Golden olive Joanne

When Joanne showed me her CABRIT’S MUREX last weekend, she told me she also had found a GOLDEN OLIVE almost the color of a pumpkin. It is! It’s brilliant! Look at the color on this gem.

Golden olive aperture Joanne

Her GOLDEN OLIVE  is quite a prize but when she told me she had found a golden LEAFY JEWEL BOX with both sides together as well….. that’s when I got excited. I just had to see it.

leafy jewel box joanne

Now you might not think this is really pretty right away, but look at the colors and texture on this shell.

leafy jewel box side joanne

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen both sides still together of a LEAFY on the beach before.

leafy jewel box opening

I have collected single valves for my own stash but never have shown one to you because it never looked interesting enough or it didn’t photograph well….okay, actually…. I thought you might think I was crazy for picking up what look like a beat up shell. But now you can see for yourself  how cool they are. Don’t you think? …. Errrr…..Maybe?

leafy jewel box bottom joanne

These yellow and orange ROUGH SCALLOPS are fabulous too. That top yellow SCALLOP looks a little different so even if it has a few holes in the middle, that is a fabulous find. Joanne really is the golden girl!

Yellow Orange scallops Joanne

This OLIVE pales against all of these other shells but that’s what makes it special in my book. It looks to be an albino LETTERED OLIVE.

albino olive joanne

It’s definitely not beach worn with that glossy shine to it so to me, this is a great find too.

albino olive aperture joanne

 Thanks so much, Golden Girl Joanne, for sharing your golden treasures with us.

Joanne with cabrits murex copy