sanibel bowmans beach sunset

Lovely. Last night at Bowman’s Beach was just that… lovely. There was a cool breeze… with peace and quite.

seashell sunset bowmans

There were seashells strung all long the beach with flocks of birds here and there… and not one bug. Ahhhh.

shell pile bowmans beach

There were quite a few members of the SANIBEL SIX (excluding the CONE) there for the picking but my fave shell of the evening was this calico scallop… which I named Saniberry Sorbet for the color name game.

saniberry scallop

I met Freddy, Jan, Fran and Mike from Atlanta who were enjoying the perfect weather as well and finding nice SAND DOLLARS!

freddy jan fran mike sand dollars

Since we’ve had nice morning low tides this week, I checked to see if the Lighthouse Beach was producing goodies.

seashells sanibel lighthouse

At the low tide line (which is right where the surf is lapping up on the beach- where you can see a Sanibel Stooper in the left corner of the next photo), I only found some SEA WEED, MANGROVE SEED PODS and other sorts of BEACH BLING, but up higher on the beach in the high tide wrack line I found BANDED TULIPS…

high tide wrack line

Apple Murexes…

apple murex sea weed

And hundred of double DOSINIAS…

dosinias sanibel wrack

So remember… just because it’s a really low tide, check the rest of the beach for shells if you aren’t having luck at the low tide line. The high tide during the middle of the night could have left the best treasures!

red beach chairs

PSSST Okay, one more thing… I have exciting news for y’all and you are gonna LOVE THIS!

My next post will be ….. a really nice….. a spectacsheller…. GiveAway!!

Stay Tuned!