75th annual shell fair ann joffe

The Sanibel Shell Fair and Show is finally here again…. for the 75th time!!! And boy do I have some news for you!

75 anniversary shell fair magazine

Along with shellacious seashell artistry…

Goz Gosselin blue ribbon shell flowers

…and exhibits of the most shellusive seashells on the planet…

seashell display sanibel shell fair

 There was a celebrity roaming the halls of the Sanibel Community House as well!

Bill Geist and Pam Rambo on CBS Sunday morning show

Oh yes it is! It’s Bill Geist from everybody’s favorite show CBS Sunday Morning. Along with the rest of us, he was there ooohing and ahhhing over 75 years of this wonderful hobby of collecting, sharing and crafting seashells. And I’m about to jump out of my skin to tell you….. he interviewed me for the show!!!

Pam Rambo interview with Bill Geist

 Okay. I shouldn’t get so excited because he interviewed quite a few people so my interview might end up on the editing room floor because…. well…because this is what happens when I get in front of the camera. Dahhhh…. Like a deer in headlights. heeheehee

iloveshelling CBS Bill geist

 Any way, it was a blast even if I don’t make “the cut”. I’ve already had so much fun and this is the only the first day of the show (March 1-3).

 albino whelk

I have so many photos to show you from both the scientific and artistic divisions but its fun for me to meet lots of other Shelling Sistahs too- they had iLoveShelling tee shirts on- I’m so honored!

shelling sisters shell fair

Stay tuned… I’ll try to get out more photos of the exhibits ASAP and I’ll let you know when this segment should air on CBS Sunday Morning as soon as I hear. Until then…

sailors valentines sanibel 75th shell fair