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Neptune’s Beach Game

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Hundreds of fighting conchs on Sanibel beach

King Neptune must have lots of fun seeing our jaws drop when he pulls the tide out and lets us peek at all the living creatures on the sea bed during a full moon.

Sanibel full moon shelling at low tide

I can just see Mother Nature giggling at him then scattering a few empty treasures on the shore and coloring the sky to play along in the Neptune’s beach drama game.

Few of my fave beach finds Sanibel

Clark was happy to play along to collect her shell loot.

Clark's Sanibel shells one May eve

Chris and Jamie (MO) were there to witness the fun of King Neptune and Mother Nature at Gulfside City Park.

Chris and Jamie MO find Sanibel seashells

They sounded just like Clark and me when we “co-mingle” our shells and then try to claim the ones we “know” we found. “No, I found that one!”-  “No, you didn’t, I found that ALPHABET CONE”. hahaha Well whoever found it, it’s going to the same house so all is good.

Chris Jamie Sanibel shells

Jason along with his kids Grayson, Katelyn, Leah and Gavin were at Lighthouse beach to see the amazement of all of the live FIGHTING CONCHS. They all found empty shells as well to take home to Jacksonville to have fun identifying later.

Shellers Grayson, Jason, Katelyn, Leah, Gavin from Jacksonville


Beach Bling. marine egg capsules coral sea whips

And there’s one more egg case we can’t quite positively identify… anybody know?

seashells egg case capsules

My fave thing the whole weekend was this little tiny heart drilled in a PENN SHELL. I don’t know why… it just made me incredibly happy to discover it when there was so much obvious beauty surrounding me.

Sweet heart in a penn shell

It made me feel like a kid.

little shellers collecting sea shells

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As The Sanibel Shells Turn

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An hour of Sanibel shelling

Someone must have put in a good word to Mother Nature for me. I put in an order for lots of sea shells for my family’s Sanibel visit…

Collecting Sanibel shells from the shore

Whoever whispered into her ear- Thank You. She delivered!

Fave Sanibel shells for the day in April

There were shells washing in with each wave but you had to be fast to grab them.

Picking up shells from ocean tide

So check out this next photo and see how many shells were built up around that old wooden jetty (bulkhead) on Monday…

Sanibel beach filled with sea shells

I went back to this same spot yesterday late afternoon and saw this…. most shells completely swept away. It’s so wild how fast that happens!

Sanibel wood jetty bulkhead without many shells

Yes, I still found some beautiful treasures last night but no where near the amounts earlier in the week. I had to get IN the water to find this PAPER FIG, BANDED TULIP, PEAR WHELK, MAUVE-MOUTH DRILL and juvie FIGHTING CONCH (back row) and CHESTNUT TURBAN and CALICO SCALLOP in the front.

Sanibel shells from the surf

Slightly different from the ones earlier in the week crashing up on to the beach like all of these…

Some faves of Sanibel shelling day

Again, the power of Mother Nature! That’s what keeps us coming back over an over again- every single day the beaches change. As The Shells Turn. Oh and check out my fave shell of the week- this awesome “Lemon Pecten” scallop.

Sanibel lemon pecten shell

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On Top Of Shell Mountain

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finding shells in a seashell mound florida

A mountain of shells washed in with the tide over the weekend at Blind Pass Captiva!

shell mound at jetty rocks captiva

Picking up shells in my first fifteen minutes produced these awesome shells and bling…

colorful captiva shells and bling

Todd and his sister-in-law Amy from New York were there early Sunday morning to pick through the pile.

todd amy from new york visit captiva for shells

Theses are just a few of their faves- Shelltastic!

shells of captiva island florida

Loretta from Cape Coral was lucky enough to be there too…

Loretta from Cape Coral finds shells on Captiva

She was looking for the other half of this JUNONIA piece…

shells and coral

I had no idea this pile at Blind Pass Captiva had formed on Saturday morning until I met Todd and his wife at sunset Saturday night. They told me they were there to witness the beach at Blind Pass go from only sand to that mound of shells in just a few hours…. and I missed it. Dang! But it was so much fun to talk to hear them talk about how it was just like one of my videos- heehee. It’s really hard to imagine until you see it for your very own eyes because it doesn’t happen very often. At least I was able to be there Sunday morning and to see them again on the shell mound.

shellers with pam rambo captiva

While Todd and his family were at Blind Pass on Saturday, Clark and I scoped out Lighthouse Beach and Gulfside City Park.

beach combing gulfside city park sanibel

We still had a great time meeting Nora from Cape Coral who found a bag full of great shells but her fave was this perfect ALPHABET CONE.

Nora from Cape Coral found cone shell on Sanibel

We found plenty of empty FIGHTING CONCHS, WHELKS and BANDED TULIPS but my fave finds were the smallest ones… a gorgeous TRUE TULIP and the prettiest little GULF OYSTER DRILL I’ve ever seen.

true tulip and gulf oyster drill with shell collection

Well, wait a minute. My fave finds just may have been meeting Carter from Wyoming and his parents Dawn and Jason. They love shelling too!

carter, dawn and jason from wyoming collect sanibel shells

Hopefully the Gulf Of Mexico will continue to deliver treasures to our shore in Southwest Florida this week…

orange seashells

But Mother Nature has a way of taking these big shell mounds back out to sea just a quickly as she washed them up.

Excavating a shell mound Captiva Island

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