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Collecting seashells on the beaches of Sanibel, Captiva and the world

Taking a Shelling Trip to Cayo Costa

There were all sort of shells on the beach at Cayo Costa on Monday for our iLoveShelling shelling trip!

Unfortunately, I had a “trip” of my own on Sunday and twisted my ankle. Rasher fresher! Thank goodness Capitva Cruises arrives at a dock on Cayo Costa so I didn’t have to climb down a ladder to get to the beach. So I hobbled along the beach and found a nice shelly part of the beach to enjoy the island and all of the great company.

Last year, my good friend Jane broke her hip so sweet, thoughtful Sunny Sanibel Sandy bought her a cane that was hollow inside….. so we filled that cane with all of the shells we know Jane loves.

Thank goodness Jane is completely healed so no longer needs to use the cane so she asked me if I’d like to borrow it for the shelling trip. Yes! It’s exactly what I needed to help me find my way to a beautiful day.

I would have been soooo bummed if I couldn’t go on that shelling trip Monday! I would have been so upset not to be able to hang out with other cool shellers  ….

To finally meet and hear about shelling besties!

To learn from each other…

And to see so many awesome finds…

And to talk about how we know each other… my YouTube buddy!

To hear fabshellous family shell stories…

To see dear Sunnye and meet more of her beautiful shelling family.

Oh… and did I mention there were oodles of shells? These were just a few of Sunnye’s beauties… an amazing purple inside of double CALICO CLAM, GAUDY NATICA, PURPLISH TAGELUS,  double ALTERNATE TELLIN, WHITE CRESTED TELLIN and a sweet little BABYS EAR.

So the doctor says I need to RICE (rest, ice, compress and elevate) my foot for the next few weeks plus add physical therapy. So I’m trying.

We’ve got lots of high winds right now so the tides have taken lots of those shells back out to sea but in a few days, Im sure more shells will be piling in…  so I hope to find a big shell pile somewhere I can plop down and do some sittin n siftin. So if ya see one, holla at me! Write a comment? ;)



  1. Sorry to hear about your ankle. Hope you will be up and shelling in no time.

    • Thank you Wendy- I’ll try hard so I can get back out there :)

  2. Ouch! I have sprained my ankle many times and I know how painful it is. Rest up Pam! RICE indeed!

    I love that orange scallop and the crested tellin.

    I also love that hollow cane — what a marvelous idea!!!

    • Susan H- You are one Im getting inspiration from! You and that knee all wrapped up while shelling on the beach. Talk about pain… omg… and you still powered through it. Right on sister!

      • Thanks Pam, but please make sure you elevate the ankle above your heart as much as possible, so that the swelling goes down faster. Your PT will tell you what is acceptable to do and what is not. :) Thank goodness for PT!

        That time when I was shelling with my knee in the black brace after my ACL got ruptured, I was mostly healed, and the brace was there to protect the knee in the final stages.

  3. Hope you heal quickly! The PT will help you strengthen that ankle. Looks like you all had a great trip! Keep smilin’, Pam. Sending you lots of hugs and healing energy!

    • Thanks Christine- always good to hear from you :)

  4. I too agree with RICE!! Hopefully you will heal quickly. You’re pink wrap looked so cute with the white flip flops and aqua toe polish. Not the look you were going for, but as long as you are injured, you might as well look good! lol

    Looks like everyone found great shells. I’m still digging out from yesterday’s snow/ice storm so this was such a pleasure to look at. Dreaming of Spring…….

    • Hahaha- thanks Katherine!!! I needed that – it makes it all Worth it. Everything ha so much better if at least ya look cute doin it. Hahaha good luck up there in snow- stay safe!

  5. So sorry to hear about your ankle Pam!!! Hope you heal fast. Wonderful photos! ALl the best, Cathy

    • Thank you Cathy! So sweet :)

  6. Hey Pam, I hope you heal quick. When will you know the dates for June?

    • Thanks Joni! – I’ll work on dates soon for up coming cruises. Thanks for asking :)

  7. I am so sorry about your ankle, Pam. I hope it gets better real soon. You can’t keep a good woman down!! Thanks for sharing the pics. How far ahead do you schedule the trips you take to go shelling? I am coming down in Oct. and I definitely want to go. This will be my first time over on the Gulf side shelling. I lived on the east coast for 4 years but there just aren’t many shells over there. There are shells but not a lot of varieties. I am sooo excited about coming down. I can’t wait. I would like more info on the trips you take if it isn’t too much trouble.
    Thank you in advance.

    • Thank you Barbara! I’ll try to work on getting new dates up. :)

  8. Take good care of that ankle, Pam! I just saw your cute picture next to the Shell Bug in Times of the Islands magazine. Linda and I are on Captiva for couple more days. Great shelling Tuesday morning but not much today at the Lighthouse. Let Clark wait on you so you can REST.

    • hi Diane! Clarks been a pretty good nurse so far haha – I could get used to that kinda service more often ;) hopefully this wind stirred up some good treasures for y’all. Hope to see ya

  9. Pam I’m so sorry you’ve turned/twisted your ankle! I know that can’t be fun especially with it keeping you from shelling!!
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
    Hope to get to go on one of your Shelling Cruises next time I am down there!
    Janice Duncan
    Saint James City, Pine Island
    Auburn GA

    • Thank you Janice- Look forward to seeing you!

  10. Dear Pam: Please take extra good care of your ankle. I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) & would like to know where to purchase a hollow cane I can fill w/ my favorite shells. Please advise if you can locate the name of the place that carries them.
    I drag my right foot a bit & have some balance problems too. I would be so delighted to be able to make my own special cane!
    Please let me know if you are able to find out. I visited Sanibel Island for the 1st time in Sept. of 2011. Unfortunately, I’ve
    been unable to return yet as my brother had cancer & I was his caregiver. However, he IS a cancer survivor. He will be retiring
    this June. Thank God! We are planning to retire near Myrtle Beach. That way, I’ll be much closer to Sanibel. I now live near
    Dulles International Airport in Sterling, VA. It’s about 45 minutes away from Washington, DC.

    p.s I simply adore the Shell Love Bug too!!

  11. It was so great meeting you in person instead of on YouTube! As soon as we left I found the cones I had been searching for. The good luck bracelet must has worked. The kids request more videos soon. 😁🐚🐚

    • Woot woot! You found your alphie! Maybe it was the shell From the shellucky bucket that gave you luck too ;) so nice to meet your beautiful family Kristi! I’ll see what I can do with YouTube- I miss it too

      • And found a piece of a Junonia this morning!

  12. Pam! I’m so sorry about your ankle! I can’t imagine how hard it must be for you to just sit with your foot up and rest. Please be sure to take care of yourself – we all have ulterior motives – we need you back!
    Just this evening, we booked a trip down in April over Spring Break. Wasn’t in the plans; we come once a year in January. But I’ve been cleaning my shells, and sorting, and looking at the beach cams, and yearning…so we’ll be there from the 8th to the 15th and I already signed up for the trip to Big Hickory Island! I almost started jumping up and down when it all worked out. Sanibel just keeps pulling me back, and I’m not trying very hard to avoid the pull. I’m excited to be able to experience the spring weather there. See you then!

    • Yay! Looking forward to seeing you Gail!

  13. Thank you for sending some sunny warmth to the frigid north! Praying your ankle heals quickly! Take it easy,Pam.

    • Thanks Peggy, you take care too!

  14. Sorry for the injury to your ankle. Be sure to follow the PT instructions girl. I was a PT tech in my working years and the exercises really do help in the recovery process. Just give it time. Thanks for going the “extra mile ” for us sellers and sharing your pics. Sandi c from Illinois

    • Thanks Sandi- of course this happened right in the middle of high season so I can’t even get an appointment until Friday but thanks for your advice – when I can get there to pt … let the healing begin!

  15. Hi, Sorry about your fall, it doesn’t seem to stop you. Love all the pictures. Headed down to Sanibel the first of April. Im so ready for shelling , the ocean , shelling , the ocean!!!!!!!! Take care Sandy

    • Pam: Thanks a million for finding the link for me. I really appreciate your help w/ locating this cane.

      Sincerely, ~Marianne~ :) :)

  16. Sorry to hear about your ankle. I am in Captiva til March 26 & I was hoping to take a shelling trip with you. I follow you on Facebook & receive your great emails. I recently had a dream come true when I got my VW Beetle convertible & I was hoping to find your Love Bug while I’m hear to take a photo. I’ve seen it traveling through Sanibel twice while I’ve been hear but it was going in the opposite direction! Do you have a schedule for the Love Bug appearances? Thank you for all the great shelling tips & photos!
    Luv Zanna 🐚🌞😍

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