Jaclyn in sanibel sunset shells

Sanibel’s Blind Pass has been so much fun the past week with high winds from the west pushing in the seashells.

Sanibel six plus moon wormie

I’ve met so many nice shellers enjoying every minute of their seashell treasure hunting.,,like Patty (VA) who found a nice piece of JUNONIA!

Patty junonia shell

She and her friend Cindy (MD) said they met so many cool shellers too and were thrilled with all their finds.

Patty Cindy sanibel shells

Some of the shellers they got to meet were Kathy and Paul (Utah) who are back in town. In my post Junonia Necklace  I showed Kathy with her wire wrapped JUNONIA she made. I’m sure she gave Patty a few tips on making her JUNONIA piece into a beautiful necklace as well. Here they are again!

Kathy Paul sanibel shells

They found some beauties. Two gorgeous SHARK’S EYES, their TRUE TULIP had amazing color and I wish you could see how purple their APPLE MUREX was in person.

kathy seashells

Kristy and Dave (MN) found some spectacular goodies as well.

kristy dave mn shells sanibel

Look how dark those KINGS CROWNS are… and with nice spines! I know, the ALPHABET CONE ain’t so bad either, huh?

kristy dave seashells sanibel

Kathy (NY) was working that shell “backhoe” nonstop.

kathy NY cheryl ft myers

She put back quite a few live FIGHTING CONCHS but eventually found a few empty ones she could add to her shell bag.

blue mesh shell bag

 I saved the best shellers for last. Now how cute are these little girls! Sisters Maddie and Gillian from Ontario were so excited about their seashells they collected  and identified each of them by name.

maddie gillian Ontario

 Maddie told me that earlier in the week she saw a SEAHORSE on the beach that had lost his breath so she put him in the water to see him come to life again. She saved a SEAHORSE like Carol in my Saving A Sanibel Sea Horse  post! They are so special so good job Maddie! Here are some of the shells she and Gillian had just found…

maddie's seashells sanibel florida

 The shelling should still be really good the rest of the week so don’t worry if you are coming in for the weekend. Happy shelling!

shelling sanibel turner beach

sanibel shelling turner beach

colorful moon sky

seashells sanibel sunset

sanibel shells sunset