lovely shells and coral on blue

Any time we combine shells…

Sandy shell collection in Florida

with low tide…

Big Hickory Island Shelling tour

with a beautiful uninhabited beach…


with awesome shellers on an iLoveShelling cruise with Sight Sea-R Cruises… it’s a blast!

Shellabaloo on Sight Sea-R shelling cruise

Along with our Shellabaloo folks I introduced you to on my last post, it was so much fun for everybody on our cruise on Wednesday who was anywhere around Stana from Illinois to see her overwhelmed excitement when she found a huge empty LIGHTNING WHELK after arriving on Big Hickory Island. It was so much fun to meet you and to see your enthusiasm. We talked about how to clean a shell like that but to make it easier, here is the link for the tutorial I told you about… CLICK HERECongratshellations Stana!

stana finds a huge empty whelk

It was also such a treat to have seasoned shellers Peg, Dave (Ohio), Karen and Warren (Sanibel) on our shelling trip…

Peg, Dave, Karen, Warren on shelling trip

These are just a few of their fave shells they found.

seashells found on shelling cruise with Pam Rambo

Mary and Amy (Ohio) were on an ANGEL WING hunt…

Mary Amy Ohio collect shells in SW Florida

I’d say they were very successful, wouldn’t you?

angel wing shells and beach treasures

Ahhhh… it was such a pleasure to meet cutie shellootie family Diana, Charles, Steve and Katey (from Ohio as well- hmmmm-lots of shellers from Ohio)

Diana Katey Charles Steve Ohio collecting shells

Their family CONE count was at 7 but I think Charles found most of them- he definitely has a great shellers eye!

Charles alphabet cones

Look who else joined us! Shelling Sister Muriel with her husband Ted. They both warm my heart.

Ted and Muriel on iLS shelling trip

Muriel loves those JINGLE SHELLS about as much as I do.

mound of jingle shells

Some of you might know “r.g. stein” from some of his comments here on… he was on our shell trip too. It was so edshellcational for some of the other shellers to see this huge live HORSE CONCH he found in the water. He shared the sight then placed it gently back in the water where he found it. Thanks for your gifts r.g..

r. g. Stein with live horse conch

Visiting from Iowa, Brent and Pam (you can imagine why I’m a little partial to her- heehee) displayed their shells on a blue jacket so they look like gorgeous jewelry on velvet. Love your shellicious sea gems! Their shells are the ones in the featured first photo.

Brent Pam from iowa on iLS shelling trip

Sweet Lynn from Tennessee was happy to collect a BABY’S EAR shell on the trip.

lynn from tenn found seashells on shelling trip

Mindy and Nancy (Pennsylvania) had so much to share on the trip and also got so much in return… look at that bag-o-shells!

Mindy Nancy PA on iLS shelling cruise

It’s always fun to see the different types of shells that different people see and collect.

seashells in white shell net

It was such a fun and successful shelling trip on the Sight Sight-R with many treasures…

shells within a shell

With spectacsheller people and shellicious sea gems.

dark chocolate kings crown conch

Join me on another one of our iLoveShelling Shelling Adventure trips- for more info CLICK HERE

pam rambo shelling trips