Boom Shellalaka Whelk!

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Super Sheller Clark Rambo finds 11 inch whelk shell Sanibel

Shellzam! Super Sheller Clark found an incredishell 11 inch LIGHTNING WHELK this weekend.

Large Whelk shell found on Sanibel at sunset

All along the Sanibel shoreline from Blind Pass to Bowman’s Beach, there were strings of shells lining the beach just waiting to be picked through. Looking at this next photo, Clark found his WHELK around the furthest point in the background while in knee deep water… half buried in the sand. He said he only saw 1/4 of it. Oh yaya!

Sanibel shell beach

Thanks to a iLoveShelling Facebook post by Carrie L  – she told us there was a pile of shells that built up around the old wood jetty at Blind Pass Sanibel – we had to see it.

Shells pile up on wood jetty Sanibel

I could tell there had already been lots of people that had picked through this pile (but they missed so many!).

cybershelling for whelk shells

These were just some of the shells from this pile and along the shoreline…

shells and bracelets
I wasn’t the only one happy to be finding shells again at Blind Pass- Michael, Lindsay, Emma, Taylor from Vero Beach, FL found some gems too.

Michael, Lindsay, Emma, Taylor find shells on Sanibel

These are a few of their faves… CONCHS, WHELKS, TULIPS, OLIVES, MUREXES and SCALLOP shells.

Hands finding shells at Blind Pass Sanibel

Kathy and Angie visiting from PA were just as happy too..

Kathy and Angie visit from PA find shells on Sanibel Florida
Nice pickins with a sweet WORMIE to boot!

Sanibel beach shell finds

These are my favorite kind of evenings… beach combing at sunset.

Beach find shells at sunset

Espeshelly when when we get to bring home one of these big bad trophies- way to go Clark! Boom Shellalaka!

Shellzam! 11 inch Whelk shell found on the beach

Beach combing Bowmans Beach Sanibel

The sunset at Bowman’s Beach last night was picture perfect… but then so were the shells.

Bowman Beach filled with sea shells

I was combing through a wide string of shells a mile long when I came across half buried spots in the sand… omigosh! Rasher frasher… just a piece. But a biiiig piece of JUNONIA. It’s a big beautiful piece of spotted goodness that I will definitely keep for the Shellaboratory.

Almost! Junonia shell large fragment on Sanibel

There was nothing wrong with fabshellous ZIGZAG FLAT SCALLOP though…

Zigzag Flat scallop Bowmans Beach Sanibel

There were all sorts of different shells washed up on the beach. Not only did I find that big honkin JUNONIA frag but I found OLIVES, FIGHTING CONCHS, colorful CALICO and ROUGH SCALLOPS, 2 other FLATS,  couple of WORMIES. The really surprising thing was that I found two ROSE PETAL TELLINS (just below that FLAT at the tip of my fingers). Cool!

Junonia fragment and seashells found at Bowmans Beach Sanibel

I was such a lovely evening hanging out with my friend Ellen (Shellen) …

Ellen at Bowmans with shells

She found some nice beauties too.

Sweet shells from Sanibel

Since the weather was gorgeous, we decided to ride bikes to the beach.

Pam Rambo biking Bowmans Beach Sanibel aqua

I’m so happy we did since we found out where the shells have been hiding!

Shell beach on Sanibel Island Florida

The last time I rode bikes to Bowmans Beach was with my buddy Diane a couple of weeks ago. (She was with me when we saw the BOBCAT on North Captiva… hmmmm she was also with me when I found my whole JUNONIA- I need to take her shelling with me more often!) I just realized I never posted this awesome video of our bike ride down one of the paths to the beach. We saw two GOPHER TORTOISES flying down the path directly at us.

gopher tortoises sanibel

I seriously don’t think they thought we had food since we saw them so far down the path already moving so fast. It took me a few minutes to get my camera out and they were still in a full gallop… then I had to get off my bike to let them pass by. It was crazy! Here’s the video… YouTube Preview Image

I might be visiting Bowman’s Beach a little more often now, don’t you think?

Sunset and seashells At Bowmans Beach Sanibel

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colors of cross barred venus shells

If you are looking for shells on Sanibel but you aren’t having any luck finding “the big ones”, you should revisit those common shells that are always on our beaches. There’s not a day that goes by that our beaches aren’t filled with CROSS-BARRED VENUS shells. Each one is different with their colors and patterns. They are a shell crafters dream seashell!

hundreds of cross barred venus shells

Walking the beach yesterday at Gulfside City Park, Clark and I were only finding the common shells until Clark took a blind scoop in the water scooped up alive BABYS EAR in his shelling backhoe. He laughed and handed it to me… it was shaped like a heart! So cute! Of course, I snapped a photo then placed it back into the water under the sand.

live baby ear in waves

Just a few days before, we were finding all sorts of treasures in the water at Gulfside City Park.

cluster of conchs on Sanibel

It just goes to show you that every day on Sanibel is a treasure hunt. You just never know what you will find so I always try to find something… anything…  just any reason to get out on the beach.  Then it becomes such a treat when you find a handful of shelliciousness with a dollop of cumulus clouds like this…

shell finds with cumulus clouds

Speaking of finding special treasures…  our iLoveShelling community was involved in finding a lost engagement ring on the beach! The story even ended up in our local paper The Islander

pam rambo, sharon michie with Sanibel ring finder

Sharon Michie of Cottages To Castles  suggested to her client Nancy Carr that she tell her story of her lost diamond engagement ring to the iLoveShelling community on FacebookIt worked! Barbara Anderson replied with a suggestion to call TheRingFinders and within 6 hours, her ring was found. It had been buried 14 inches under the sand and they still found it!

iLoveShelling facebook lost ring on Sanibel


Shellers rock! …. And shellers find “rocks” (heehee).  Sometimes it takes a Sanibel Social Shelling Village to find treasures. This is the photo with me, Craig Ostendorf of TheRingFinders.com (with the ring) and Sharon Michie. Sharon shipped the ring to Nancy who is now back home in Canada. Happy Ending!

pam rambo, sharon michie with Craig Sanibel ring finder


PS- Since we are talking all about happy stuff…. Clark was golfing yesterday (with his buddy John) – he got a Hole In One! His first ever and it was on the Sunday of The Masters. He felt like he found a left handed JUNONIA- hahaha.

Clark Rambo hole in one celebrates with John

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