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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

Sanibel “Enthusiast” Helps Shellebrate

Posted by on Jun 15, 2016 in In the News, Islander Newspaper, Pam Rambo | 2 comments

Pam Rambo Sanibel Shell Enthusiast

Oh. Em. Gee. That’s me!

Holy Cowrie, I made it on the cover of Sanibel/Captiva local newspaper thanks to Islander news reporter Anita Force Marshall (CLICK HERE for the full story). I’m so honored! We’ve been on a wild ride since the official National Seashell Day  so I’m very sorry I haven’t been posting as frequently lately but I promise to make it up to you very soon after the big day… June 20. It’s soon!

National Seashell Day Pam Rambo 1


PS- We had a blast on our iLoveShelling cruise to Big Hickory last week and I still need to show you some of the cool things we found…. that’s coming up next.

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Coastal Living Visits Sanibel AND Captiva For Christmas Boat Parade

Posted by on Dec 15, 2013 in Beach Holiday, Captiva, Captiva Cruises, Christmas, Coastal Living | 17 comments

coastal living pam rambo sanibel shells

Have you seen that Sanibel is featured in Coastal Living for their December 2013/January 2014 issue??? Did you notice those ALBINO shells in that orange bowl? Those are our shells on our front porch! Holy Cowrie! We made it into Coastal Living magazine! Coastal Living photographer David Hillegas came to our house to photograph our collection of local shells and my WORM SHELL mirror he heard about on the coconut shellegraph.

david hillegas photographs rambo's sanibel shells

He ended up spending THREE hours photographing our house, shells and our “shellaboratory” so needless to say Super Sheller Clark and I had an amazing day hanging out with him and watching him work his magic. Thank you, David, for such a memorable day!

david hillegas pam and clark rambo

Honestly, I had heard about the article about Sanibel in the magazine but it came out when we were vacationing on Cat Island, Bahamas. When we returned it was Thanksgiving with amazing shell frenzy at Blind Pass Captiva, then I was focused on decorating for the Golf Cart Parade during the Captiva Holiday Village festivities. But low and behold, last night at the fantabulous Captiva Lighted Boat Parade, I met one of the judges for the parade…. Susan Sutton of Coastal Living.

captiva boat parade 2013

Wow! So awesome to have Coastal Living involved in our boat parade judging on Captiva! She had a whole stack of Coastal Living magazines at the after party on Andy Rosse Lane so I flipped through it to see our shells made it into the issue AND saw this One Week Getaway to Captiva Island GIVEAWAY by Captiva Holiday Village. I’m so sorry I didn’t know about this sooner to tell you guys… but you have until the end of today December 15, 2013 to enter. Go to to enter today!

coastal living captiva holiday village giveaway

 The Captiva Christmas Boat Parade was crazy fun with lots of boats lighting up the Roosevelt Channel so I didn’t want you to miss it either so we could shellebrate together. Here’s a quick vid of the awesome decorations on the Captiva Cruises‘ boat with Captiva Island Yacht Club and the Let It Snow boat. Woo Hoo!

With so much fun for the holidays, I put together my hand painted Holiday Shellection in my new Art Gallery… Check it out!

Christmas sea shell pillow

Oh but wait… remember…. don’t forget to watch Xtreme Xmas on the Travel Channel tonight at 7pm (12-15-13). Our whacky Captiva Golf Cart Parade is featured. Y’all need to be here next year to see all of this in person!

Join me on our next Shelling Adventure January 3, 2014 CLICK HERE for more info…

shelling adventures trips by pam


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Sheller’s Spring Training Rain and Snow Delay

Posted by on May 2, 2013 in In the News, Minnesota Twins Sports Radio | 24 comments

sanibel beach sea oats shelling

It’s been raining for two days with thunder rumbling and lightning cracking around the island without notice.  Any time there is lightning… I stay off the beach and find a project inside my house until the coast is clear (literally!). I ran out when it cleared for a couple of hours to see what the beach looked like… the sea was angry, my friends. The waves were crashing so hard on the beach, it’s starting to erode it again. It’s never ending, is it. But this might just bring in loads of shells for next week AND it’s still warm and beautiful so I hope this might warm some of you up that are in 30 degree weather right now.

erosion tarpon bay rd beach access

I’ve got to admit, our rain and slight erosion (that will come right back) is better than inches and inches of snow that Minnesota and other Midwest states are getting from Winter Storm Achilles right now. It’s May, Mother Nature! What are you thinking?

Anyhoo, speaking of Minnesota and having a rain and snow delay… back in March, I had a little fun giving some shelling advice to some baseball fans at a Minnesota Twins Spring Training game.

collecting baseballs seashells

Did you know the Minnesota Twins practice their Spring Training games in Fort Myers? It’s always fun to see a few games right here in Lee County…. but this time it was a pretty special game for me. I was interviewed about shelling by Dan Gladden and Kris Atteberry for the Minnesota Twins Radio Network in the radio announcers booth overlooking the field during a rain delay on March 20th.  I got to hang out with Twins 2-time World Series champ Dan Gladden!

pam rambo dan gladden twins game

I had an amazing time talking baseball and seashells with brilliant sports broadcaster Kris Atteberry too…

pam rambo kris atteberry twins game

I was supposed to be interviewed in-between the 4th and 6th innings but since they tarped the field because of the rain, they called me up early. I felt like I was just brought up from the minor leagues for my first pitch for the big leagues. LOL

twins spring training rain delay

Thank goodness I didn’t have too much time to think about it since I was a bundle of nerves. They gave me a headset… then they started pitching questions. I just had to bunt. But think about it, there many similarities with baseball and shelling. Both are outdoor sports, people collect both shells and baseballs, you always remember the home runs (finding the rare shells) and both attract really nice folks. I’m sure there are countless similarities!

pam rambo interview twins baseball game

It was just so much fun. Wanna hear the interview? I just got a clip of it last week so…. Here it is!

Here’s the link to hear what ball players want to know about shelling but I can’t figure out how to make it stay on the page so you can see the photos too. It will also take you to a black page with the play button. Sorry! But come on back, you hear?

Click on…         iLoveShelling Minnesota Twins radio


dan gladden interview pam rambo

Were you able to listen to it? So much fun to share the shelling love! Oh, before we got called up to the radio booth, Clark and I looked for some shelter to get out of the rain. We ended up being right beside the beautiful young lady, Marcella who was about to sing the National Anthem to kick off the game. Even though it rained, the night at the Hammond Stadium ball park was spectacsheller!

singer marcella pam rambo twins spring training

But let’s get back to this angry sea on Sanibel I showed you in the first 2 photos… the shells and bling are getting stirring up with this weather front we are having. In a few days, those treasures will hopefully be washing up on our beaches! Let’s keep our fingers crossed the upcoming west winds are good to us and see what gifts Mother Nature will be willing to let us have. At least it’s not snow.

Sanibel sea storm May

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Swedish Television Features Sanibel Shelling

Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in In the News, Swedish Television | 29 comments

Sara and Ava Swedish Television

Sanibel and Captiva are featured on Swedish National Television!

I was very fortunate to have spent a few hours back in March on the beach with SVT reporter Sara and videographer Ava (both from Sweden) to show them why our beaches are so special…. of course my answer would be….shelling!  I had so much fun with them!

sara, pam, ava swedish tv

They also filmed other great ways to enjoy our islands like fishing, biking, wildlife and the great restaurants to paint the gorgeous picture of why we all love it here so much. This excellent film will run this month on Sveriges Television (SVT) which is the Swedish public service television company with the widest range of programming of all TV companies in Sweden.

I thought you’d like to see it too! So here is this piece on our sweet Sanibel made for the popular SVT lifestyle show called “Good Evening”… or in Swedish “Go’kväll“.

sanibel captiva beach photo shoot

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Sanibel and the Rambos in The New York Times!

Posted by on Aug 12, 2012 in Angel Wing, Brittle Star, In the News, The New York Times | 32 comments

pam clark Rambo New York Times

A Florida Island Draws An Array of Seashells And Their Hunters“….

The “Island” is Sanibel. “Their Hunters” are Super Sheller Clark (aka Mr Rambo- heehee), me, and YOU in the top National story of the New York Times! Dr. Leal and The Shell Museum were in it too. Wahoo!


How did this happen? Well, first of all, let me introduce you to the talented folks that made this story happen.

The brilliant writer/reporter (17 years with The NY Times) Lizette Alvarez who threaded this beautiful piece together with her gift of words and Angel Valentin top notch photographer from Puerto Rico and South Florida  

lizette angel new york times

I’m still boggled by the whole thing but… Out of the blue we got a call from Lizette to introduce herself and tell us that she would like to do a story about shelling on Sanibel. She said she’d like to come to Sanibel to interview us and she was hoping to get a photographer to cover the story. Heck Yay-ya! Two days later we were hanging out at Lighthouse Beach showing Lizette and Angel the treasures of Sanibel.

lizette angel clark shelling

It was a gorgeous low tide evening with lots of shells for collecting as well as exposed live mollusks. We couldn’t have placed an order for a more perfect evening to share the wonders of our island.  Hunting along side us was my new BFF Isabel (which happens to be Lizette’s daughter) perfecting Sanibel’s signature stance… The Sanibel Stoop.

isabel sanibel stoop

It turns out that Isabel is an excellent sheller. Within minutes of being on the beach, she found a nice sized unbroken ANGEL WING…

isabel angel wing

In the article, Lizette wrote about a 13 year old boy that found a STARFISH. This is the BRITTLESTAR STARFISH that Hunter from Mulberry, Florida found…

brittle star sanibel starfish

Hunter and his sister Audrey showed us all of the other STARFISH and CRABS they were finding and learning about too.

audrey hunter star fish crab

Shelling Sistah Denise Kisko from North Carolina made it in the story too!

Denise in new york times

This next photo is Denise being interviewed by Lizette… meanwhile, “a 13 year old girl” got curious about her abandoned shell pile she had been digging in.  Okay, this is funny… Denise was quoted saying “Don’t find anything in my pile” kiddingly to a 13 year old girl. That 13 year old girl was Isabel! LOL Isn’t that so cute?

denise with lizette

If you haven’t read the story yet, a black-and-white photo in our house was mentioned (well, Mr. Rambo’s “shell-festooned house” was mentioned- hahaha). We have a wall in our hallway with photos of our families and special memories.

rambo wall framed photos

In one of those frames is a photo of Clark’s shell collection on his bed at age 7.

framed shell collection

He arranged all of his favorite shells on his cowboy bedspread then asked his mom to take a picture of it. A-dor-a-ble.

Clark 7 shell collection

 After 3 hours of laughing, learning, sharing and seashell hunting, we had to say goodbye. It was an evening that we will never forget especially because we really had a fantastic time. I’m not saying I wasn’t nervous…because I was totally shaking in my flip flops at first. But then after being with such fun down to earth people…

lizette alveraz angel valentin

Who genuinely love life…

isabel lizette angel sanibel

It was easy to relax and share what we love… Shelling and Sanibel. Thank you Lizette, for contacting us.

sanibel beach conch seashell

To read the New York Times story, click on this next image….

Featured new york times

Note to self: remember to get a photo of me too with the gang when something big happens … like being interviewed by one of the biggest publications in the world.  ;)

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Leg Breaking Extreme Shelling Caught On National TV

Posted by on Apr 22, 2012 in CBS Sunday Morning, In the News | 36 comments


pam rambo extreme shelling

Shelling on Sanibel was featured on CBS Sunday Morning today! And I made the cut!!! Waaahoooo! After you see the segment, I’m sure you will have questions about that crazy woman pictured above. I promise I will explain but first you have to watch CBS correspondent Bill Geist “shell out” this fantastic piece on our beloved island of Sanibel and her seashell treasures. (Click on the video to get it to show up -sorry I’ll try to fix it- but come back here to read the rest of the story.) Still can’t see it? CLICK HERE

Wasn’t that fabulous? Okay, yes, that crazy lady who talked about breaking her husband’s leg was…. ahem….. me. Bill Geist had asked me if I was an extreme sheller. Hmmm. Me? Where do I start? Then the leg-breaking incident popped into my head.  Before we lived on Sanibel, Clark and I came for vacation to shell the beaches just like most of y’all. The first morning out on the beach, we had a little fun competition finding shells. At one point when I was doing the Sanibel Stoop, Clark gave me a little push so I lost my balance and fell in the sand. We laughed and laughed at being silly shellers but then I planned my attack. He was wading in the shallow water, when I decided to take my “shell revenge” ;). I guess I was too obvious since he dug his feet into the sand to keep his balance when he saw me make my move for his shell. Unfortunately, he dug his feet in too deep (See? It wasn’t completely my fault! LOL) and I caught him at the wrong angle to push him out of the way. His body spun side ways but his leg didn’t. His shin bone snapped in a spiral break that sounded like a gun shot. I know… awful, right? I felt so badly! That was probably 17 years ago and as most of you know, he healed just fine and it didn’t slow Super Sheller Clark down when it comes to finding shells. So now you know the rest of the story.

Thank you Sujin, CBS and Bill Geist for coming to Sanibel to show the world why we, they, y’all and …… i Love Shelling!!

shell sun cbs

Bill Geist and Pam Rambo

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