide way lower than predicted. It was so low the boat couldn’t make it through the channel to go to our regular dock sooooo… Captains Kelly and Elliot made the decision to take us to another part of the island. It was so awesome!

Some times ya just gotta go where the wind blows. I think we would have been happy where ever we landed but it turned out this beach was loaded with huge COCKLES and double ALTERNATE TELLINS…


And perfectly dried STARFISH in the highest driest wrack line.

There were large piles of shells to just plop down to do the Sit N Sift …

And areas around the tree roots where lots of shells collected.

It was so much fun to meet other shellers who were so excited to see other people finding shells too. I don’t think any of these gals came together on this trip but ended up gathering around and oohing and ahhhhing at each others shell finds. This is the best!

It was also so much fun to see my  Instagram [email protected] on the boat. Y’all are so dang cute!

So many cool shellers finding cool shells…

What an adventure! The wind calmed down as quickly as it came in and the day was gorgeous. It was so much fun to be able to share it with these peeps.

Muriel, you make me smile, Shelling Sister. :)

Oh wait! And yes, we also found double FALSE ANGEL WINGS!

Mark found his first ANGEL WING as well…

Then when we got back to the boat, he showed me the shell his wife Sonya found… a BABYS EAR. But OMG not just any BABYS EAR…. she found a BROWN MACULATED BABYS EAR! Shellzam!

So cool to see so many different varieties of shells found…

Beautiful displays of faves on the boat.

That’s the beauty of shelling…. everybody sees something different and everybody thinks different things are beautiful. I was one of the last people to pass by this shell pile to find this LIGHTNING WHELK was still there for the picking’.  Click on this next photo for a little CYBERSHELLING – did ya see it right away?

i Love Shelling on Cayo Costa. ;)

Sealife By Congress Jewelers


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Seashell Art and Education at the Sarasota Shell Show

Posted by on Feb 7, 2017 in Clark Rambo, Pam Rambo, Sarasota Shell Show | 8 comments


I love to learn about creatures that live in the sea and see some of their astonishing growth patterns that make up their shells like this frilly ORCHID MUREX. On the other hand, I love to see how human creative minds take those beautiful shells and build a feast for the eyes with yet another beautiful structure.

Beautiful beach treasures turned into beautiful works of art.

This is why I love to go to shell shows…. the scientific exhibits give us a looking glass to learn more about the life of mollusks and the history of our world through different aspects.

Then the artist in me can’t wait to see the creative inspirations made of shells and beach bling in the artistic exhibits. They are mind blowing beautiful so its the best of both worlds.

I’m proud to say that not only was I a judge this year in the Sarasota Shell Show for the artistic displays last weekend… but Clark was the second judge in the artistic categories! Yay Super Sheller Clark! It was an honor to judge next to him.

Both judges got to choose an exhibit for “Judge’s Special Merit Award” so my ribbon went to this spectacsheller “Paisley” by Caryl Renzcarly renz seashell art

Clark gave his Judge’s Special Merit Award to “Ruby Slippers Redefined” by Heather O’Keefe.

There were so many fabshellous works of art for all to enjoy.

It was a treat to meet for the first time some of the artists who created these exceptional art exhibits… like Mary Ella Marra.

Donna Timmerman with her beautiful crochet necklace.

Suzanne Dietsch with her Sailors Valentine.


It was also so much fun to meet and hang out with other shellers like Lee Ann and Dale from Bradenten who were enjoying the exhibits just as much as we were.

And Eva and Chris from Palmetto. We all have so much in common.

It all starts with having the same love of the sea….

Thank you Donna, Nancy, Sally and the whole Sarasota Shell Club for inviting Clark and me to be a special part of your show- we both feel honored.

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