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Eggshellent Easter Scallops

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Easter Eggshellent Scallop Shells

On Sanibel, the Easter Bunny doesn’t dye colorful egg shells… our Bunny brings colorful SCALLOP SHELLS that want to wish you an eggshellent Easter!YouTube Preview Image

Just an FYI- I took the video during last week’s shell pile at Blind Pass Captiva.


Positively Perfect Paradise

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sanibel melon rough scallop

Nothing starts the holiday season better than finding a positively perfect pumpkin ROUGH SCALLOP. Ooooh… I loooove to find ROUGH SCALLOPS with the “wings” still in tact and especially in a solid color…like pumpkin.

rough scallop melon color

 The pumpkin SCALLOP wasn’t the only thing to make the day positively perfect, I saw my friends “The Carolina Girls” on the beach at Island Inn. Remember these cutie pies? They were part of the first Shellabaloo at the Island Inn last January. We had so much fun at the Shellabaloo, they wanted to come back! Here are the nicest (and craziest!) gals you’ll ever want to meet- Helen, Carol, Jackie, Karen and Kathy…

carolina girls shell sanibel florida

Karen found this awesome ALPHABET CONE… to go with the other 2 she found as well. Wow!

alphabet cone karen sanibel

Here are some of their favorite finds of the late afternoon low tide shelling

favorite shells from sanibel

The Carolina Girls brought a newbie sheller (Carol) with them this time and it seems she caught on to this shelling thing pretty quickly. They told her what to look for and she quickly pulled out an ALPHABET CONE and said “is this a good one?” Ha! They couldn’t believe it! Carol went right out and bought a shadowbox to frame for her newly found Sanibel shell. Here’s Carol with her trophy and Karen with her own ALPHABET CONE (in addition to the others!) and a KINGS CROWN.

carol karen i love shelling sanibel

Carol also found these beautiful LINED TREE SNAILS (land snails) near the pathway to the beach at Island Inn. I don’t see these very often- they are so pretty!

lined tree snail sanibel Drymaeus multilineatus

I saw this BLACK-BELLIED PLOVER running along the shoreline. Errrrr… Hey buddy, did you lose your “black belly”? LOL I found out that adult non-breeding BLACK- BELLIED PLOVERS don’t have a back belly. hmmmm Wouldn’t have been nicer (and more inclusive) if they had name them the “BLACK-BEAKED PLOVER” or something like that? Oh well, you are what you are I guess.

black-bellied plover adult non-breeding sanibel


It was a positively perfect day in paradise finding a pumpkin SCALLOP and hanging with the nicest peeps on the planet- The Carolina Girls.

island inn sanibel sunset

sunset sanibel shell reflection

Don’t miss  Shellabaloo 4 at the Island Inn January 6-9 to make memories for a life time. For more info CLICK HERE

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Blue Sky Boating to Beachcomb

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boating sw florida captiva blue sky

We went for a boat ride around the islands of Sanibel, Captiva and North Captiva on Saturday.  Clark was so jealous he wasn’t able to go out on our iLoveShelling Captiva Cruises last week, and it’s been months on our boat so he was bound and determined to get out and about on the water. Of course we had to stop at plenty of beaches to look for shells.

sw florida island beach

We found a few! Of course I was thaaa-rilled to find this beautiful wormie and a couple of perfect medium sized SAND DOLLARS.

sand dollars seashells florida gulf coast

But. My favorite find of the weekend was this lemon yellow ROUGH SCALLOP. Yummy find!

lemon yellow rough scallop seashell

We spent a good part of the day watching the wildlife and fell in love with several ROSEATE SPOONBILL birds feasting on tiny fish or crabs in the low tide pools…

roseate spoonbill at low tide west florida

We found a few more shells but these are our faves. I know, I know… Yes, those are DEPRESSED SLIPPER SHELLS in our faves pile but we saw so many, I feel like they were speaking to me. And when I bent down to pick up a SAND DOLLAR or WORM SHELL or that cute little DUSKY CONE, I couldn’t help but pick up a pretty JINGLE or two as well. JINGLES make me happy- I dont know why- they just do. It was such a wonderful day to be out on the water and out with my honey. He makes me happy too.

sand dollars seashells florida gulf coast

true tulip colors

My world has been splashed with so many amazing colors of shells lately! These gorgeous tiny TRUE TULIPS (above) were a combination of both my finds and SS Clark‘s finds over the last few weeks as well as these little HORSE CONCH candies. These are the shell colors we dream about!

Since I just talked about the process I took to clean the big size HORSE CONCHS in my September 5 post, I thought I’d tell you that I only rinsed these shells with fresh water before I photographed them (as well the shells on my last post). None of these shells needed any more cleaning than just a rinse as you will see. I did put mineral oil on the TULIPS  to bring out the color but I didn’t on these HORSE CONCHS because… well… I ran out of time. ;)

horse conch colors

I’ve showed a few colors of the CALICO SCALLOPS (and even named them!) but here are some rich colors of the ROUGH SCALLOP. I just love this lemon yellow one Clark found…

rough scallop colors

Even the NUTMEGS have been rich with color.

nutmeg colors

Not only did we find so many different patterns and colors on LIGHTNING WHELKS, I even found one without color at all… an ALBINO LIGHTNING WHELK! See the white one on the bottom row?

lightning whelk colors

I think this ALBINO LIGHTNING WHELK deserves a close up shot. You can see that it still has a shine to the exterior which would be a sign of an albino. Beach worn white shells have a dull matte finish so you can tell that the sun bleached the color out of them.

albino lightning whelk

Hmmm. This photo makes it look blue. Dang it. It really isnt blueish but since it was so bright white against the blue, the lens got tricked and the white balance went wacky. If I get time, I’ll try to retake it but you can see the true color with all of the other LIGHTNING WHELKS but hopefully you can see, this one is in excellent condition with a nice glossy aperture.

albino lightning whelk ap

Now every where I look I see amazing technicolor I thought were only saved for dreams.

Sanibel bay sunset


Dramatic Sanibel Sky Backdrops

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conch shell portait

In between afternoon rains and thunderstorms, we have been thrilled with the dramatic skies that make for such extraordinary backdrops for our fabulous finds. When we get chased off the beach from hearing claps of thunder, we move on to another part of the island to see what we can find. Such a pretty ROUGH SCALLOP!

rough scallop storm

With the backdrop of brighter clouds, I was thrilled to run across this little pocket of shells with an empty FIGHTING CONCH and a gorgeous keeper LIGHTNING WHELK at Bowman’s Beach.

conch shell beach

Kathy and John (Texas) must have run into a few nice pockets of shells since they had quite a few nice keepers.

john kathy shellers sanibel

Kathy found one of my faves… that orange CHESTNUT TURBAN. Nice finds yall!

john and kathy seashells bowmans

Every time I looked up from shelling, the sky was different. From sunny skies to dark scary clouds…. then a rainbow! There was only a tiny piece showing so I’m happy I didn’t miss it!

sanibel rainbow seashells

But the most dramatic might have been saved for sunset when blue skies push their way back in the picture to show off for one more day.

sanibel sunset reflection

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Ever Changing Blind Pass Sanibel

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baby alphabet cone sanibel bp

It sure feels good to find an ALPHABET CONE again! I’ve been stumped finding the SANIBEL SIX lately so I was excited to find this baby within a half hour of arriving at Blind Pass Sanibel yesterday evening for a somewhat low tide at a .4. I still didn’t find the SANIBEL SIX though since I couldn’t find a TULIP that was in good enough shape but I’m subbing that bright orange CHESTNUT TURBAN on the right as a good find to be very happy.

collecting seashells bp

See how that sand bar has moved right to the beach now? You never know what to expect the beach to look like until you walk out and see if for yourself. Always a surprise.

tidal pool sanibel blind pass

The tidal pool was loaded with live FIGHTING CONCHS …

live fighting conchs shells tidal pool

On the other side of the tidal pool, shellers were lined up along the shoreline to catch the seashell loot washing up to the beach.

sanibel shellers row

I met so many cool shellers like Joe and Kerry from Sebastian, FL…

Joe Kerry sebastian Fl shells

..and Karen and Steve from Michigan…

karen steve michigan shelling

Karen found two gorgeous bright orange CHESTNUT TURBANS.

orange chestnut turban sanibel

Here are Tim and Mary Ann (NY) showing off Mary Ann’s cool shell sifter.

Tim mary Ann NY spiny jewelbox

I think the prize of the evening was Tim’s incredibly large FLORIDA SPINY JEWELBOX with attached valves. It’s terrific!

spiny jewelbox

Anna (West Virginia) was tickled pink as she filled up her strainer with shells.

Anna West Va shell basket


shell bucket strainer

Bob and Johnnie (TN) were on one of the shell piles searching for minis.

Johnnie bob TN shell pile

And they found them! I loooove this tiny little lemon yellow ROUGH SCALLOP…

lemon pectin scallop

They found some other colorful cuties too including a sweet FLAT SCALLOP…

colorful mini shells

It was a fabulous night meeting so many nice people and seeing the shell piles on the Sanibel side again.

egg cases seashells

Thank you Donnie (the cone man) for letting me know I needed to get down to Blind Pass to see this! Yes! I needed a break from that stupid camera any way. No, I didn’t take any of theses photos with the J1 and by the word “stupid”, I think you can tell I’m still frustrated with it ;( . Anyway, I took a quick little video with my trusted little Panasonic DMC-ZS6 to pan the beach to show you exactly what it looked like and how the beach has changed…. yet again. Oh, and sorry about the sound. The wind noise is horrible but oh well, I just wanted y’all to see it any way.YouTube Preview Image

UPDATE! Set your DVRs and Tivos for Sunday morning!!!

I forgot to mention the Sanibel/seashell story I spoke in my about March 1 post should be airing this Sunday, April 22nd on CBS Sunday Morning.We don’t know exactly when the segment will air, but the show is on 9 – 10:30am (EST) and Bill’s pieces usually run towards the last half hour of the show (10-10:30 Eastern). The disclaimer is that this is TV, and anything can happen – so it is confirmed best to all of our abilities.

seashell collecting florida