Sarah's chandelier

Sarah is one of my best friends but she isn’t a sheller. She does her shelling in my garage when she comes to visit. Sarah is an artist and this shell chandelier is a spectacular piece that she just hung in her home in Virginia Beach this year. Unbelievable! She has such a detailed eye and it shows in every inch of it. She picked the perfect spot to show it off! Gorgeous!

Sarah's chandelier closeup

Stunning, huh?

Two years ago she came to visit for a week so she decided she wanted to make a shell mirror while she was visiting. We went thrift store shopping to find an old frame then I dragged her to the beach to figure out what kinds of shells she wanted to use. We found a few to start but that’s when she decided that picking through our shells in the garage was much easier. Clark teased her that she could only go in there for “supervised visits” so she wouldn’t take the best shells. LOL

Sarah's mirror

She wanted to use a few starfish and sea glass for accents so we went to a few shell shops to find her the perfect finishing touches.

Sarah's mirror closeup

Now you see why I’m so crazy about her…. it was so much fun to spend our time planning her project and to see her create this gorgeous piece before my eyes. Of course, this would be my favorite piece because of the great memory.

Speaking of memories, I will have another good memory from yesterday. I was a nominee for the 2010 Elaine McLaughlin Outstanding Hospitality Service Awards.  I didn’t even know that there was such a thing until I got the notification that I was nominated for the category of “Other Services” for The winners are chosen by a committee with criteria such as satisfaction, work ethic, compassion, and familiarity with our community. Who knew? I didn’t! I didn’t win but it was such an honor to be included with such thoughtful people in our community.

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