Category: Sea Life

Seashells Found Around The World

“After 38 years of searching I ended 2016 with this. It rolled up in front of me at Mitchell’s on West Gulf. A good omen for the new year” said Sue B. on iLoveShelling Facebook page. I couldn’t have been...

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A Week Of Shell Wonder

It’s like seeing old friends again… ooooh those mini shells make my heart pitter patter. Sanibel Lighthouse Beach had a sweet little wrack line filled with BUBBLE SHELLS, WENTLETRAPS, juvie CONCHS and all sort of fun...

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Hot Diggity Dog-Head Triton

I’ll be doggone- it’s a DOG HEAD! Gary from Kentucky found a perfect DOG-HEAD TRITON ( Ranularia cynocephalmm) on Sanibel Island about a half mile west of Gulfside City Park Beach this past week. Gary worked like a...

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