shelling at blind pass captiva finds

Blind Pass Captiva is like a revolving shell door these days. One day the beach is loaded with an overwhelming pile of shells like this…

collecting shells at blind pass captiva island

In less than 24 hours the day before, I took a photo of the beach in this same location. Barely any shells. The power of Mother Nature is mind boggling.

a few shells at blind pass

Earlier this week at Gulfside City Park on Sanibel, I met Angie and Nick from Fort Lauderdale who were both thrilled about being lucky enough to find gorgeous empty HORSE CONCHS early in the morning at the lowest tide. Shellzam!

Angie and Nick with Sanibel horse conchs

Donna and Judy from North Carolina were loving picking through the wrack lines to find some fun beach bling. They both showed me their fave finds…  sponges that look like red trees they found in the high tide line.

Finding beach bling on Sanibel

We’ve had some colder than usual weather but it’s always worth getting out on the beach to meet shellers like Wendy from Kansas. She brightened my day!

shelling sanibel

Teresa (“the headband lady” heehee) and Cory from Iowa found those same cool sponge pieces that Donna and Judy found plus some purple SEA WHIPS and PAPER FIGS.

head band lady sheller

Teresa (TN) was happy to find a nice empty HORSE CONCH but better than finding any of her shells, she was happiest that she found her in-laws’ car keys that she lost about a mile down the beach. haha Thank goodness she found those keys- good eyes!

finding treasures on sanibel

So here is her awesome empty “teenage” HORSE CONCH (maybe we should call this size a colt).

found an empty unoccupied sanibel horse conch

And I found Teresa’s twin “colt”!

i found an unoccupied empty horse conch

I took a photo of this worn COCONUT on the beach with the three holes because they always looks like a little faces to me when they get worn like this. They just make me laugh. So it was so cute that while talking with Teresa and Cory, we found that we all love the same kind of beach bling. Teresa had mentioned seeing a really cool worn COCONUT with a face…. so I had to show her that I had taken a photo of the same one since it was so cute. Its not a great snapshot but its so much fun to find people other people who get so much pleasure out of the simple finds. i Love Shellers.

coconut on the beach

We had an awesome day on our iLoveShelling cruise to Cayo Costa this week as well. I can’t wait to show you all the cool stuff we found on our shelling adventure on my next post. I also have a few new dates added to the cruise schedule… to check it out or to book your shelling trip CLICK HERE