conch shell portait

In between afternoon rains and thunderstorms, we have been thrilled with the dramatic skies that make for such extraordinary backdrops for our fabulous finds. When we get chased off the beach from hearing claps of thunder, we move on to another part of the island to see what we can find. Such a pretty ROUGH SCALLOP!

rough scallop storm

With the backdrop of brighter clouds, I was thrilled to run across this little pocket of shells with an empty FIGHTING CONCH and a gorgeous keeper LIGHTNING WHELK at Bowman’s Beach.

conch shell beach

Kathy and John (Texas) must have run into a few nice pockets of shells since they had quite a few nice keepers.

john kathy shellers sanibel

Kathy found one of my faves… that orange CHESTNUT TURBAN. Nice finds yall!

john and kathy seashells bowmans

Every time I looked up from shelling, the sky was different. From sunny skies to dark scary clouds…. then a rainbow! There was only a tiny piece showing so I’m happy I didn’t miss it!

sanibel rainbow seashells

But the most dramatic might have been saved for sunset when blue skies push their way back in the picture to show off for one more day.

sanibel sunset reflection