It’s a Giveaway!

One lucky person who comments on this post will be mailed an iLoveShelling cap, wrist band and bumper sticker!


UPDATE: Drum roll Please…. The Giveaway is over and we have a lucky sheller who will receive a new iLS hat, wristband and bumpersticker! Congratshellations Kathy Rush! 

This was a spur of the moment thought because I haven’t done a giveaway for y’all in a while so I wanna keep this simple. All ya have to do is give a comment on this post before November 10, 2016 at 5 pm and I’ll pick a random name (U.S. or Canadian mailing addresses only and over 18). Thats it! So easy. Yep- it’s a quick one and doesn’t give ya much time, so get on your shellphone to shellert your friends and family. This’ll be fun. I’m excited!

But wait…. If ya don’t win the free hat, For a limited time I’ve got some great deals for you just in time for the Holidays!

Wowza- I’m abshellutely thrilled I’ve had so many requests to buy iLoveShelling hats, wrist bands and bumper stickers lately so I wanted to be able to ship these items but also keep it affordable. I finally figured out a fantastic way to do this…. A combination of all THREE with shipping included in the price!

I’m shelling out 3 great deals for you to enjoy the shell love …

A.  1- cap, 1- wrist band, 1- sticker + free shipping    =$20 BUY NOW

B.  1- cap, 2- wrist bands, 2- stickers + free shipping   = $24 BUY NOW

C.  1- cap, 4- wrist bands, 4- stickers + free shipping    = $28 BUY NOW (biggest savings!)

Get them now while they last!

Oh hey…  seashells aren’t included (not sayin’ I won’t slip a shell in the shipping bag though ;) )

Oh and hey again… These are the only 3 choices I have for shipping right now- I can’t ship any single items at this time

i-love-shelling-bumper-sticker-sanibel-seashells   i-love-shelling-hat-cap-junonia     seashell-wrist-band-bracelet-iloveshelling