“After 38 years of searching I ended 2016 with this. It rolled up in front of me at Mitchell’s on West Gulf. A good omen for the new year” said Sue B. on iLoveShelling Facebook page. I couldn’t have been happier to see this photo of Sue and her JUNONIA on Sanibel she posted. I met Sue and her lovely family years ago on the beach and always feel such a connection. Shellzam! ;)

Then I kept scrolling to see other posts and got the same feeling when I saw Diane S and her HORSE CONCH “Yahoo! Number 2 on my Bucket List was checked off today!”. I’m sure this was found in SW Florida, right Diane? Conchratulations!

Then I saw posts of shell finds from around the world. Cool! Mane J. said “My new year gifts from Thailand , I didn’t expect to get special shells as I get most the same every time but !! never thought I could get them both together , love it !!”. SPIDER CONCHS!

spider conchs thailand seashells

“Found this beauty on 90 mile beach Victoria, Australia” said Anna S..  Oh My! That looks like a SOWERBY’S VOLUTE? Shelltastic!

Ericusa sowerbyi sowerbyi

Then Michele B. said ” Exumas, Bahamas…”.  I just love the Caribbean and to see other finds around the world.

Back on Captiva Island, Florida …. I scheduled a Shell Love Bug outing at Captiva Cruises so I got to meet folks coming from their shelling trip from Cayo Costa. I’m so happy I did! They were thrilled to see the shell car and fun for Shell Love Bug and I to see their shell finds. (See Shell Love Bug schedule HERE)

It’s gonna be a wonderful new year especially seeing such amazing shell finds from beachcombers around the world.

It’s a brand new year.