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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

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Making The Mosta At Cayo Costa

Posted by on Jan 19, 2017 in Captiva, Captiva Cruises, Cayo Costa, Day Trips From Sanibel Island Florida & More | 9 comments

What a beautiful sight to see!

Cayo Costa loaded with shells this week.


and WHELKS , Oh my!

Exciting finding a beach buck

on shallow water bars… what luck.

Oooh how we swoon

over GAUDY NATICA moons

Blue skies and calm water swells

Make it easy to find mini shells.

SEASTARS with new arms

Smiles with lotsa charms

It doesn’t get much better than these cuties

With soooo many shell-looties!!!!

Our iLoveShelling Adventure was such a blast

Catch our next Captiva Cruise before its passed.

Heeehee- just felt like a little rhyme time today…. But seriously, we had so much fun and I’ve got new dates for iLoveShelling cruises! Check them out CLICK HERE

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Cybershelling Sanibel Captiva

Posted by on Jan 15, 2017 in Sea Life | 24 comments

shelling west gulf drive sanibel florida

It’s time for CYBERSHELLING, y’all! What have I been thinking? So to make it up to ya, click on the next picture so you can see some of my shell finds this morning off West Gulf drive beaches. You know I looooove to arrange shells, right?  So I had a cute little display of all my finds from my morning walk all arranged just perfectly so you could see each one and the pretty colors together…. then a wave came up and crashed the whole thing. Hmmmmm…. I think Mother Nature was telling me something. Yep, She reminded me she is the best display artist of all time. She knew this would be way prettier than anything I could arrange so I left it just the way she wanted for my photo. It’s been months and months since I’ve posted a cybershelling photo for y’all to view in full up close and personal. So go ahead and click away to see some of my beach combing finds.

cybershelling seashells sanibel beaches

Earlier this week, I took a crazy kayaking adventure with some of my friends to watch the full moon set over Captiva island….

Then we turned around to witness an amazing sun rise over Pine Island Sound.

We found a few empty LIGHTNING WHELKS, PEAR WHELKS and a ROSE PETAL TELLIN. It was a glorious morning on the water.

Meanwhile, at Bind Pass Captiva the shell mound kept piling up shells for the pickin’.

Each and every time I walk the beach or get on the water, I witness something beautiful. To finish my day on the beach today… a SPOTTED EAGLE RAY.

Join me on a Shelling Adventure cruise … I have brand new dates!

Captiva Cruises 239-472-5300March 13, April 4, May 2

Sight Sea-R Cruises – 239-765-7272   — March 28, April 11, May 15


(PS- Awwwww… Seriously I’m so sorry I couldn’t make some of the dates requested. I really tried!)


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Warm, Colorful Shells on A Sunny Beach

Posted by on Jan 8, 2017 in Big Hickory Island, Day Trips From Sanibel Island Florida & More, Sea Bean, Sea Pearl, Sight Sea-R Cruises Shelling Boat | 8 comments

As I hear about the terrible winter storms north of Florida, I feel a wheeee bit embarrassed to be complaining about the chilly weather of 54 degrees here on Sanibel Island that swept through yesterday. So before I get out my big down coat and boots with wool socks to head to the beach, I’m hoping if I post the photos I took earlier in the week from our iLoveShelling trip to Big Hickory (when we were still in bathing suits, shorts and tee shirts), it’ll warm us all up a tad.

There were warm, colorful shells strewn all over the bright sunny beach. ;)

Our group was able to wade in the Gulf Of Mexico without a care in the world.


I met awesome families with rosy sun-kissed cheeks finding buckets of shells.


Wow…. and more ALPHABET CONES!

So many shellers with their ALPHIE eyes on!

It was such a pleasure to spend such a gorgeous day hanging out with so many cool shellers.

SEA PEARLS, DRIFTWOOD and WORM SHELLS…. I absolutely loooooove these beach treasures.

JUNONIA Sue (from my last post) and friends were with us!

Thank y’all for coming out and enjoying the day with me.

A day of beach combing always warms the heart…. and hopefully helps give a little warmth even if it’s virtual shelling. Stay safe, y’all!

I’ll let ya know what these high winds from this winter storm washes up on our beaches soon. The waves are entirely too rough right now but the anticipation… always exciting! :)

PS- I’m trying to work out some new dates for the next few months so once I get everything worked out, I’ll post them on the Shelling Trips page HERE. Hopefully soon!


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