santa seashell collection

 Santa brought seashells for Christmas on Captiva!

seashelling shell mound captiva

Blind Pass Captiva was still producing shells yesterday which always makes me happy because when the shells arrive, so do lots of shelling friends too. I met iLoveShelling Facebook friend Mike Ryan (Fort Myers) for the first time.

mike ryan shelling blind pass captiva

He found this perfect SEA WHIP with an ATLANTIC WING OYSTER and a ONE-TOOTH SIMNIAattached. Nice find Mike!

michael ryan sea whip capitva

Connor, Natalie and Jim (aka Elvis!) from Virginia found Santa’s seashells stash!

connor natalie jim aka elvis woodbridge shells

They collected lots of the Sanibel Six but these were their faves…. lots of GIANT BITTERSWEETS, part of a JUNONIA, CONES, CANDY (HORSE CONCH), a FLAT SCALLOP, a CALICO SCALLOP and a WORMIE!

yellow oragne seashells cAPtiva florida

I introduced you to some of these girls on Friday, but I didn’t realize they were all together. They met in Sanibel while shelling 7 years ago and they have gotten together every year since to shell together. Isn’t that fabulous??? Shelling Sisters forever… Joan (TN), Dawn (NJ), Glenda (England) and Bonnie (NJ)….

shelling sisters sanibel yearly

It was nice to see another lucky family shellebrating the holidays on the beach collecting seashells- Travis, Jill, Keith and Aden (MI). Good to see you again, Jill!

travis jill keith aden finding seashells

Clark and I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and send lots of warm Florida sunshine and shells. Will cyber shelling warm you up, (Parker)??? Find all the shells you want by clicking on the next photo to enlarge…

cyber shelling christmas

Merry Christmas!

christmas beach tree santa hat