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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

Sanibel Shelling and Shell Love Bug

Posted by on Sep 19, 2016 in Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum Sanibel, Community Outreach, Shell Love Bug, Shellaboratory, Shellebrity | 13 comments


Holy Cowrie- I’m shocked at how long it’s been since I’ve published my last blog post! I think this is the longest I’ve gone between posts in 8 years but it hasn’t been because I haven’t been conchsumed with seashells. I’ve found shells at Bowman’s Beach …


And Gulfside City Park beach (notice that amazing lemon yellow LEAFY JEWELBOX)…


And Blind Pass Sanibel (finding so many color variations of the FLORIDA FIGHTING CONCH)


And hanging out with my girlfriends Janie and Sandy on the West Gulf beaches.


I even took a trip up to Virginia Beach to see my family. It was just what I needed… a big dose of family with a recharge of seeing my dear friends and childhood beach I grew up on. I was thrilled to find a few RAZOR CLAMS (we always called them RAZOR CLAMS but I think they are actually AMERICAN JACKKNIFE CLAMS) that matched my new bracelet my friend Wendy Miller gave me (Heart Of Dolphin Designs …and of course my long time favorite silver shell bracelet by Congress Jewelers )


And then…. there’s been the Shellaboratory. I’ve been working every day trying to get our shells back in order and doing some remodeling. The floor is done (sneak preview of the shells I painted on it ) but all our shells still need to be sorted again. “Why” you ask? Because it looked like a shellnado whipped through the shellab after the shelldazzling of…..


Shell Love Bug! I’ll take that shellnado any day- she was so worth it. I hope you get to see her soon- check out her new tour date schedule updated periodically by going to or CLICK HERE


Exciting News!

Shell Love Bug will be a shellebrity at The Celebrity Island Dinner for the fundraiser for our fabulous Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum on Sanibel Island at Traders October 3. Remember a few years ago when I dressed up as Shelly Temple hahaha (click here) ? Yep, this is the same event but unfortunately, the event sold out very quickly this year… although…. you can still play a part of the event.

Wanna show some love for Shell Love Bug? Help spread the shelling love …. give Shell Love Bug a “tip” as a donation to the Shell Museum. Shell Love Bug spreads the shellove of seashells and so does the museum.

Let’s all help out by shelling out a few clams for either Shell Love Bug or any of the other “shellebrity waiters” to raise some beach bling for the Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum   CLICK HERE

Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum

PS-  You just might see her shellivanting around the islands this week ;)




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Shelly Temple Taps For Tips At Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum FundRaiser

Posted by on Oct 3, 2013 in Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum Sanibel, Community Outreach, Shellebrity, Shelly Temple | 37 comments

pam rambo shelly temple iLoveShelling museum

Introducing…. Shelly Temple!

I was so honored to be asked to be a celebrity waitress for the Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum fundraiser, I figured if I was going to get folks to shell out lots of clams for the Shell Museum, I’m not a “celebrity”, but I can be a Shellebrity! So I pulled out boxes of shells and a hot glue gun then embellished a “little girl” dress (from the costume store) and curly top wig with STARFISH, SCALLOPS and ARK shells.

shelly temple costume

I was so tickle that the event was hosted at my fave Sanibel restaurant Traders, so we showed up early to hang out with the other waiters to get some advice of how the night should go. It was fun to see Krista Fogelsong and Clay Miller from NBC-2 there too. I’ve run into Krista shelling Sanibel and Captiva (with her shell bag filled to the top!) a few times so it was fun to catch up and grab a yummy bite to eat together. Here’s Shelly with Krista and Alison Dry of Cips (photo courtesy of the Shell Museum)…

pam krista fogelson alison shell museum fundraiser

Then we got to “work” waiting tables and asking for donation tips. Thank you Ron for starting off the night with my first tip! For big tips, I gave out Shellollipops…hahaha

ron pam shelly temple tips sanibel

Okay, I really don’t believe I did this… but I sang and tap danced for tips. Ack! I wouldn’t do this for many people or organizations … but for the Shell Museum? I love that place! I had to! LOL (Dont worry, I had on a pair of shorts with that dress- yikes! it was sooo short)

shelly temple dancing and singing for shell museum

For Shelly’s singing and dancing, Melissa and Scot Congress of Sealife By Congress, were very generous and donated big. Thank you so much!

melissa scot sealife by congress pam rambo shelly temple

Betsy of The Sanibel Farmer’s Market  and Marcel Ventura of YOLO Watersports in Captiva shelled out big donations for Shelly and the Shell Museum. Wow! Thank you so much!

betsy sanibel farmers market marcel yolo pam

 It was a spectacsheller night so we shellebrated more donations from big tippers Susan and Daron (thats Soul Sister Susan) and shell craft queen JaneOn behalf of the Shell Museum… Thank you!!!!

rambo ventura scherr henshaw shell museum fund raiser

Of course Super Sheller Clark (he came up with the idea of Shelly Temple!) helped every step of the way to make it such a fun and successful night… plus he gave a nice tip from Berkshire Hathaway Realty. Yahoo!

pam clark rambo shelly temple iLoveShelling

Omigosh, are you really ready to see me (ahem… Shelly) sing and tap dance? But first I have to admit…. I DONT KNOW HOW TO TAP DANCE! But what would Shelly Temple be without tap dancing??? I had to learn a few steps so Susan Scott of The Enchanted Ballroom on Sanibel was kind enough to give me a lesson and made it very easy for me. Thank you Susan- you are a life saver!

This is my dress rehearsal (LOL) in my shell-station/art-studio/garage called the Shellaboratory (as my friend Tiia named it). Get ready for some silliness, folks. I’m sure you can guess the song I sang, right?

Here’s Shelly Temple singing and dancing to…  “On The Good Beach Sanibel”…


It was a shelltastic night that raised lots of money for the most educational shell museum in the world. If you want to donate to the Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum too, CLICK HERE and tell them Shelly Temple sent you!


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