It’s like seeing old friends again… ooooh those mini shells make my heart pitter patter. Sanibel Lighthouse Beach had a sweet little wrack line filled with BUBBLE SHELLS, WENTLETRAPS, juvie CONCHS and all sort of fun stuff at low tide this week. Actually, every beach I went to had such a different variety. Island Inn‘s beach was filled with all sorts of different shells but the butterfly COQUINAS and KITTENS PAWS struck my fancy in the surf line.


I also went to Blind Pass to see the shells piling up at the water’s edge.


I found more than just minis under the Blind Pass bridge at the really low tide … score!


I met a sheller just under the bridge who found a huge ALPHABET CONE… congrats!


On the Captiva side of Blind Pass the shells started piling up there too… mostly KITTENS PAWS but who doesn’t love KITTENS PAWS?


I love to visit different beaches throughout one week of nice low tides because… ya never know whatcha gonna find. I even went kayaking out to the mud flats on the back side of Captiva with some girlfriends to see what we could find… ROSE PETAL TELLINS!


It was an amazing week going from sloshing around on the tidal mud flats finding LIGHTNING WHELKS, PEAR WHELKS, TULIPS and  ROSE PETAL TELLINS to leisurely walking the beaches of Captiva and Sanibel around Blind Pass and around the tip of Lighthouse beach finding beautiful treasures and my fave finds of the teeny tiny WENTLTETRAPS.


Such a good week of shelling…. Oh and omigosh, the WHITE PELICANS. The beauty of the the WHITE PELICANS.


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