After 20 years of beach-combing Aly finally found the coveted Junonia. She was with her son who had  flown down for the week from New York City. Aly was shelling at beach access #5 on Sanibel when she saw the top of what she thought was a piece of a Junonia. (she has collected 9 pieces of Junonia through the years and was looking forward to number 10) Much to her surprise after digging the “piece” up, it was a whole Junonia! She was so thrilled to actually have the whole shell. It was a memorable day for her for many reasons. Having her son with her made the experience absolutely perfect.

The table of shells are the other shells she found at beach access 5 on the same day.

What a day!

 Congratulations Aly!

Well, fellow shelling friends this will be my last post as guest blogger.

I have enjoyed reporting to you all about the discoveries of the week.

You never know what is just past the far horizon.

Thanks for all the insightful comments and good luck in your next shelling experience.

Capt. Brian