Jane’s worm shell mirror

We all wanted more ideas on what to do with our seashells we find……so here’s more!

Jane made a WORM SHELL mirror too but it has such a different look than the one I posted on Wish Upon A Starfish. Look closely…..lots of these worm shells are broken which makes it so much fun and whimsical. Plus the STARFISH! So think twice about discarding broken worm shells, you might just want to keep them like she did to make a stunning piece like this and the one below.

Jane’s worm shell picture frame

And more!

Jane’s bathroom shell mirror

Jane’s bath mirror close-up

She even buys a few starfish to add to the depth of the frame above. Below, instead of decorating the frame, she painted a background and framed her shells to make her seashells a shadowbox art piece.

Jane’s shadow box

Matching shadow box

Jane’s hall of shell mirrors

Can you believe how many beautiful things she makes for her home using seashells she finds? I’m in awe of her creativity and that she keeps on going. She told me her next project was a table embellished with scallops for the end of a hallway.

I saved this photo of her mailbox for last. She said she used lots of shells that were broken on this one too since sometimes they lay flatter so there’s more surface for the glue to set. Even shells that are broken can get turned into encrusted, crafty happiness. Thank you, Jane, for sharing all of your wonderful ideas!

Jane’s Seashell Mailbox