Captiva Holiday Village

It is getting VERY exciting on Captiva Island! Every day I hear about something even more spectacular happening for the CAPTIVA HOLIDAY VILLAGE festivities in December 2010. Haven’t heard about it yet? That’s because this is the very first year and the buzz is Big! I’m talking… every inch of the streets from ‘Tween Waters Inn to The Mucky Duck to South Seas Island Resort will be decorated to the nines with lights and attractions. But Wait! AND there will be a golf cart parade, boat parade, fire dancers on the beach, a holiday Marketplace, seafood festival, pub crawl and lots of live music and parties.

olive Christmas shell

“Olive want for Christmas is my feet on the beach” art by pam

Hang on…. if you like that, this is the best news! will be participating in all of the fun!! Want to know why I was collecting all of those COCKLE shells on my post The Cockle Collection yesterday?Clark and I will have a decked out Christmas golf cart for the parade decorated with shells (of course) and handing out seashells to the crowd as we ride through on Saturday December 4th. We’ll have a table for Luminary Night giving out more shells and my homemade SAND DOLLAR cookies close to the The Mucky Duck on Saturday night December 4th. We’ll also have a tent at the Holiday Marketplace selling our brand new iLoveShelling tee shirts, caps, tote bags, shelling gear and more on December  10th, 11th and 12th! I’ve had many people ask me if I wear something to identify myself on the beach…. so now I will … and you will too! It’s so exciting!

Christmas shells for Captiva Holiday Village

Christmas shells for Captiva Holiday Village

These are just some of the shells that I am going to be giving away throughout this “extravaganza”. Now you know why I need LOTS of shells and can’t have the ones that break easily (like the SEA URCHINS that I passed up yesterday). Yes, I have my WORMIES in the mix too. I won’t be throwing them out of our cart in the parade but I will have some at my booth at the Holiday Marketplace for you special people out there that are as crazy about them as I am.

cone christmas shell

“Oh Cone all Ye Faithful” art by pam rambo

Okay, ya’ll- If you are thinking about joining us in any or all of the Holiday festivities, I have the inside scoop on places to stay.

If you want me to help you find a room for a week or weekend, just CONTACT ME HERE and I’ll help you find a great place to stay to help us Shellebrate the Season! Here is an events calendar…… click it to enlarge.

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