Jane's auger rings

AUGERS must inspire creativity. My friend Jane got inspired to make these auger rings to surround her candles……but wait…..there’s more. Jane only needs a little inspiration because her creative juices start flowing just looking at any type of shell she picks up on the beach.

Jane's pen shell box

She picked up this box at a second hand store and covered the lid with PEN SHELLS and OLIVES for the handle. She uses hot glue to keep everything together and she says she rarely has problems with them falling off. If they do? She hot glues them right back on.

Jane's mermaid

Lots of people ask how they can display their shells. Did you ever think of making a mermaid picture? Me neither, but Jane did. She used WHELK casings for the mermaid’s hair and pen shells for her scales. Adorable!

Jane's Sanibel Island Shell art

She designed left-over tile pieces in the shape of Sanibel and surrounded it with small white shells (mostly clam shells) and added bits and pieces of red CALICO SCALLOP shells where the red mangroves are around Tarpon Bay.

Jane's fan and shell display

She puts her nicer shells in glass vessels and adds SEA FANS.

Jane's best box

Of course all of her best finds go into a special display, the Best Box.

Jane's wall shell display

She adds shells to any shelf to make it feel like home.

Jane's olive chandelier

If she finds an olive shell without a tip, she keeps it to make olive garland for her chandeliers and Christmas tree.

Her husband's shell shrine

Her husband collects the unusual beach treasure while they walk on the beach. Bones of any type and TURKEY WINGS are his favorites. Whatever makes you happy, right? Hahaha No, really those bones are pretty cool.

This is just a SMALL sampling of the art Jane creates. I havent even shown her frames. I’ll have to save those for another post. Here’s a sample…want more?

Janes mirrors in mirrors