seashellers awe

Throughout every year, there are many days the seashells rush onto the beach forced by waves from the Gulf Of Mexico forming mounds of shells deeper than you can dig. Every single time it happens, I’m in awe. I have to stand still and stare at the power just like this little girl.

best beach florida seashells

I get mesmerized by the shells rolling onto the beach where some remain then watch the rest roll back out into the bubbling sea foam.

seashells seafoam

Mesmerized. The waves never stop… in and out, in and out. Back and forth, back and forth… the shells roll on the beach. Beautiful.

seashells waves foam beach florida

I’m so happy I could film this amazing sight with my video camera to share with my shelling friends. But Whaaaaa! I see a familiar pattern and shape! My brain wakes up and my heart starts pounding! Is that? Is that? Then my mind goes blank and all I can think about is the next wave taking away my treasure. With the camera rolling, at lightning speed I spring off my jetty rock perch with wet flip flops, cold drenched pants and nothing but brown spots in my vision. Looook oooouuut beeeelooooowwwww!!!!

shell diving

You’ll have to see the rest for yourselves… LOL .. here’s my video from yesterday and you’ll see Eric find a HORSE CONCH and give it to Michelle (I showed both of them in my last post)… then hang on, the view gets a little bumpy. hahaha


Heehee… Okay, so you see it was only the top of the JUNONIA, but I didn’t know that at the time of course! You just never know and you have to be quick to get the good ones when the shells come in that way.

Today was another excellent day at Blind Pass Captiva so I have more photos to show you tomorrow!

Happy Holidays, y’all!

seashell mound captiva florida