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Happy To Be On Sanibel

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seashell collection from sanibel by lori and hayley

The theme for my Virginia Beach high school friend Lori and her daughter, Hayley, visiting us on Sanibel is…. Happy. It has been such a happy week! We have been singing that Pharrell Williams’ song “Happy” (from Virginia Beach too!) every sunny day when we stepped on the beach.

hayley happy to be in florida

Happy to be together at Gulfside City Park…

lori and hayley on Sanibel with seashells

Happy to be in the water sifting through shells….

hayley and lori sifting for shells

Happy to find lots of beautiful treasures…

hayley's sanibel shells

Hayley was very happy to find SAND DOLLARS!

hayley finds sand dollars on sanibel

Happy to have Clark join us in the evenings for low tide…

lori clark shelling sanibel

Happy to see healthy, live creatures on the low tide sand bars at Lighthouse Beach…

clark and hayley on the beach of sanibel

Happy to make a seashell mobile with some of the broken shells we found…

pam rambo and hayley make a seashell mobile

Happy to meet such wonderful and generous shellers on the beach as well. Just a few feet in front of us, we saw George from Maine uncover a large, beautiful HORSE CONCH then give it to an amazed little boy in awe of the shell. He didn’t even know him!

george gives jeremy a large conch shell

I’m sure Jeremy from New York will remember this happy day for the rest of his life.

jeremy from ny holding a big conch shell

Happy to share this beautiful island with such special friends especially on a full moon. Happiness.

mother and daughter with the pull of the moon

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collecting sea shells on secluded island

Any day I’m on a boat, I’m happy. I’m even happier when that boat pulls up to a tropical island with strings of seashells lining a beach surrounded by aqua water.

stoop for shells on Cayo Costa

That’s why it was a very happy day on the iLoveShelling cruise to Cayo Costa yesterday.  Before we boarded our Captiva Cruises boat, I met Nan and John from Wisconson since I was immediately drawn to John’s home made shelling scoop. I love to see what different folks invent to make shelling a little easier (or more competitive! :)) so I praised his handiwork on the plastic slotted spoon on the end of a long wooden handle. Clever!

nan and john from wisconsin make shelling scoop

I should have know they would be awesome shellers. John made the find of the day (IMHO)- he found a MACULATED BABY’S EAR! He and Nan also found a PURPLISH TAGELUS, FALSE ANGEL WINGS, TRUE ANGEL WINGS, a KEYHOLE LIMPET, MORTON’S EGG COCKLE, and OPERCULUM (his first) and a juvie SOUTHERN QUAHOG.

maculated baby ear shell on iLoveShelling cruise

It was fun to meet locals Amy and Jeff from Fort Myers and seeing how many different shells she was collecting. Oh and… notice her  Seashell Identification guide attached to one of her shell bags? Love it!

amy jeff from fort myers find shells on pam rambo cruise

Amy pulled out a few of her favorite finds and of course my eyes went straight to the humongo BABYS EAR. Then I saw how sweet the mix was…. a BUBBLE, WHELK, COMB BITTERSWEET, MELAMPUS on the top row, then 2 PURPLISH TAGELUS, a COQUINA, another PURPLISH TAGELUS and then after the BABY EAR, a FALSE ANGEL WING.

seashells found on pam i love shelling tour

I saw lots of shellers finding PURPLISH TAGELUS shells.

purplish tagelus shell interior

Jane from Boston found a few treasures right where our boat anchored.

jane from boston find shells on shelling cruise


shells found on cayo costa cruise from captiva

Marsha and Robert (Georgia) found most of their treasures on the Gulf side of the island.

marsha Robert georgia find shells on i love shelling cruise

Looks like they found the OLIVE garden!

lettered olive shells on florida island

Marsha and Robert were sitting beside Rachel and Sherry on the boat and realized they lived only 30 minutes from each other in Georgia. Those Georgians can find some shells!

rachel and sherry from georgia with shells on i love shelling cruise

These were just a few of Rachel and Sherry’s finds. Out of the four SHARK’S EYES, we noticed that one of the SHARK’S EYES had blue in the center of the eye…. A PAUL NEWMANS EYE!

rachel and sherry display their shells from our cruise

It’s always fun to see families like Henry, Charles, Eric and Courtney’s family from Illinois learning about shells…

henry charles eric courtney illinois collecting seashells

And seeing friends like Gary, Roxanne Marge and Gordon (all from Chicago) sharing the adventures of a new beach together.

gary, roxanne, marge and gordon from Chicago visit Cayo Costa for shells

I met Linda earlier this year on another iLoveShelling cruise but she was calling herself The Queen Of Parts since she only found a slightly broken BABYS EARS and broken ANGEL WINGS.

linda minnesota queen of parts

 But then she found a few WORMIES, a gorgeous double ALTERNATE TELLIN, a BROAD PAPER COCKLE, FALSE ANGEL WINGS and an EGG COCKLE. Queen of Parts and Treasures!

shells and parts

 It was so much fun to find shells and share the sun filled day with beautiful happy people.

shellers with a sand dollar

My Shell Tree wish came true. Happy.

cayo costa shell tree

beach combing tour to cayo costa

angel wing among broken shells

And a MANATEE too!

manatee nose on captiva

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Quick Shelling Update- Seashells!

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 Lots of shells being found in the water at the point of Sanibel Lighthouse Beach yesterday morning. It may have looked dark and dreary but we all had anything but dark and dreary attitudes… because there were beautiful shells!


In the afternoon, the sun was shining and the smiles continued since the shells started rolling in at Blind Pass Captiva. Yay!


Erin found a JUNONIA! She and her mom Beth from Iowa were there to witness the shells start rolling in to form a pile on the beach. Shellzam! Congratshellations Erin!



I have loads more photos but just wanted to quickly update you on the shells on the beaches in case you are here in SW Florida. Just so you know, I haven’t checked today yet but by 6pm last night the shells at Blind Pass Captiva were being taking back out and the beach was getting piled with sand again. Who knows what today will bring! Everyday the beach changes so today we could have a brand new pile. That’s why i Love Shelling! :)


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Sanibel Shell ‘N Tell Rocks!

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sanibel seashells hand photo

My favorite part of meeting other shellers is to see what makes them happiest. Interestingly enough, I heard almost everybody from Shellabaloo 4 say it was finally so nice to meet other people that feel the same way about beach combing as they do. There are other folks out there that don’t think we are crazy for wanting to shell all day!

kris sea shell display shellabaloo 4

On our final night, Kris made a beautiful display for our Shell ‘N Tell and pizza party in the newly remodeled Florida Room in Kimball Lodge at Island Inn- it’s perfect for parties and games. And I love games! So we played a game throughout our shelling adventure. I made up a scavenger “Shellinger Hunt” game that gave points for different shells and beach bling finds to display for our party night. So much fun!  You can see Kris showed some of her answers as…  3 sets of THE SANIBEL SIX, a FOSSIL, 10 JINGLES in any BIVALVE and 2 pieces of BEACH BLING. Hmmmmm. she found some interesting BEACH BLING, huh? A pipe? LOL

(Oh, and her hand in the first photo has a “wedding shell cone”- I don’t think thats a FLORIDA CONE)

Kris scavenger hunt seashells shellabaloo 4

This is another beautiful shell display by Nancy for our Shell ‘N Tell night….

nancy shellabaloo 4 seashells

Some folks may have been disappointed to come to Southwest Florida to wear coats and long pants earlier this week… but not shellers! Shellers know that, almost always, cold north winds bring in lots of sea shells. So when a group of shellers like the wonderful folks at  Shellabaloo get together… cold weather gets us excited!

shellabaloo 4 captiva cruise

We get excited because we find shells like OLIVES, SHARKS EYES, GAUDY NATICAS, WHELKS, TULIPS, MUREXES, BUTTERCUPS and so many other shells…

shells of sanibel shellabaloo 4 suzanne

A little cold weather in Florida would never have made Bette and Rick disappointed when you can stand a beach filled with shells.

bette rick sheling island inn beach

There were so many miniature shells to be found too…

miniature shells suzanne shellabaloo 4

Suzanne found all of these mini shells by sifting through the shell piles right in front of Island Inn.

suzanne bill shells shellabaloo 4

Conne was so excited to find a SAND DOLLAR since I think that was on her bucket list… I mean shell bucket list. heehee

conne sand dollar shellabaloo 4

I think everybody found a SAND DOLLAR or two. These were some of Ricks finds…

rick shells shellabaloo 4

Angela (who I’m now calling “Anshella”)  was thrilled to show us her favorite finds for our Shell ‘N Tell and pizza party…

angela seashells shellabaloo 4

Between “Good Will Shelling” (Will) and his wife Sarah The ShellAnimal, they found such interesting shells and bling. He found MERMAID PURSES (SKATE EGG CASES),  a huuuge old FOSSIL shell (bottom right), and a “wedding shell” Ive never seen before. I told him that shell (top left between the SUNRAY VENUS) was a foreign shell that was probably bought for decoration for a wedding or party on the beach. I told him to take to to the Shell Museum to ask what it was and Dr Jose Leal verified that is was a TORPEDO shell probably from Indopacific area. They were still excited to find it!

will shells shellabaloo 4

Super Sheller Clark couldnt be with us each day for shelling (that “work” thing gets in the way)but he still wanted to participated in the Shell ‘N Tell so he brought some of our favorite finds over the last couple of years…

clark shell n tell shellabaloo 4

Clark helped me add up the points for each of the shells entered in the game so we could give the winner of the Shellinger Hunt this gorgeous STARFISH REEF necklace donated from Sealife by Congress. Thank you Sealife By Congress for supporting our Shellabaloo!

sea life by congress starfish necklace

Drum roll Please! ……. The winner of the Shellinger Hunt was…. Sarah The ShellAnimal!!!! LOL She found 2 big WHELKS, a CARRIER SHELL, CONES, PAPER FIGS, 4 BABYS EARS, WENTLETRAPS and more. Congratshellations Sarah!

sarah shellanimal pam shellabaloo 3

She had so many shells spread out, I didn’t even get a decent photo of them. But… I did get a photo of her prize shell. Her ROCK SHELL. We just don’t find these every day so I asked her to show Jose Leal at the Shell Museum too. Dr Leal verified that this shell is more rare (on Sanibel -where she found it) than the JUNONIA. Shellzam Sarah!

rock shell shellabaloo 4

We had such a fabshellous time getting to know each other while shelling the beaches, sharing meals, exchanging stories and laughing with joy. I can’t put it any better than what Sarah said…. “I have to say this was one of the best times of my life! William surprised me with it for my birthday, and it was epic! These memories and friends I made will last forever!!”

shell n tell shellabaloo 4

When we have dates for Shellabaloo 5, you will be the first to know!

shelling adventures trips by pam

photo art gallery pam rambo i love shelling


2013 Best Of iLoveShelling

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best of iLoveShelling 2013

Happy New Year!

As we close the book on 2013, memories of this incredible year have flooded my heart with happiness while sharing our shelling adventures with you. Every day on the beach I have felt like you have been right along side me and my lens. Thank you for being there and for your encouragement and your excitement as we learn new places and new treasures to explore together. Without you, I would not have been as focused to share Mother Nature’s wonders of Sanibel, Captiva, Fort Myers Beach and so many more beaches of the world. It’s been a wild ride! Thank you!!

It was not easy to come up with only 10 iLoveshelling blog posts as my favorites so I really had to decide which ones I think I will be talking about for the rest of my life. We were soooo very fortunate to be able to travel to fabulous shelling destinations more in 2013 than ever before so those were no brainers to choose. But since this week has been so special with our low tide mornings and I can still feel the excitement of yesterday’s shell pile transforming right before our eyes… I am starting at #10 with a video I promised to show you on yesterday’s post. (Tomorrow – New Years Day- should be an even lower tide! Yippee!)

So Enjoy the count down for my top 10 fave iLoveShelling blog posts…

#10 Sanibel Shell Shuffle

YouTube Preview Image

#9 Life Cycle Of The Kings Crowns Egg Hatching To Down The Hatch

kings crown sanibel spines


#8 Filling The Apple Cart At Harns Marsh Preserve 

apple snails shells lee county florida


#7 Sunsets Of Sanibel Island 

watching sanibel sunset


#6 Beachcombing Vacation : Cat Island Bahamas

caribbean beach sea glass shells buoy sand dollars


#5 Finding Seashells On Turks And Caicos Islands 

different seashells caicos iLS


#4 Weekend Collecting Seashells at Guantanamo Bay Cuba

caribbean seashell species Guantanamo bay cuba


#3 Bittersweet Baby Sand Dollars

clean white baby sand dollars


#2 Manatees Wash Up On The Beach For Fun

mating manatees


#1 Three Bobcat Kittens And Their Mamma

Weirdly enough, my fave memory and blog post of 2013 doesn’t even have to do with the beach but I knew everybody who loves shelling would share in the excitement of seeing the other glories of Mother Nature at work. It was the heart racing moments on Sanibel watching a BOBCAT mother and her three kittens play together while I photographed and videoed them.

bobcat kitten baby on deck sanibel island floridabobcat kitten baby on deck sanibel island florida

Best wishes from Pam and Clark for a fantastic 2014!!!


shelling adventures trips by pam

pam rambo art gallery iloveshelling

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Happy Shell-a-Days!

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seashell christmas tree on red

The Sanibel holidays and turning into Shelladays!

sanibel junonia with 2 cone shells

Shellzam! Kirk (Ohio) and Cheryl combed the beach near Island Inn Resort at 4:30 am with his flashlight walking towards Bowman’s Beach… when Kirk found a JUNONIA! And he found two absolutely perfect ALPHABET CONES along the way too! They need to go play the lotto too because this was their very first time to Sanibel and their first time shelling. Newbie shellers! LOL Congratshellations to both of you!

Cheryl Kirk Cleveland finds junonia shell on sanibel

Blind Pass Sanibel has been bringing in the goods too on a nice sand bar jutting out to catch the shells…

sanibel beach of shells

Ready to shell that awesome pile of shells with me? Get your toes in the sand and feel the splash of that salt water on your face while we pick up some shells together in 72 degree weather. It’s just a little overcast but enjoy this beautiful day shelling with me on Sanibel Island…

YouTube Preview Image


FYI-The parking lot and beach on the CAPTIVA SIDE OF BLIND PASS is closed because of construction equipment but the SANIBEL SIDE PARKING LOT and beach is open (the last I saw) but it could change any moment if the beach renourishment equipment has to transfer to that parking lot. If you want to get updates on this beach project go to CEPD.

shelling adventures trips by pam


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