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Sanibel Sunrise to Sunset

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seashells and sunflowers at the beach

Sunrise on Sanibel is such a beautiful sight at Lighthouse Beach, I always tell myself I need to get out there in the morning more often.

sanibel lighthouse at dawn

As I was shelling at the waters edge, I met a family enjoying the cool morning while collecting shells along the same path. Rick, Cindy, Sarah, Harley (she’s peek-a-boo-ing between her mom and dad’s legs- heehee) and Richard from Virginia were tickled with their finds.

rick cindy sarah richard harley virginia visits sanibel florida

Cindy found a beautiful PAPER FIG and ANGEL WING while Rick was finding juvie WHELKS, CONCHS and pieces of shells with cool BARNCLES attached…

seashells collected on the beach

Cindy found this awesome BRITTLE STAR on the beach which we thought was too dry to still be alive but while we inspected him and all ooohed and aaahed, the little guy started waving one of his arms to tell us he still had some life in him. Omigosh! He needed water! Cindy hurried to get this guy back to the Gulf Of Mexico.

brittle star on gray

Sarah found her first WENTLETRAP!

finding sea shells

I should have known I would see award winning SAILORS VALENTINE artist Constance Miller shelling at the lighthouse because the Sanibel Shell Festival this week. She loves to find her own WENTLETRAPS and other mini shells to use in her gorgeous designs.

constance marshall miller shelling sanibel lighthouse

Clark and I walked just south of Bowman’s Beach to catch sunset and saw the perfect Sanibel Stooper shelling the sand bar just as the sun reached the horizon. So beautiful!

sanibel stoop bowman's beach florida sunset

Just after I snapped the photo, that Sanibel Stooper walked back towards the beach so I approached him to tell him I got a fun photo of him at sunset. Holy Cowrie! It was Rick again! LOL Yes, that was the same Rick that I had just met in the morning shelling at Lighthouse Beach. He and his son Richard (Marley’s dad) were still shelling but this time near Bowman’s too. It’s a small island, huh?

rick richard collect sea shells bowman beach sanibel

These are just a few goodies they pulled out of their shell bag. Lots of treasure!

collecting seashells on sanbel island bowman's beach

If you are near Sanibel Island this week Thursday- Saturday (March 6,7,8 2014) you shouldn’t miss the 77th Sanibel Shell Festival. It will be lots of fun AND…. I am entering into the show for the very first time. I have two pieces that will be judged in the artistic division so I will definitely show you pictures later in the week after they have been judged. Yes, judged… Ack! Pressure! Please wish me good luck! And of course I will be blogging about all of the other exhibits as well. I hope to see you there!

sanibel shell festival 2014


It’s The Small Things In A Beach Life

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baby juvie gaudy natica

It’s the small things in my beach life that I seem to get most excited about. When I found this tiny juvie GAUDY NATICA (Colorful Moon), I literally laughed out loud because it was just a perfect beautiful baby. And then I said to myself… “Self? Why don’t we find more juvie GAUDY NATICAS on our beaches?”. We find baby SHARKS EYE all the time so why wouldn’t we see more baby GAUDIES. Things that make you go Hmmmmm.

Sanibel aqua water

But my attention quickly changed when I saw Noah (Fort Myers) filling up his bucket on a nice shell pile right at the entrance to Bowman’s Beach yesterday. He walked right over to me to hand me one of his shells after seeing me collect a few too. I told him the shell he gave me was called a JINGLE shell so he repeated it once… then quickly found another and another to share them all with me. Each time he said “JINGLE!” How sweet! Thank you Noah, you are an excellent sheller.

boy with seashells noah

We only found a few of those nice shell piles on the beach but the water’s edge was holding a few more goodies. Clark emptied out his pockets and put them in his shelling backhoe to show me what he found from his walk from Blind Pass to Bowman’s Beach.

shell scoop seashells

We started out at Blind Pass Sanibel and in just a few minutes I pulled these lovelies out of the the surf line…

olives rough scallops

Susan (Sanibel) showed me her favorite find of the day… A ROSEATE SPOONBILL FEATHER! How lucky! I rarely see them on the beach so I would call that ultimate BEACH BLING…

susan sanibel roseate spoonbill feather

Speaking of ultimate BEACH BLING, some creative soul made this cool BLING art sculpture. Yes, it’s cool, but I don’t want to encourage anybody to make tall sculptures or sand pits in the summer (May through September) because they can be disastrous for SEA TURTLES. They can get trapped or disoriented by moving around them or they can get stuck. So please be aware of nesting SEA TURTLES.

sanibel beach bling art

But if you can’t keep that inner artist trapped inside you while you’re on the beach, just make a flat design like this beautiful SEASHELL MERMAID made by artist Christy and her creative daughters Baylee and September.

mermaid beach art

It was a beautiful weekend finding beautiful treasures…

seashells bowman's beach

Come on! Come shelling with us on Wednesday June 19th!!!!

We are taking a shelling cruise to Cayo Costa June 19, 2013 at low tide at 1pm so I’d love for you to join us! Call 239-472-5300 and tell them you want to be on the iLoveShelling cruise or CLICK HERE for more information. It’s so much fun!

seashell shelling adventures pam


Get Those Toes In The Sand

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yellow fighthing conch

I have never seen so many empty beautiful FIGHTING CONCHS before as I have in the last month. I try not to pick them up but some times… ooooo… it’s so hard not to after nudging them with your toes and finding them empty. I’ve had to make myself promise only to keep the exceptional ones and I’ve learned that if I just take a picture, it satisfies the urge. You might be seeing a lot of these kinds of photos in the next couple of weeks. heehee

fighting conch beach tip

We started shelling at Bowman’s Beach since we’ve had luck there the last few weeks. Other than finding the FIGHTING CONCHS, here is a Cyber Shelling photo of what most of the other shell piles were looking like on the beach…

cyber shell bowmans

After walking the beach for miles it seemed, I ran across Alan The Toe Sheller who was finding the big shells in the water. He said “While I’m cooling off in the water, I just feel around for shells with my toes”. It worked! He found 2 big HORSE CONCHS and a big WHELK! Here he is with Gail (GA), Kevin (WI), Angelique (WI) and The Toe Sheller himself, Alan (WI). He ended up finding one more big HORSE CONCH after I took the photo then he gave the white WHELK in his hand to Gail but kept that gorgeous HORSE CONCH Angelique is holding and the new one not pictured. Wow! Talented toes!

gail kevin angelique alan seashells

Kevin went out on his Stand Up Paddle Board and said he saw a SPOTTED EAGLE RAY like we saw last week. Cool!

paddle board sanibel

Going to Bowman’s Beach is a little bit further to walk from the parking lot but it sure is a pretty path with a beautiful bridge which reflects the sky.  Gorgeous.

bridge bowmans beach sanibel

Want to know what happened at Blind Pass over the weekend? Would you like a JUNONIA for your birthday? Well, Becky could tell you that it was a good weekend and she got the best birthday gift ever. Her husband Tobias found this for her at Blind Pass on her birthday on Saturday. That’s a birthday to shellebrate!

becky junonia


UPDATE: GiveAway is now OVER…


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Shell Pile Rising, Sanibel Sun Setting

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sanibel bowmans beach sunset

Lovely. Last night at Bowman’s Beach was just that… lovely. There was a cool breeze… with peace and quite.

seashell sunset bowmans

There were seashells strung all long the beach with flocks of birds here and there… and not one bug. Ahhhh.

shell pile bowmans beach

There were quite a few members of the SANIBEL SIX (excluding the CONE) there for the picking but my fave shell of the evening was this calico scallop… which I named Saniberry Sorbet for the color name game.

saniberry scallop

I met Freddy, Jan, Fran and Mike from Atlanta who were enjoying the perfect weather as well and finding nice SAND DOLLARS!

freddy jan fran mike sand dollars

Since we’ve had nice morning low tides this week, I checked to see if the Lighthouse Beach was producing goodies.

seashells sanibel lighthouse

At the low tide line (which is right where the surf is lapping up on the beach- where you can see a Sanibel Stooper in the left corner of the next photo), I only found some SEA WEED, MANGROVE SEED PODS and other sorts of BEACH BLING, but up higher on the beach in the high tide wrack line I found BANDED TULIPS…

high tide wrack line

Apple Murexes…

apple murex sea weed

And hundred of double DOSINIAS…

dosinias sanibel wrack

So remember… just because it’s a really low tide, check the rest of the beach for shells if you aren’t having luck at the low tide line. The high tide during the middle of the night could have left the best treasures!

red beach chairs

PSSST Okay, one more thing… I have exciting news for y’all and you are gonna LOVE THIS!

My next post will be ….. a really nice….. a spectacsheller…. GiveAway!!

Stay Tuned!

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dredge spout sanibel

 Okay, Folks, I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is… the dredging of Blind Pass has begun. But wait. Before you get all excited and envision the seashell fountain of youth spewing out your favorite shells into your shell bucket…. the rules have changed. Here’s the bad news…. the whole area is fenced off for safety reasons and you can’t get near the new sand (and shells) they are pumping on the beach.

Sanibel fenced dredge area

This area is right in between Blind Pass and Bowman’s Beach so either way you cut it… it’s a long way to walk to look at some heavy equipment and an orange fence. I know… bummer, right? I’ve always heard about the fun times people have had waiting for the good shells to pop out of the pipes and grabbing handfuls at a time. I’ve never experienced it and I guess I never will now because they’ve put an end to it for liability reasons. I really don’t blame them. That water is gushing out of that pipe so fast it’s crazy. I heard there was an accident with a sheller at the Fort Myers Beach dredging last year so they realized it was too dangerous.

construction site sanibel

 This is how I see it… for me, waiting outside fence is not a fun way to shell. After these guys do their job, move the big equipment and move the orange barricades off the freshly laid sand, that’s when I will enjoy looking around for shells. I’m not saying it’s not fascinating watching the heavy equipment move around the beach. I felt like I was watching one of those children’s videos that showed tractors and backhoes moving dirt with Hard Hat Harry. Remember those? My nephew was crazy about them!  It kind of put me in a trance  too.  LOL

heavy equipment bowmans beach

I tried to ask a few questions but my camera made him very nervous so he was a little short with me. He warmed up after a while and told me he really couldn’t give a date that the new sand would be “available” to the public to sift through because they had been slowed down because of the heaviness of the crushed shell. So y’all, that’s all I really know about this project right now. If I find out anything else thats not worth a whole post, I’ll make comments here.

But hold on. I’ve got other good news. On my way up to the pumping area, I met Sherry Ann, Abby (GA)and Pam (Indiana) who found a shell spot to Sit ‘N Sift.

bowmans beach shellers

 They didn’t mind that things didn’t work out collecting shells with the dredging. They understood the situation and made the best of a little shell pile they found…

shelling Bowmans beach Sanibel

 Sherry Ann even found this sweet little HORSE CONCH. Can you spy that candy?

bucket of shells

 Low and behold, Abby found an ALPHABET CONE! See? It all works out.

alphabet cone bowman's beach sanibel



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World Record Sanibel Stoop Scoop

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Sanibel Stoop Bowmans beach

After seeing over 700 hovering hineys on Bowman’s Beach today,  I’m sure there was a new record set for the Guinness Book of World Records doing the Sanibel Stoop.

Sanibel Stoop Guinness Book

It was a blast to experience this spectacular kickoff for the 75th Annual Sanibel Shell Fair and Show with so many shellers bending over … with butts in the air … to do the Sanibel Stoop all at one time.

Sanibel stoop stoopers

Before we started stooping, it was like a party while I stood in line with friends Karen, Gail, Sandy and Jane to register our names to make it official.

karen gail sandy jane stoop

Then we all headed to the beach…

beach path to Sanibel Stoop

Sanibel stoop crowd

My good friend Lisa showed up in style with her iLS cap! But why are Jane and I turned around? We put our tees backwards for the stoop overhead photos- ha!)

me Lisa Jane sanibel stoop

Then the party got crazy when 3 other beach bloggers showed up! Here’s the shark’s tooth queen of Englewood Kaybe (The Essential Beachcomber), the  ultimate shelling guide Captain Brian (Captain Brian On The Water) and Rhonda (of Shellbelle’s Tiki Hut). That’s Capt. Brian’s boat anchored in the background. He came by water to the stoop!

kaybe capt brian, shellbelle

Wahoo! Here comes the helicopter for the overhead count and photos!

helicopter over Bowmans beach sanibel stoop

sanibel helicopter

Everybody in stoop position!

Sanibel stoop record break guinness

The crowd went wild after the chopper passed the second time for a “shellabratory” spin..

Stoopers shellabrate helicopter

 The organizers did a fabulous job getting this event together. They even gave away free tee shirts for the first several hundred “stoopers” to register. Darn! I was too late!

seashell stoop helicopter

 When I get more scoop on the outcome of the stoop, I’ll share the word. Let’s keep our fingers crossed we make it in the Guinness Book Of World Records. It was a day to remember for Shellabration 2012!

biggest sanibel junonia

me capt brian kaybe

sandy jane pam aqua