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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

Ebb And Flow Of Life and Shelling

Posted by on Apr 13, 2016 in Blind Pass Video, Video | 17 comments

Sanibel Cockle shell at sunset-1

It’s the ebb and flow of shelling that keeps me going to the beach over and over again. I always see something different with every tide… like the orange sun setting over an orange COCKLE or this brilliant purple opening of this APPLE MUREX.

Purple aperature Apple murex -1

At any given moment, the tide may bring DOLPHINS in so close to the shore they may swim right next to a sheller (like this week!).

Sanibel shelling with Dolphins -1

alex with dolphin-1

In the next minute, the tide may recede to reveal fresh beautiful shell treasures left on the sand.

Cone shell coral tinted cantharus tulip-1

These are a few shell souvenirs Amanda and J.J (from St Mary’s Island, Georgia) found at Blind Pass…. ALPHABET CONES.

Alphabet Cone Sanibel Amanda J.J. -1

It was also lovely to meet Carol (TN) under the Blind Pass bridge while we scooped up a few shells in the current as the tide was coming back in.

Carol TN shelling Sanibel Captiva-1

I’m so sorry I haven’t been making more videos lately, but …. to make it up to you… here’s a short video I filmed just moments before I met Carol. I love days when I catch the tide just right as the water is shallow and calm enough to see the shells roll by in the current. So take a break from your ebb and flow of your own world and come cybershelling with me for a just a minute. I think you’ll see that change is a beautiful thing.

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Sanibel’s Crazy Storm Of Beach Bling And Horse Conchs

Posted by on Feb 5, 2016 in After The Storm, Beach Bling Sea Debris, Conch, Horse Conch, Video | 19 comments

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Pouncing For Pretty Seashells

Posted by on Jan 15, 2016 in Blind Pass Video | 21 comments

shells from blind pass

Earlier this week there were all sorts of seashells washing up by the jetty rocks at Blind Pass on Captiva Island.

shell mound with shellers

OMG It was a sight to behold.

shells in waves

Although most of the FIGHTING CONCHS you see in the photos were still alive, there were lots of shells there that were completely empty but you had to be fast to get them in the surf. I only had maybe 3 seconds to see the shells in a crevice between the rocks before the water rushed in and swept them away. So much fun!

conch shells piled in rock crevace

Because of the high winds last weekend, the gulf water got pretty rough and the waves kept piling shells up over and over.  It’s an amazing sight to see since we don’t get to witness that every day. 

shells on the beach

Carole from Wisconsin found some awesome shells- that’s her hand in the top photo with the ALPHABET CONE.

finding shells

There was a crowd out there scooping in the water, digging around the rocks, doin’ the sit ‘n sift, and like me…  pacing back and forth scanning and pouncing. Here are my fave finds … oh yea, baby, it’s just a piece but it’s the prettiest  piece of JUNONIA I could have found. But what beats that for me is the IMPERIAL VENUS (resting between my pointer and middle finger). We rarely find IMPERIAL VENUS CLAMS so for me this is an exshellent find (IMHO – in my humble opinion). I was also really happy to find the sweet little lemon SCALLOP (aka LEMON PECTIN), CARRIER SHELL, BITTERSWEET and the fabulous chuck of CORAL.  There were quite a few LIGHTNING WHELKS and MUREXES  but these were particularly pretty to me.

junonia emperial venus bittersweet

So… I made a video! Like I said on one of my previous videos- Im having some trouble uploading videos clearly to the internet. Please tell me if it comes out clear to you and it’s worth doing it this way from now on? It was so cool revisiting it, so I sure hope you like it too. Enjoy the shelling adventure with us at Blind Pass…

Join me on an iLoveShelling Adventure on a boat cruise to the out islands- CLICK HERE


PS- We had a huge storm that swept through SW Florida this morning so all of our beaches have changed since I took these photos. After the storm calmed down today, I went to the Sanibel Lighthouse and found the road was getting washed away near the fishing pier parking lot. The water was so high, it was almost up to the entrance of the beach accesses on the gulf side of the east end too. I haven’t made it to Blind Pass but I can make a pretty easy bet that this whole pile of shells in this video have been swept back out in the Gulf Of Mexico… but they will be back on their own time. Only Mother Nature knows when. She sure likes to dangle carrots and play games in our great beach combing treasure hunt, doesn’t she?

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Walking In A Wentletrap Wonderland

Posted by on Dec 26, 2015 in Finding Wentletraps video, Video, Wentletrap, Wentletrap trapping | 11 comments

wentletraps with beach daisy in the sand

A wonderful, warm walk in a WENTLETRAP wonderland.

Watch this wideo – errrrr – vvvvideo (heehee) of my morning’s walk near the Sanibel fishing pier today….

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Weekend Wonderland on Sanibel and Captiva

Posted by on Dec 21, 2015 in Beach Holiday, Bowman Beach Sanibel video, Christmas | 6 comments

extreme shell finds sanibel island

It was a weekend wonderland on the beaches of Sanibel and Captiva with plenty of shells to pick, sift and sort.


Bowman Beach was by far the best for beach combing along a stretch of shell strewn piles.

seashells on the beach

Holy Cowrie, we found an enormous shell pile! The shells in the first photo were all found in this massive mound- Boom Shellalaka!

sanibel bowmans beach massive shell mound

On Saturday at Blind Pass Captiva, a cool front blew through that brought a sweet shell shelf that formed at the jetty. I found some nice treasures within just a few minutes.

seashells and coral blind pass sanibel captiva florida

Unfortunately, this huge shell mound didn’t last long at Blind Pass. Most of these shells in the next photo were swept back out to sea just as fast as they were pushed in.

blind pass shell mound december 2015

I also made a stop at Gulfside City Park this weekend to find some very cool SPONGES and scattered shells…

gulfside city park sponges

After hitting the beaches in the morning, it was so exciting to be part of the Captiva Holiday Village Golf Cart Parade again this year. I was a judge again like last year!
grinch, cindy loohoo and pam rambo golf cart parade judge

The Remax Whoville golf cart was so adorable!

captiva cindy loo who grinch

John and Denice Beggs of Royal Shell had Frosty the Island Snowmen scooting around on their fabulous Happy Huladays float…

beggs snowman captiva golf cart parade

The Hippy Holiday girls were far out, man with the groovy beat of the Christmas holiday.

hippy holiday girls golf cart parade

Santa had his boat afloat with the Burns Family diving under the sea with fish, mermaids and snorkelers.

burns under santas boat captiva golf cart parade

With so many creative floats, it was sooooo hard to choose so I’m so glad I had the help of the 2 other judges – Queenie and Captiva Firefighter Paul. The peoples choice winner still has yet to be announced – go to Captiva Golf Cart Parade on Facebook tomorrow (December 22, 2015) to vote.

captiva golf cart parade judges 2015

Wishing you lots of holiday  spirit with a video of beach combing on Bowmans Beach this weekend. Happy Shelladays!

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Rooting For Seashells At Sanibel Lighthouse Beach

Posted by on Dec 8, 2015 in Sanibel Lighthouse Seashell Video | 26 comments

Conch shell on driftwood at Sanibel lighthouse

The Sanibel Ligthhouse is all dressed up for Christmas with wreaths and big red bows bringing festivity to the salty air. 

seashells on driftwood -Sanibel lighthouse beach

The cool, windy air brought a few of my favorite shellers out to the beach as well… like Wanda and Lori. It’s always so much fun to see yall- “Shello” to your family!

Sanibel dreaming for Wanda and Lori

As soon as I walked on the beach, I met Ruth Anne and Mark (VA) who showed me a beautiful TULIP and WHELK they found in the water on the way to the Sanibel pier. Thank you for the tip! I headed that way and found some too.

Shellers Ruth Anne and Mark from Virginia visit Sanibel-1

On the way around that east tip of the island, I saw Penny who I met on our shelling adventure to Big Hickory in July. She found an abshellutely beautiful double SPINY JEWELBOX that was “cemented” to a CROSS-BARRED VENUS – like Mother Nature crafted the perfect little display stand to show off the long spines and dabs of purple she painted on the inside of this artful shell.

sea whip and shells on Sanibel beach-1

As you can see in this next picture (wet shorts and nets), Penny and her husband Greg found most of their shells in the water but there were plenty of shells scattered along the beach too.

Penny Greg Austin TX find shells on Sanibel Island-1

So…. I took a video while I was shelling around those tree roots that I’ll show you. I miss doing my videos! So I filmed some fun shelling around the tree roots (in between the lighthouse and pier) where Mark told me he found his TULIP. But…. Ugh- now I remember why I haven’t posted videos lately. The dang thing won’t download clearly! I took this next vid on my iPhone 6s – if someone can tell me why it won’t download to Youtube without being clear, please give me tips so I can get y’all some good footage? It takes hours to download.

Until then, pretend like the water has splashed up on your sunglasses like you know it does… and keep shelling through the water drops on your lens. Hey, we do that any way, right? When there are shells washing in, we dont have time to get out our little lens cloths and clean our sunglasses off- we just work around it and get shells and bling while the gettin’s good. Oh… and watch out for those tree roots too! Dont worry about the bumps and bruises we’ll get when those branches stab us in the ribs or bump your head while we work around them… we’ll heal later. hahaha Ok, and one more thing… if you get a little queazy when the camera is moving too fast to catch those shells, you might not want to watch this while drinking a milkshake- just saying. heehee

Even through your salty sunglasses, it’s still fun, right? Ha! Did you see Penny and Greg in the background still shelling too? fun! After I took the video and a few photos of the shells I found, I realized that I really didn’t need to take any of these shells home, the Shellaboratory is filled with these same shells so I left them for someone else that may not have found as much…

shell ferry left seashells for shellers

Just seconds later, a taker. Yes!

Sanibel lighthouse beach path walk way
Sanibel lighthouse with whelk seashell on driftwood-2

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