snorkeling captiva florida

 When the water is this calm and clear, snorkeling is just one more way to find the shells on Sanibel and Captiva. Reed (Fort Myers) hit the jackpot…

reed ft myers snorkel shells

 He and his family, Roxi and Elle, found an excellent way to shellebrate Father’s Day weekend…

reed roxi elle captiva water

 But then working that big shell pile on the Captiva side of Blind Pass, brought good luck to Joan (CT)…

joan CT sea shell pile

joan seashells captiva

Need help identifying some of her shells? Check out my page of

 Seashell Identification 

seashells captiva beach

 Within 10 minutes of sifting around in the big pile, I found some beauties too…

seashells capitva florida sw

Super Sheller Clark was sifting the water with his backhoe…

captiva shells clark

 He found similar shells plus found TULIPS and WHELKS (notice he still has his spiritual line on from Thailand)…

clarks shells

 We walked over the bridge to the Sanibel side and guess what we saw pull up to the beach in the distance… the dredging barge!

dredge barge Sanibel Florida

 They were bringing the pipes on the beach. We walked down to see it but these guys were in no mood to deal with beachcombers (especially to get by to the other side of the…. ahem…. PUBLIC beach!). Honestly, I will be staying clear of these workers until they are done with the heavy lifting and I suggest you do the same.  So guess what… I have no more information on the dredging other than what you see here.

dredging equipment sanibel beach

 Okay, let’s get back to the the happiest sheller I met on Blind Pass this weekend.  Kathy from Tulsa, OK  was in hog heaven collecting seashells on the big Captiva pile…. then I noticed the nozzle on her shell bucket. She told me “I do 2 things really well. I make fantastic margaritas and I’m a really good sheller”. LOL It was a margarita bucket she was filling up with shells! hmmm Would that be called a Margashellita bucket?

Kathy OK Margarita

And we were even happier when we spotted three MANATEES near the jetty rocks! Here’s one coming up for air. See how close “he” is to the rocks?

manatee blind pass