clark cabrits murex

It’s not easy to find a CABRIT’S MUREX on the beaches of Sanibel.. much less with some of the spines still in tact. So I was over the moon when Clark found this one near Bowman’s Beach. (Okay, hopefully not the Cabrits of our lives but I couldn’t resist the silly title play on words)

cabrits murex aperture

Joanne (NJ) was shelling in the same spot with me when Clark showed us this great find. So guess what she found the very next day? You guessed it! Her own CABRITS MUREX!!

Joanne cabrits murex

They look to be just about the same size and color (Clark’s looks whiter but when it’s wet it looks just like her’s with a pinkish color) but hers has a few more spines still in tact. Crazy, huh?

Joanne with cabrits murex

 Look at the other cool shells she found… a piece of LIONS PAW, 2 FLATS and a pink tinted ALTERNATE TELLIN with both sides still attached.

joanne cabrits pink tellin lions paw flats

 Then I ran into Joan (Indiana) who found a beautiful SCOTCH BONNET on her birthday!!!!

Joan with scotch bonnet

Look at that bright yellow SCALLOP too. Happy birthday, Joan!

Joan's scotch bonnet and yellow scallop

The low tide mornings over the weekend brought in these unusual shells along with lots of the goodies.

lisbeth with shells

Lizbeth found a handful of orangies. Look at that fabulous solid brilliant orange CHESTNUT TURBAN. It doesn’t look chestnut to me, you know?

lisbeth orange seashells

 I also found a wonderful treasure… Shelling Sistah Connie Knight in her i Love Shelling shirt!!!

connie knight loves shelling

 And then Shelling Sistah Mary Ann Ross too! I was in hog heaven all weekend.

mary ann ross collecting miniature shells

 Here’s Benny from Miami finding those bright orange SCALLOPS too…

Benny Miami with seashells

The weekend started off with gobs of rain and wind then finished with gorgeous skies. We shelled right through all of it and ended up with a treasure trove. You gotta roll with the tides, baby.

crab trap sanibel

collecting seashells stormy sky

Joan and sister shellers