Wentletraps and Baby's Ears

Do you hear me, BABY’S EARS? I’m coming to get you!

We found these BABY’S EARS at the Lighthouse Beach on Sanibel this afternoon but I don’t think we got them all. Clark was more focused but I was very distracted by that crazy dolphin again putting on his show. I have posted pictures of this guy (or his buddy) before but I still can’t get over how close they get to the beach! He corrals a school of fish up to the shore then practically flops right on the beach and wriggles back into the water with his meal in his mouth. It’s like “Sea World Unleashed”!

So listen up, BABY’S EARS. I’ll be back to find you again….. and this time I’ll be focused in too.

Our own little Sea World show at the Lighthouse Beach

This photographer will have great shots to take home with her

Look how close!