Jesse beside The Mucky Duck

If you’ve been to The Mucky Duck this year, you might have had Jesse help you find a parking place…. and do a little shell magic for your kids too. He has a magic hat he said was given to him by a mermaid who gave him the power to make shells appear and disappear when he wears it. So now he treats customers and kids with a little magic and gives them a shell to take home with them. How sweet, huh?

So, one day  I asked Jesse to show me the kinds of shells he was giving to the kids. He opened his shell bag (you’ll get a kick out this too) and showed me all of these shells from the Philippines or somewhere else… local shells. Whaaaat? Well, we fixed that…… he now gives the kids LOCAL shells that were found on one our local beaches. I’m sure that mermaid is much happier now too, right?

Jesse on the Mucky Duck beach with his shell bag

Mermaid maze…     Photo by Danny Morgan

Do you think the mermaid made this magical maze on Algier’s beach too?