CONCH SHELLS have been washing up all along the beaches of Southwest Florida as well as CORAL BRANCHES, SCALLOPS, WORM SHELLS and a few beautiful BITTERSWEETS around the jetty rocks at Captiva’s Blind Pass…

seashells rock

Walking over the Blind Pass Bridge to Sanibel Island…

Sanibel Captiva seashells sunset

We found a few more colorful shellightful shells just as the sun was setting over the horizon on the Sanibel side.

shellightful sanibel sunset

There were lots of FIGHTING CONCHS at Gulfside City Park too.

conch shells island vacation

A fresh new shell line of WENTLETRAPS and BABY’S EARS had just washed in in the high tide one evening.

babys ear wentletrap shells-1

Closer to the water’s edge in the morning at Gulfside at the lower tide, we saw a fresh new line of Sanibel’s most common shells washing in.

sand erosion with shells

It’s always so special to share these beautiful islands and this week I got to share them with Lori (whom I’ve known for most of my life) and her daughter Hayley.

lori and hayley-1

Wow! Hayley!

beach hand stand-1

She was doing one handed cartwheels for those CONCH SHELLS. haha

beach cart wheel-1

We had a really great week and every time they come we have a fantastic time on the beach and on the water. Last time she visited,  she did beach loving backflips. I caught a few minutes of their fun visit on video…