The Wentletrap Wonder

That’s The Wentletrap Wonder…. The Mini-shell Master…. The Shelling Superman…uhhh, ok, it’s just my husband, Clark, shelling for the mini shells. But we found 61 WENTLETRAPS this afternoon! And lots of other really good minis. We always find a lot of BUBBLE shells but this one was a little unusual- it’s an ANTILLES GLASSY BUBBLE. It is so paper thin that it’s see-through.

Clark's Antilles Glassy Bubble and Wentletrap

We ended up  finding (and keeping) 4 more BABY’S EARS, a bright orange baby HORSE CONCH, WORM SHELLS, PEAR WHELKS, a bright orange FALSE DRILL, 2 FLORIDA CONES and of course our 61 WENTLETRAPS.

False Drill


Pear Whelk

Can you guess who was back at the Lighthouse too? “Flipper”, that crazy dolphin!