Sanibel Stoop Bowmans beach

After seeing over 700 hovering hineys on Bowman’s Beach today,  I’m sure there was a new record set for the Guinness Book of World Records doing the Sanibel Stoop.

Sanibel Stoop Guinness Book

It was a blast to experience this spectacular kickoff for the 75th Annual Sanibel Shell Fair and Show with so many shellers bending over … with butts in the air … to do the Sanibel Stoop all at one time.

Sanibel stoop stoopers

Before we started stooping, it was like a party while I stood in line with friends Karen, Gail, Sandy and Jane to register our names to make it official.

karen gail sandy jane stoop

Then we all headed to the beach…

beach path to Sanibel Stoop

Sanibel stoop crowd

My good friend Lisa showed up in style with her iLS cap! But why are Jane and I turned around? We put our tees backwards for the stoop overhead photos- ha!)

me Lisa Jane sanibel stoop

Then the party got crazy when 3 other beach bloggers showed up! Here’s the shark’s tooth queen of Englewood Kaybe (The Essential Beachcomber), the  ultimate shelling guide Captain Brian (Captain Brian On The Water) and Rhonda (of Shellbelle’s Tiki Hut). That’s Capt. Brian’s boat anchored in the background. He came by water to the stoop!

kaybe capt brian, shellbelle

Wahoo! Here comes the helicopter for the overhead count and photos!

helicopter over Bowmans beach sanibel stoop

sanibel helicopter

Everybody in stoop position!

Sanibel stoop record break guinness

The crowd went wild after the chopper passed the second time for a “shellabratory” spin..

Stoopers shellabrate helicopter

 The organizers did a fabulous job getting this event together. They even gave away free tee shirts for the first several hundred “stoopers” to register. Darn! I was too late!

seashell stoop helicopter

 When I get more scoop on the outcome of the stoop, I’ll share the word. Let’s keep our fingers crossed we make it in the Guinness Book Of World Records. It was a day to remember for Shellabration 2012!

biggest sanibel junonia

me capt brian kaybe

sandy jane pam aqua