Dena Sanibel miniature shells

After talking to yall about WENTLETRAPS in my last post, I met Dena from St Louis at Gulf Side City Park with a baggy filled with WTs (thanks Kaybe for the obvious shortcut I never thought of… haha- so much easier!) and minis. Notice that round shell on top (pictured above) with the spots… it’s a COFFEE BEAN TRIVIA.

baggy of seashells

I asked her if she knew if she had different varieties of WTs in her baggy besides the ANGULATE WENTLETRAP. Yes, She knew right away! Dena is my kind of sheller! She showed me her BROWN BAND WENTLETRAP…

brown band wentletrap

Okay, so this is even a bigger deal to me than the WTs. Dena found 4… count ’em, F-O-U-R  CARRIER SHELLS!!! And if you look closely, you’ll also see she found a ONE-TOOTH SIMNIA. All 5 of these shells are really hard to find!

Carrier shells one tooth simnia

Dena is quite a focused sheller to have found all of these shells which are really difficult to spot. She’s Dena the Dynamo!

dena carrier shells

dena carrier shells sand