rock snail shell aperture sanibel

I found this 1 5/8 inch ROCK SNAIL SHELL this week. This is only the third one we’ve ever found so it’s not such common shell on Sanibel. I’m not sure there’s going to be too many people disappointed they can’t find one because… well, it’s not the prettiest shell. All three of ours look a little beat up just like this one but for me, it’s a cool treasure.

Rock snail shell Sanibel Codringtonia codringtonii

This little teenie tiny ROUGH SCALLOP was a true treasure to Stephanie (Ft Myers).

tiny scallop seashell shell orange

I met Stephanie and her mom Judy at Blind Pass Captiva and they were thrilled about the absolutely gorgeous day and that they found a few goodies.

Stephanie Judy Captiva shellers

Here’s just a handful of Stephanie’s finds.

captiva seashell stephanie judy

I saw some RED DRIFT ALGAE this week too. I didn’t have any coughing spells, throat tickles or any reaction to it so I looked up the difference between RED TIDE and RED DRIFT ALGAE. Mote Marine has an easy to read chart for us to learn about them both. CLICK HERE for the link. Maybe we’ve had both in the last few weeks? And yes, it’s really that red/magenta/fuchsia.

Sanibel sunset red drift algae

Oh, and BTW (funny story)… Stephanie from Ft Myers told me a guy that lives down the street from her looked a little familiar so she asked him if he was a sheller. He looked at her a little funny and said “yeees”. Then she pointed at him, laughed and said “You are Donnie Benton, aren’t you!?”. It was! She met her neighbor Donnie from reading iLoveShelling! LOL Don’t you just love that?

Sanibel dusk seashell conchs