Sanibel side of Blind Pass

The beach is still building on the Sanibel side of Blind Pass and it is bringing some good shells with the sand. It’s not crazy shelling yet but I feel it coming.  There’s got to be something good out there……but then…. I got a little dose of “something good” just walking along the shoreline. That’s where I met Heidi (aka Hurry Slowly Heidi) and Klaus from Canada who were staying right at Blind Pass in one of the the sweet little cottages on the beach at Castaways Cottages.

We got to talking about the island, shelling and Hurry Slowly Heidi wanted to know a little about the LIGHTENING WHELK and FIGHTING CONCH they had found. I told her all about the shells they found then handed her a deep rich CALICO CLAM that looked like it had more of an animal print than a shell design. She unzipped a pouch she was carrying and handed me a bright green piece of paper and told me she was an artist and poet and has written a few books. I unfolded the note and read.

Those Who Bring


Into the lives of others

Pass it on joyfully


A moment of

Harmony and


Which in turn

gives rise to


Circle of Love

Hurry Slowly Heidi

She brought me more than just a moment of harmony and consideration. I feel very fortunate to be able to meet such good people. Thank you Hurry Slowly Heidi and Klaus. It was a pleasure to me you.

Let me introduce everybody else……..Here is Klaus and Hurry Slowly Heidi….

Klaus and Hurry Slowly Heidi (Canada)