Holy Cowrie, y’all! We had 527 entries! What a turn out!

First of all, I want to thank each and every one of you for such wonderful comments as your entries for this awesome YOLO $100 gift card GiveAway. I wish I could have replied to so many of you that made me laugh, wrote rhymes, wrote stories and just touched my heart but I couldn’t messed up the entry count…. but thank you!

 I took 527 numbers with entry names to Marcel at YOLO Watersports on Captiva today so he could randomly pick the lucky winner of the $100 gift card out of a YOLO shell bucket.

marcel yolo drawing

 Drum Roll Please! Who is it, Marcel? … Wahooo!!!

Tam Tam from Michigan!

Congratshellations Tam Tam!!

Enjoy your shopping spree at YOLO!

yolo captiva store

 Thank you so much YOLO for your support in our shelling community!